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  1. here are my tips: 1. if you dont want to have these white spots near the lineart, you can either do what birb said or use a pixel brush like i do 2. use stabilizers so your lineart isnt wonky 3. minor detail, but if you made the stars vary in size a little bit more it would be nice feel free to pm me/post on my profile/homethread/whatever if you have any questions about the program :]
  2. lizardcake


    they dont have any legs??
  3. you mean like this? i use the same thing as for drawing, krita. it's a free program for computers and its awesome :] if you want to animate, well, thats an entirely different skill than drawing though
  4. uhh i might be making another set of wof bases?? ive got night and sky done
  5. try to play the game with your eyes closed why did all the bushes turn brown???
  6. they are there, theyre not black just a. darker shade of yellow ig i dont know i just like it that way
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