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  1. Just thing: Very good replication of my art style, but I would’ve done a longer and sharper mask thing and horns, as well as smaller, narrower eyes other than that very good
  2. Since September is already almost over, and the month of spook is about to begin, I am creating this challenge! The rules are simple. Below there is one WoF-themed prompt for each day of October. When October starts, do a drawing a day! Rules: -Anyone can try regardless of art skill! -Any art medium, whether it’s sketching, painting, or digital is fine -If you miss a day, that’s ok! A drawing EVERY day is a lot to ask from anyone, and some people just happen to be busy. -See how a few prompts are character names? You don’t have to draw the character necessarily… get as creative as you want! -Enjoy! Prompts:
  3. Why is there a character there? Did you read the post? I said I would do a human character and non in particular, so you don’t add any characters
  4. e (TW: blood (cartoony) Pick an expression (using the letter and number on the chart) and a colour palette, I will draw a person (no character in particular or anything) using them.
  5. Liz I didn’t realise it was you with a different user and was literally about to ask you “why did you put this on Liz’s homethread”
  6. Can’t think of an idea? A bomb will do the trick!
  7. Also this is accurate, the moment I give the borbs water Sunset is kinda just like “yep let’s go swimmy swim”
  8. Everyone’s been reacting with cry to the memes I’ve been posting lately, so here, have a wholesome cat meme
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