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  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE If in doubt, do not wear strict training shoes.
  2. also, here's a tip: don't go on hard islands unless you're confident with it translated version: Don’t use hard carrots unless you’re sure
  3. Was lazy so did a doodle in paint 3d...
  4. you can also use the christmas meringue you made
  5. Okay, the secret art santa didn't really work out, but okay, let's host an art comp. Rules: -say that you want to join or just submit your art -the art comp has a theme, today's theme is christmas (feel free to interpret the theme however you want!) -No due date, I'll wait until everyone is done -When I do the polls ABSOLUTELY NO VOTING FOR YOURSELF -have fun I'll make art too Prizes: 1st prize: Fully colored and shaded drawing of chosen nicheling 2nd prize: Colored drawing 3rd prize: Fast doodle Contestants: Me @Sky @Crow-Pup-Artooie @Lilytuft with antlers (not done(?))
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