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  1. I’m at the level where I show up when you Google ‘Wings of Fire rarepairs’
  2. I redrew a panel from the WoF graphic novels I’m really proud of the lighting here I thought a little bit of giving NightWings their horns back on my design for them. Not SeaWings though they can stay bald
  3. Barbecue (Arti and Gourm) and Inkblot (Spears and Nightcat)!
  4. Every time you change the odds of something good, there is an equal chance to the odds you chose for something else bad to happen (eg: you raise the odds of tou winning the lottery to 50% and now there’s a 50% chance something bad will happen. Can be anything from stubbing your toe to a natural disaster happening in your area) I can make fictional characters, creatures, ect become real.
  5. What I mean by that is add some of the more slug-like features I like to draw slugcats with
  6. Fine if I get silly with the slug that’s in the cat?
  7. I trudged to white night but it autocratic to corn. Good corn rveryonr
  8. It’s real gus https://archiveofourown.org/works/51857524/chapters/131121793#workskin its spearmaxyer and richly
  9. And then they actually had a blossoming love story and a child. Truly the best romantic comedy of 2023
  10. Y’all remember when Turning Red came out and a bunch of grown men threw tantrums on the internet going “grrr I can’t relate to this grrr I’m gonna leave a bad review 👶”. Like bro. That’s girl who is like 12-13 as the protagonist you’re not the one who is supposed to relate to it
  11. And of course no shame if you have bad grammar or spelling for a valid reason. Like if you’re still learning English, that sort of stuff. /gen
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