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  1. I like this idea - it would be really cool to have a whole tribe of neon green nichelings. Not sure on complete mixing, as it would yield 36 combinations, maybe a simpler system could work better: moss or chestnut → blue toxic fur red or red-brown → red toxic fur beige or yellow → yellow toxic fur white or black → random (as now) With blue+red = magenta, blue+yellow = green, red+yellow = orange.
  2. Once your tribe becomes large enough, collecting food becomes less of a challenge and more of a chore: click nicheling, ask it to collect nuts/berries/etc. thrice, repeat as many times as the size of your tribe. I don't think this is fun, specially in the late game (when you already did this hundreds of times). As such, I think it would be great if there was an interface button to automatically go through this chore. You'd click it, and your nichelings would take turns collecting food from the hexes they can reach without moving.
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