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  1. It's been a while huh? Sorry everyone I kinda lost motivation and was doing school but now I'm getting the creative juices flowing again. Though I honestly have no clue whether this will be continued or not, So i guess it's on hold for now. If this is the end of WildClan though I truly appreciate everyone who has watched this story unfold and those who have given me lots of kind comments. Either way, I'm happy to be back!
  2. I really need to check their genes before i do this stuff. It didn't actually get taken away i used console commands but wanted it to seem more realistic, didn't know spiky ones couldn't get taken though.
  3. Note: literally just my mousewheel on my mouse broke so the screenshots might be weird today) - “B-but what about dad?” WishPaw said as they looked at their mom. “Your dad is right here” QuillBlaze said as she nodded her head toward SweetPool. “NO! That’s not dad, where’s my dad?” WishPaw said with a huff. “SweetPool is your dad WishPaw” QuillBlaze said with a sigh as she realized what WishPaw meant. “SweetPool isn’t my real dad! SpottedFrost is!” WishPaw hissed as they looked at QuillBlaze. “WishPaw look I…I faked it” QuillBlaze replied. “No! I’m going to hunt with RedFlame” WishPaw said, refusing to listen before running off. “WishPaw! WISHPAW! WISHPAW GET BACK HERE!” QuillBlaze yelled which caused the kits to cry and caught the attention of SweetPool. “What’s wrong?” SweetPool asked. “WishPaw they…they think SpottedFrost is their real dad” QuillBlaze said as she tried to comfort the crying kits. “Oh…well give them time, it’s probably hard for them to suddenly accept something like this” SweetPool said as he looked at his mate. “I hope so” QuillBlaze simply responded. (Pretend Quill’s eyes are closed) SpottedFrost made sure to be as silent as possible as he snuck into the nursery, slowly approached QuillBlaze’s kits. ‘I can’t believe they had more kits, wasn’t one enough? Whatever’ SpottedFrost thought as he removed one of the kits with extreme caution, flinching as QuillBlaze moved but sighing in relief when she stopped. He quickly retreated to outside of clan territory, making sure the kit stayed silent. “What are we doing outside at night?” SilverKit asked as he looked up at SpottedFrost. “We’re playing a game” SpottedFrost said as he set the kit down. “OOO what game?!” SilverKit asked excitedly. “Well you run into the open and I’ll explain more when I get out there, you go first” SpottedFrost said. “Oh okay!” SilverKit said as he turned around and ran into the open with excitement. SpottedFrost put a paw forward before sighing and looking up at the blue bird circling overhead. ‘No time to regret my decision now’ He thought as he started walking back to camp, trying to ignore the crys of the scared kit that was now getting taken away by the bird. - (Short update I’m aware but i do have school soon so yeah)
  4. Hello everyone! I know I've been gone forever but life got busy so yeah. But I'm back! Hope to get an update done today. Thank you for your patience. Note: It might be a bit rusty at first because it has been a while and i need to re-read the thread to get my brain to remember all the details heh.
  5. I guess you'll just have to see later today(when I'm not as busy heh)
  6. No update today because I am blanking and I want to give y'all good story. Might update later if i get some ideas but no guarantees
  7. “Hello there!” Something said which caused ArrowStar to turn around as he was startled. “You can’t just randomly yell at nichlings, you’re gonna scare them” an orange nichling with brown spots said with a sigh. “Who are you?” ArrowStar asked as he looked at all the nichlings. “I’m Sun! That’s Orange” The yellow nichling said as she pointed to the orange nichling “That’s Muddy” she continued as she pointed to a dark brown nichling with ram horns “And that’s Mouse!” She finished as she pointed to the pregnant light brown nichling with more round ears. “Yeah go ahead give the random nichling our names” Muddy said with irritation as she shot a look at Sun. “They don’t seem dangerous” Sun said. “I’m ArrowStar, why are you in our territory?” ArrowStar asked the nichlings. “ArrowStar? Are you one of those clan nichlings?” Orange asked. “Yes, but please answer the question” ArrowStar asked politely. “W-well we were just looking for some food. Didn’t notice it was someone else’s territory” Mouse spoke up. “Oh wait if this is a clan could we join? I wanna be a clan nichling!” Sun said as she looked at ArrowStar. “Aren’t they