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  1. https://youtube.com/shorts/a37osVnbjBM?si=rKuXjSZpQYjwUQd3
  2. Look I made other lineless creatures of you like these creatures you can use these for your pfp as long as you credit me somehow There’s one more imma post that soon
  3. Where the heck did that dragon art contest go Did the post get deleted Or was it never real in the first place and I only dreamt that someone made the contest Because I wanna join
  4. CoS time! I like Kriprik. Here’s a lineless doodle
  5. It’s been a while since I’ve done MSM art, but I’ve been getting roped in again. Blame this thing
  6. Hey @Andromeda_ I dreamt that I was posted a problem I had in the forums and then you gave me good advice in the dream and I’m gonnna follow it, thanks dream you. (I’m not gonna say what the problem is. It’s not that big a deal but I’m not comfortable talking about it irl)
  7. I found a cool site wow https://farbecolore.com The site isn’t in English, so if you can’t read it and your browser doesn’t have a translate option for websites, then to use it type something into the search bar and press the blue button! Heres the BirbMonster colour palette: I quite like it
  8. I took Gooby to Shoreline he got to see the sun
  9. Here’s an oc! My scugsona, Escapee! Can also be known as Seeker to scugs who are close with them. They’re the really sensitive and quiet type. In-game their abilities would have something to do with detecting threats. Might be connected to overseers.
  10. That happened to me too. It might be caused by mods, or it’s just a common glitch
  11. Why not Barbecue (Artimand/Gourmificer)?
  12. T U C H (the art is by Pansear-Doodles? Correct me if I’m wrong though)
  13. Kinda wanna get Monk or Hunter ngl. They’re a nice change of colour in my army of cat plushies
  14. Hatchday
  15. 🎉
  16. If the slugcats could text, Enot would be the one who types ‘hey’ with like a million Ys
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