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  1. Hello everyone! My laptop died for who knows what reason so I'm using my dad's laptop but he let me install niche so I'll continue when i figure out how to take screenshots on here!
  2. Y'all i- While i was tiredly trying to open the doc for wildclan(with the personalities and important info) i accidently deleted it so now i can't remember their personalities that well so i can't rewrite it. Should i try making an update anyway?
  3. She react well to being outside? Having a turtle does sound interesting.
  4. Oh, i didn't even know that- good to know tho so thanks for that info)
  5. SpottedFrost is not having luck in the love department-
  6. Didn't even think of that till now but now that i think about it yeaaah definitely sounds like Ashfur-
  7. QuillPaw is now QuillBlaze! “What should we do with the kit when he heals?” MoleFern asked. “Well there hasn’t been any sign of his parents so i don’t really think he has a place to go. Perhaps he could stay here, i won’t leave a kit to die” SquirrelStar said as she looked at the kit. “Alright, i guess there’s a new member to the clan than”MoleFern said with a nod. “What’s your name?” SquirrelStar asked the kit. “Arrow!” the kit responded. “Then you will be named ArrowKit” SquirrelStar said. AshPaw is now AshFall YellowPaw is now YellowLeaf SandPaw is now SandTail SpottedPaw is now SpottedFrost LeafKit is now LeafPaw and being mentored by QuillBlaze RedKit is now RedPaw and is being mentored by SpottedFrost ArrowKit is now ArrowPaw and is being mentored by AshFall - (I FORGOT TO GET A SCREENSHOT FOR THIS ONE OOPS-) “Hey QuillBlaze!” SpottedFrost said as he approached her. “Huh? Oh hi!” QuillBlaze responded. “I wanted to tell you something” SpottedFrost said nervously. “What is it?” QuillBlaze said with some concern. “Well i wanted to say i uh…i love you! I’ve had my eye one you since we were apprentices and i hope you return my affection” SpottedFrost said with a grin. “Oh…well i uh…don’t…feel the same” QuillBlaze said with guilt. “Oh….well at least i got it out! Bye!” SpottedFrost said trying to ignore the irritation he was starting to feel. SpottedFrost was shocked as he saw QuillBlaze as it had been some time due to the rejection of his confession. “You’re pregnant?! Who’s the father?!” SpottedFrost asked as he felt anger begin to boil in his stomach. “Yeah I’m pregnant, and is the father really important?” QuillBlaze asked casually. “Of course it is! Also shouldn’t you get to the medicine den?” SpottedFrost asked trying to ignore the boiling anger inside him. “Well yeah i probably should, goodbye for now” QuillBlaze said as she walked over to the medicine den.
  8. I'll get to that someday! Yeah that means more interactions and stories.
  9. That's an albino hognose snake!(you can tell because of the coloration and the red eyes) Hognoses are pretty hissy from what I've seen on youtube n stuff. But they're usually pretty hesitant to bite they mostly just hiss at you.
  10. Ah alright, i've never had a turtle so are turtles very active? Or do they mostly stay in one spot?
  11. (Ignore the bearyena that’s Ven, just assume the bearyena is friendly unless i say otherwise) Soon OtterStream and BerryStripe’s litter had arrived bearing two kits. “You should name him” OtterStream said as she looked at one of the kits. “Hmm i think I’ll name him LeafKit, he looks like the leaves in leaf-fall” BerryStripe said as he looked at the kits with affection. “Now you should name the other one” BerryStripe said. “Are you sure? I’m not good with names” OtterStream asked. “Yes I’m sure” BerryStripe responded. “Okay, than her name is RedKit” OtterStream said. “It’s not that bad of a name” BerryStripe said. CloudGust was just going out to hunt but ended up finding something very unexpected in the grasses. “We need to get you to MoleFern!” CloudGust said as he saw the small kit laying in the grasses as they had quite a few cuts. He picked up the kit and went over to the medicine nichling den as quick as he could without hurting the kit more. MoleFern was startled when CloudGust suddenly ran into the medicine den and up to him. “What’s wro- What happened to that kit?!” MoleFern asked with concern. “I don’t know i found the kit like this” CloudGust responded. MoleFern just nodded and took the kit over to one of the patches of moss and set them down so he could heal them and see how bad the injuries were. After some time MoleFern spoke. “Thankfully it seems like the cuts weren’t deep so they might survive” MoleFern said as he turned around to look at CloudGust. “Oh that’s good, i was worried the kit would die” CloudGust said. “I can’t guarentee they will survive since they're so young” MoleFern said. “You should probably go get some sleep though, it’s late” MoleFern said. CloudGust turned around and realized how dark it was so he nodded and headed off to sleep.
  12. Ah yeah my mom does let me have more types of pets but she definitaly doesn't like snakes at all. Also what type of snake would you get if you could?
  13. I love the name! Yeah i don't think there's really a way to tell a turtles age from what i know. You think you'd ever get another turtle or would you rather just have one?
  14. I guess that's better than digging them up? "Ah yes a live plant the best seat"-Algey, probably
  15. I've heard that some fish love digging up the plants but i hope they stop digging them up someday- Also i like the placment of your plants, hope they get big and healthy someday.
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