kinda strict with their rules?” Muddy asked. “So? Every place has rules they just have a few more, and besides we could get some more protection from those bearyena! And Mouse will have her kits soon so wouldn’t it be safer for them to grow up in a clan?” Sun asked as she looked at the other nichlings. “I guess it’d be nice to not constantly worry for my kits safety” Mouse quietly responded. “And a few more paws to fight against those pesky bearyena would be nice” Muddy said. “Whatever you wanna do” Orange said with a shrug. “Well seems we’re in agreement! So can we join?” Sun asked as she turned to ArrowStar. “Well…you could if you each complete a task” ArrowStar said as he was wondering why so many wanderers wanted to join lately. “What tasks?” Sun asked. “Well for Sun I will let you join if you collect 10 nuts, Muddy if you bring me 5 rabbils, Orange if you bring me 25 berries, and Mouse if you bring me 10 berries. If you all can complete your tasks by tomorrow” ArrowStar said. “Sounds good to me let’s go!” Sun said before running off into the grasses with the rest following. “I’ve collected the berries” Sweets said as he pushed the pile of berries toward ArrowStar. “Oh well than welcome to WildClan! Though you may need a slight name change…” ArrowStar said. “Oh? Well just don’t completely change my name please” Sweets said. Sweets is now SweetPool (Sorry I’m not doing a whole ceremony-) SpottedFrost was startled as QuillBlaze suddenly got up and left. SpottedFrosted yawned and followed behind her, curious as to what got her to leave so suddenly. “Sweets! What are you doing here?” QuillBlaze said which caused SpottedFrost to start to bristle up. “Well I was able to convince your leader to let me join the clan, so now It’s SweetPool” SweetPool said happily. “That’s amazing! Now i can be your mate without it being looked down at!” QuillBlaze said as she nuzzled SweetPool. “That’s the best part, now I can be with you forever without hiding anymore” SweetPool said as he nuzzled QuillBlaze back. “No I’m your mate!” SpottedFrost hissed which caused SweetPool to look at him. “Really? I suppose it makes sense…” SweetPool said sadly. “N-NO! I was just pretending to be his mate to keep WishPaw safe!” QuillBlaze hissed back at SpottedFrost. “Makes sense, wouldn’t want WishKit to be hurt over this. Well then we can show the truth now that I’m here” SweetPool replied. “Her feelings have changed! She loves me now!” SpottedFrost said, desperately trying to keep QuillBlaze by his side. “No they haven’t! Now that SweetPool is here in the clan i can truly be his mate, there’s no point in keeping up the act anymore!” QuillBlaze hissed. “She obviously doesn’t love you so please leave her alone” SweetPool said as he stood in front on QuillBlaze. “FINE! Then we’re no longer friends” SpottedFrost hissed before turning around and walking off. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (no screenshot) The other wanderers were accepted into the clan Sun is now SunShine Muddy is now MudClaw Mouse is now MouseFlight Orange is now OrangePelt ~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Hello there!” SunShine said as she approached SandTail which caused him to open an eye and look up at her. “Hey, are you new? I don’t think I’ve seen you before” SandTail asked with a yawn. “Yeah I just got accepted into the clan! I’m so excited I get to be a ‘warrior’? I think that’s the word? I can’t wait to fight off some bearyena and eat well!” SunShine said. “I don’t exactly think it’s good to fight bearyena but it’s nice to see a nichling so enthusiastic about it” SandTail replied as he slowly got into a sitting position. “Well I’m much more excited to meet all my new friends! And you seem very nice” SunShine chirped. “Well you’re pretty nice too, and really energetic. So did you want to talk some more?” SandTail asked as he was curious about this new nichling. “Sure!” SunShine said. They spent a while talking about whatever came too mind. “I’m so happy we can have another litter, and without hiding this time” SweetPool said as he affectionaly looked at QuillBlaze. “Me too. I can’t wait for WishPaw to see their little siblings” QuillBlaze said, excited she could have more kits without all the secrecy anymore. “These are your new siblings, SilverKit and StoneKit” QuillBlaze said to WishPaw. “I finally got siblings!” WishPaw said excitedly as she went up to them. “Nice to see you’re happy” SweetPool said, happy that WishPaw seemed to love them. “I’ll get to show them all the good fighting moves!” WishPaw said. “I’m sure you will” QuillBlaze said.
