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  1. (through gritted teeth) i love the jevil fight
  2. Owonce uwupowon a time, a WEGEND was whispewed amowong shadowows. It was a WEGEND owof HOWOPE. It was a WEGEND owof DWEAMS. It was a WEGEND owof WIGHT. It was a WEGEND owof DAWK. This is the wegend of DEWTA RUWUNE Fowow miwwenia, WIGHT and DAWK have wived in bawance, Bwinging peace towo the WOWWD. Buwut if this hawmowony wewe towo shattew... a tewwibwe cawamity wowouwuwd owoccuwur. The sky wiww wuwun bwack with tewwowow And the wand wiww cwack with feaw. Then, hew heawt powouwunding... The EAWTH wiww dwaw hew finaw bweath. Owonwy then, shining with howope... Thwee HEWOWOES appeaw at WOWOWWDS' edge. A HUWUMAN, A MOWONSTEW And a PWINCE FWOWOM THE DAWK. Owonwy they can seaw the fowouwuntains And banish the ANGEW'S HEAVEN. Owonwy then wiww bawance be westowowed, And the WOWOWWD saved fwowom destwuwuctiowon. Towoday, the FOWOUWUNTAIN OWOF DAWKNESS- The geysew that gives this wand fowowm- Stands taww at the centew owof the kingdowom. Buwut wecentwy, anowothew fowouwuntain has appeawed owon the howowizowon... And with it, the bawance owof WIGHT and DAWK begins towo shift...
  3. lizardcake

    hey lol

    i don't think we know each other, but welcome back!! :]
  4. thank you <33 i would tell you not to eat it but i dont think you'd listen
  5. buttercup? that's the only thing i can think of atm leech velvet worm tardigrade sea butterfly flying lizard
  6. "in order to become popular, one must first master the art of watching anime in one's room."
  7. also in case any of you are wondering, yes, this is in fact an overly elaborate scheme to get people to play video games i like and i'm going to stop pretending it's not play deltarune and uty. they're both literally free
  8. anyways. art yeah its still all utdr. sorry most of these are just dumb ms paint doodles and then very slight art style change oops actually i'm not even bothered by the weird text anymore (i already posted this one on the your most recent saved file thread but i figured i could post it here as well) i swear this last one was so much funnier in my head
  9. GFJHFDGIJGKDL i forgor this was what i had open in krita and got basically jumpscared by the original starlowalker
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