  8. Yeah i realzied that after posting so maaaybe 15 would be better- Yeah I hope to have them have kits soon! And thank you! I worked on that longer than I'd like to admit-
  9. “Here it is. Just touch your nose to it and you should be able to speak to StarClan” YellowLeaf said to ArrowLeap. “Alright, thank you” ArrowLeap said before turning to the stream and touching his nose to it. When he woke up he looked around in awe. “You’re here for your lives right?” A shimmering nichling spoke behind him causing him to spin around. “Um, yes that’s what I’m here for” ArrowLeap said as he looked at the nichling. “Well you will get your lives from a three different nichlings” The nichling said before walking off. Right when ArrowLeap was about to ask where they were going another nichling emerged. “Dad?!” ArrowLeap asked with shock as he looked at the nichling in front of him. “Yes, we can’t really talk much because you are getting your lives right now” The nichling said with regret. “Oh, I guess that makes sense” ArrowLeap said sadly. “Well I’m happy to see you and hope you use these lives well” The nichling said before walking away and disappearing. A different nichling emerged from the clouds and it took ArrowLeap a second to realize who it was. “It’s nice to see my little brother again” The nichling said as he walked up to ArrowLeap. “I thought I’d never see you again, even with this whole StarClan place” ArrowLeap said happily. “You better not use these lives for something useless” The nichling said playfully. “I don’t know I just might” ArrowLeap responded just as playful. “See you later” The nichling said before walking off. ArrowLeap instantly recognized the last nichling. “SquirrelStar?” ArrowLeap asked as he looked at the nichling. “Yeah that’s me, nice to see a nichling like you became the leader” SquirrelStar said. “Thank you, I hope to take care of the clan well” ArrowLeap said with a nod. “I’m sure you will. Use these lives to protect the clan” SquirrelStar replied. “Of course, I will protect the clan with my life. Or lives I suppose” ArrowLeap said. “I’m counting on you to keep the clan safe and well ArrowStar” SquirrelStar said with a nod. Suddenly the world shifted and he was back by the stream. “You got your lives?” YellowLeaf asked as he realized he was back. “Yes, and I got to see SquirrelStar and some other nichlings that are important to me” ArrowStar said. “Well we should probably go to sleep, It’s late. Oh but remember to think about who the deputy should be because it needs to be decided tomorrow” YellowLeaf said before getting up and starting to walk back. ArrowStar followed him back to sleep and think. Not really story driving news but WishKit is now WishPaw (Mentored by RedFlame) “Hey ArrowLe- uh ArrowStar, I wanted to tell you something” RedFlame said as she walked up to ArrowStar. “Oh ok, what is it?” ArrowStar asked as he turned to look at RedFlame. “I uh, I love you and wanted to know if you wanted to be my mate?” RedFlame said nervously. “…You love me? Well I love you too but why me?” ArrowStar asked as he tilted his head. “You seem kind and fun to be around, so I kinda fell in love with you” RedFlame said as she was happy he had accepted. “Well guess I have a mate now” ArrowStar said as he nuzzled RedFlame. Sorry if this was outta nowhere but i was orirginally gonna pair her with SandTail but realized ‘They’re way too far apart in age’ and i need kits soon unless i want the clan to die out-) ArrowStar carefully made his way on top of the rock, still slightly shocked he was leader now. “Can everyone please gather!” ArrowStar yelled to get everyones attention, which worked as everyone walked over. “I have decided who will be the deputy of the clan” ArrowStar continued which caused everyone to whisper questions to each other. “The deputy of the clan will be SandTail” ArrowStar said as he looked over at SandTail which caused SandTail to look confused. “Thank you?” SandTail said a bit confused at why ArrowStar chose him but accepting it with grace. “The meeting is over” ArrowStar said before going down the rock. As ArrowStar was wandering he bumped into another nichling causing him to jump a bit. “Sorry, I just wanted to ask you something. You are the leader of that clan right?” The nichling asked as they looked at ArrowStar. “Yes I am, what did you wanna ask?” ArrowStar asked as he was curious. “I wanted to know if there was any way to join your clan” The nichling replied. “Uh well…If you collect 25 berries by tomorrow than sure” ArrowStar said as he wanted to let them join but wanted to see if they could gather food well. “Oh alright, I’ll be back tomorrow than” The nichling said as they started to walk away. “Oh wait! What is your name? I’m ArrowStar” ArrowStar asked the nichling. “Hm? Oh my name is Sweets” The nichling said before running off to start collecting.
  10. Well i think i turned on blind gene mode 'for a bit of a challenge' so uh i have no idea what immunities i have. Yeah i thought he'd probably be the best option for leader. Thanks for reading and replying to the story by the way!
  11. SO UH I FORGOT THAT 1. all the starter nichlings were the same age 2. forgot to keep an eye on their lifespans. So now I’ve got no leader and no deputy so uh guess I’m winging it for now! At least MoleFern had an apprentice i guess) The camp felt almost deafeningly silent with how much the clan had been reduced in the last few days, a group of bearyena had wiped out at least half of the clan. They even managed to take away all of SquirrelStar’s lives. “I still can’t believe those bearyena killed SquirrelStar” QuillBlaze said with shock as she listened to the much quieter camp. “I know, it must be very hard to lose your older sister in such a cruel manner” SpottedFrost said as he looked at QuillBlaze with concern. “Not that I don’t care for everyone else who died but she got swept away when I was young and now I won’t see her until I die myself” QuillBlaze said as she stared into nothingness. “I understand, siblings are just as important as parents are to most” SpottedFrost said as he went to nuzzle QuillBlaze which caused her to flinch but then cautiously lean into it and nuzzle him back. “Thanks for listening to me, It’s nice to have someone who comforts you when you’re a bit lost” QuillBlaze said as she looked at SpottedFrost. “Of course, you’re my…best friend” SpottedFrost said as he looked back at QuillBlaze. “I don’t think you’re gonna catch any rabbils by laying around” RedFlame said as she looked at SandTail, who was laying on the floor with one eye open. “You never know, maybe they’ll think I’m just a pile of dirt” SandTail replied playfully. “If hunting was THAT easy i think we wouldn’t need to hunt more than once every few moonrises” RedFlame said. “Fine I’ll get up” SandTail said with a sigh as he got up and yawned. “Let’s go, a bit further this way there’s a really good hunting spot” RedFlame said as she started walking. “Alright I’m coming” SandTail said before slowly following after her. “Well we should probably get this uh no leader or deputy situation fixed shouldn’t we?” LeafFeather asked as he looked at the group of nichlings. “Yes but how?” ArrowLeap asked as he looked around. “What about YellowLeaf sees if he can ask StarClan for advice, he is a medicine nichling after all” QuillBlaze suggested. “I could see if StarClan has any answers i suppose, if you want I’ll visit the StarStream tonight” YellowLeaf said. “I think it would be the best option we have, we should consult StarClan instead of just picking whoever” AshFall said as he looked a YellowLeaf. “Well I will talk to StarClan later than” YellowLeaf said with a nod before walking off to sort herbs. (i thought i did something to show how SquirrelStar told MoleFern about the stream but didn’t so uh pretend i did-) YellowLeaf carefully placed his nose against the cold water, repressing the urge to flinch away. He woke up with the clouds under his paws and the stars glittering around him. “Hello, you are seeking advice right?” A shimmering nichling spoke as they looked at YellowLeaf. “Yes, both our leader and deputy have died due to a bearyena attack so we need advice on who should become the leader now” YellowLeaf said as he looked at the nichling in front of him. “Well perhaps a leader who will leap to help others would be a good choice” The shimmering the nichling said with a nod. “What do you mean by that?” YellowLeaf asked the nichling but instead of an answer he simply got woken up right next to the stream with confusion swimming in his brain like fish. “I’ll need some time to think about this” YellowLeaf murmured before walking back to his den. After a few moonrises YellowLeaf had a pretty good idea of what StarClan meant. “I think I know who the next leader will be” YellowLeaf said as he looked at the gathered nichlings. There were questions whispered after hearing that. “The next leader seems to be ArrowLeap” YellowLeaf said causing some noises of shock and curiousity. “M-me?!” ArrowLeap said with shock. “Yes, so I suggest you visit the StarStream tonight” YellowLeaf said. “But i don’t know where it is” ArrowLeap said. “I will show you later than” YellowLeaf said with a nod. “You should probably start thinking about who will be your deputy though, so you’re prepared” YellowLeaf continued before walking to his den. ArrowLeap just stood there in shock, wondering why StarClan would choose him.
  12. LeafPaw is now LeafFeather RedPaw is now RedFlame ArrowPaw is now ArrowLeap “Why are you avoiding me?! You’ve been avoiding me for over 2 moons now!” ArrowLeap asked CloudGust with sadness in his eyes. “W-what makes you think I’m avoiding you?” CloudGust said trying to brush off the question. “Well anytime you see me you leave as quickly as you can. What did i do wrong?!” ArrowLeap asked, confused as he didn’t recall offending him. “It’s better for both of us” CloudGust replied vaguely. “What do you mean? How could it ‘be better for us’?” ArrowLeap asked with confusion. “I just don’t want to accidently hurt you okay?!” CloudGust hissed. “…What do you mean hurt me?” ArrowLeap asked now even more confused and wondering what that meant. “You remind me of someone and i don’t want to think i care about you when i feel like i only care because you remind me” CloudGust sighed as he looked at the ground. “Well do you think you would’ve distanced yourself if you didn’t care about me? If you didn’t care wouldn’t you have just continued?” ArrowLeap asked. “I…I guess not huh? Maybe we could start talking again?” CloudGust asked with hope in his eyes. “Of course! Why don’t we start by talking about what we hunted today?” ArrowLeap said as he had already forgiven CloudGust. “Sounds good to me” CloudGust said with a smile. “I can’t believe our kits are warriors now” OtterStream said as she looked at RedFlame and LeafFeather who were casually chatting with ArrowLeap. “I know, it felt like only a few moonrises ago they were little kits playing in the nursery” BerryStripe said with a nostalgic smile. “I can’t believe we’ve been here this long. I guess we aren’t going home” OtterStream said with some sadness in her tone. “Maybe but we’ve built an amazing life here, our kits are thriving and the clan is strong and healthy” BerryStripe said as he affectionately nuzzled his mate. “I suppose you’re right but i wonder what life would’ve been like if we weren’t swept here” OtterStream said as she looked at the stars above her. “I don’t know about you but i don’t think i would’ve been any happier there than here, I’m happy i got a chance to have you as my mate” BerryStripe said with a smile. “That’s really sappy” OtterStream said. “But i mean it, you’re the best mate i could’ve gotten” BerryStripe replied. “You’re getting way too sappy I’m going to sleep” OtterStream said as she curled up. “Aw don’t be like that! But i guess we should sleep” BerryStripe said as he looked at the sky. BerryStripe curled up and the two drifted off to sleep. “Morning OtterStream” BerryStripe said as he woke up. He heard no response but he expected that so he turned over and used his paw to poke at OtterStream’s ears, but was shocked when they didn’t move at all. He got up and looked at her and saw she wasn’t moving and didn’t seem to be breathing. He quickly ran off and got MoleFern and all but dragged him over to OtterStream. “She isn’t moving or breathing!” BerryStripe screeched with concern. “Let me check” MoleFern said as he walked over to OtterStream. “You’re right she…she isn’t breathing at all and isn’t showing any signs of life” MoleFern said sadly as he looked at OtterStream. “M-maybe she’s just s-sleeping! Can’t we wait a little bit?” BerryStripe said nervously. “I suppose, but i have to move her to the medicine den. And if she doesn’t show any signs of life by moonrise she would definitely be dead” MoleFern said which caused BerryStripe sadly nod before MoleFern took OtterStream to the medicine den. ~ the end of the day felt like it had arrived far too early for BerryStripe’s liking as he nervously wandered over to the medicine den with slight hope and dread in his heart. “So is she okay?” BerryStripe asked the medicine nichling which caused him to look in his direction. “I’m sad to say no, she hasn’t shown a single sign of life. She is officially…dead” MoleFern said with sympathy and sadness in his eyes. “…I guess i should get RedFlame and LeafFeather” BerryStripe said in an oddly monotone voice before walking off. ~ He returned with the two who looked heartbroken upon seeing their mom laying on the medicine den floor lifeless. “She can’t be can she?” RedFlame said as she looked at OtterStream. “What did she die from?” LeafFeather asked sadly. “I think it was old age, she doesn’t have any injuries or smell like a sickness of any kind” MoleFern said as he felt his heart sting for the two young warriors. BerryStripe, RedFlame, and LeafFeather spent the night mourning for OtterStream.
  13. Nice to see you're happy I'm back! And I''m happy you're intrigued!
  14. IM BACK! I hope you enjoy! “I’m very sorry for your losses” MoleFern said as only one of the kits survived when QuillBlaze had her kits. “It’s…fine, I’ll just have more time to focus on this one” QuillBlaze said as she nuzzled her one kit. “Do you have a name yet?” MoleFern said as he looked at QuillBlaze. “Yes, i will name them WishKit” QuillBlaze replied as she looked at her kit with love. “A wonderful name, I’m sure they’ll grow up strong and healthy” MoleFern said with a nod. “So is training going well?” CloudGust asked as he looked at ArrowPaw. “YES! It’s going amazing! I caught a HUUGE stagmole! And i can do a few fighting moves so I’ll be able to defend the clan with ease!” ArrowPaw said excitedly. “Yeah I’m sure we’ll be safe with you around” CloudGust said playfully. “Of course! I will be the best warrior ever! No bearyena will be able to stand in my way!” ArrowPaw said as he proudly puffed up his chest. “I can hear them trembling now” CloudGust said with a smile as he looked at the apprentice. “I think have to go, i hear AshFall calling me. See you later Cloud!” Arrow said before running off. “Bye BarkP-” CloudGust stopped himself as he realized the name he almost spoke. ‘BarkPaw? Really? I know he reminds me of him but why would I say it out loud?’ CloudGust thought to himself. ‘Wait what is that’s why I care so much for him? Because he reminds me? What if that’s the only reason? If he didn’t act like him would I care? Or would I show him the same indifference I do to my own kits most of the time?’ CloudGust’s thoughts continued causing him to feel dread wash over him. ‘That’s it isn’t it? I don’t care for ArrowPaw, I only care because he reminds me of my younger brother. I can’t do that to him, he deserves better. Distancing myself would be the best option instead of leading him to believe we care for him instead of who he makes me think of’ CloudGust thought as he curled up on the grass to deal with his own sadness. “What is it?” QuillBlaze asked as she looked at SpottedFrost. “Who’s the father?” SpottedFrost said simply. “That isn’t any of your business” QuillBlaze said as she narrowed her eyes at SpottedFrost. “Bbut i thought you trusted me…but i see you don’t” SpottedFrost said as he forced himself to sulk and look like he was devastated. “I…I…okay i guess you deserve to know, you are my friend” QuillBlaze said sadly as she didn’t mean to make him so upset, while SpottedFrost was interally celebrating as he didn’t know if that would work. “The father is a wanderer named Sweets. He was so kind and charming, always checking me for injuries and giving me food if i said i was hungry. He showed me some beautiful spots outside of the clan territory that was breathtaking and amazing. I was completely charmed so i ended up having his kit, little WishKit here” QuillBlaze said with a love-struck smile on her face. “I suppose i can see how you would fall for such a…kind individual. What are you going to do if the rest of the clan finds out though? They may not be as kind as me” SpottedFrost sweetly asked as he looked at QuillBlaze. “I’m not sure…i don’t want to be kicked out when i have such a young kit. They need to grow up strong and healthy, not starving and cold because of my descisions” QuillBlaze said as she looked at her kit. “Well i will keep your secret but we need to cover it up. So how about you pretend to be my mate to keep the rest of the clan off your back about it?” SpottedFrost asked as he looked at QuillBlaze. “But i don’t love you…” QuillBlaze said. “I know, it’s just pretend. Just pretend you do and they won’t have any reason to be suspicous and WishKit will get to grow up without issue” SpottedFrost said wondering if this would just backfire on him so he added the part about WishKit. “I…if it keeps WishKit safe i guess i will, just remember i don’t love you” QuillBblaze said as she looked at her tiny kit. “Of course, i will make sure no one has any suspicions” SpottedFrost said trying to hide his grin. ‘Pretending to be my mate is enough, no one will take you and you’ll fall in love with me someday’ SpottedFrost thought happily.
  15. Hello everyone! My laptop died for who knows what reason so I'm using my dad's laptop but he let me install niche so I'll continue when i figure out how to take screenshots on here!
  16. Y'all i- While i was tiredly trying to open the doc for wildclan(with the personalities and important info) i accidently deleted it so now i can't remember their personalities that well so i can't rewrite it. Should i try making an update anyway?
  17. She react well to being outside? Having a turtle does sound interesting.
  18. Oh, i didn't even know that- good to know tho so thanks for that info)
  19. SpottedFrost is not having luck in the love department-
  20. Didn't even think of that till now but now that i think about it yeaaah definitely sounds like Ashfur-
  21. QuillPaw is now QuillBlaze! “What should we do with the kit when he heals?” MoleFern asked. “Well there hasn’t been any sign of his parents so i don’t really think he has a place to go. Perhaps he could stay here, i won’t leave a kit to die” SquirrelStar said as she looked at the kit. “Alright, i guess there’s a new member to the clan than”MoleFern said with a nod. “What’s your name?” SquirrelStar asked the kit. “Arrow!” the kit responded. “Then you will be named ArrowKit” SquirrelStar said. AshPaw is now AshFall YellowPaw is now YellowLeaf SandPaw is now SandTail SpottedPaw is now SpottedFrost LeafKit is now LeafPaw and being mentored by QuillBlaze RedKit is now RedPaw and is being mentored by SpottedFrost ArrowKit is now ArrowPaw and is being mentored by AshFall - (I FORGOT TO GET A SCREENSHOT FOR THIS ONE OOPS-) “Hey QuillBlaze!” SpottedFrost said as he approached her. “Huh? Oh hi!” QuillBlaze responded. “I wanted to tell you something” SpottedFrost said nervously. “What is it?” QuillBlaze said with some concern. “Well i wanted to say i uh…i love you! I’ve had my eye one you since we were apprentices and i hope you return my affection” SpottedFrost said with a grin. “Oh…well i uh…don’t…feel the same” QuillBlaze said with guilt. “Oh….well at least i got it out! Bye!” SpottedFrost said trying to ignore the irritation he was starting to feel. SpottedFrost was shocked as he saw QuillBlaze as it had been some time due to the rejection of his confession. “You’re pregnant?! Who’s the father?!” SpottedFrost asked as he felt anger begin to boil in his stomach. “Yeah I’m pregnant, and is the father really important?” QuillBlaze asked casually. “Of course it is! Also shouldn’t you get to the medicine den?” SpottedFrost asked trying to ignore the boiling anger inside him. “Well yeah i probably should, goodbye for now” QuillBlaze said as she walked over to the medicine den.
  22. I'll get to that someday! Yeah that means more interactions and stories.
  23. That's an albino hognose snake!(you can tell because of the coloration and the red eyes) Hognoses are pretty hissy from what I've seen on youtube n stuff. But they're usually pretty hesitant to bite they mostly just hiss at you.
  24. Ah alright, i've never had a turtle so are turtles very active? Or do they mostly stay in one spot?
  25. (Ignore the bearyena that’s Ven, just assume the bearyena is friendly unless i say otherwise) Soon OtterStream and BerryStripe’s litter had arrived bearing two kits. “You should name him” OtterStream said as she looked at one of the kits. “Hmm i think I’ll name him LeafKit, he looks like the leaves in leaf-fall” BerryStripe said as he looked at the kits with affection. “Now you should name the other one” BerryStripe said. “Are you sure? I’m not good with names” OtterStream asked. “Yes I’m sure” BerryStripe responded. “Okay, than her name is RedKit” OtterStream said. “It’s not that bad of a name” BerryStripe said. CloudGust was just going out to hunt but ended up finding something very unexpected in the grasses. “We need to get you to MoleFern!” CloudGust said as he saw the small kit laying in the grasses as they had quite a few cuts. He picked up the kit and went over to the medicine nichling den as quick as he could without hurting the kit more. MoleFern was startled when CloudGust suddenly ran into the medicine den and up to him. “What’s wro- What happened to that kit?!” MoleFern asked with concern. “I don’t know i found the kit like this” CloudGust responded. MoleFern just nodded and took the kit over to one of the patches of moss and set them down so he could heal them and see how bad the injuries were. After some time MoleFern spoke. “Thankfully it seems like the cuts weren’t deep so they might survive” MoleFern said as he turned around to look at CloudGust. “Oh that’s good, i was worried the kit would die” CloudGust said. “I can’t guarentee they will survive since they're so young” MoleFern said. “You should probably go get some sleep though, it’s late” MoleFern said. CloudGust turned around and realized how dark it was so he nodded and headed off to sleep.
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