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  1. My youngest sister (a toddler who cannot speak) was crying so my brother Loki gave her a crisp to cheer her up. Then everyone on the room who would speak started chanting “CRISP! CRISP! CRISP!” whilst the toddler laughed, like an unholy crisp cult
  2. This is Magnolia (Named after the flower and not the shopping mall in Wrocław, Poland) She’s an albino Shrubb. As a result of having albinism as basically a walking plant, she has a few health problems and is very small. Magnolia is rather cranky and struggles to fit in. She’s brutally honest and never hesitates to charge into situations head-on.
  3. I was today years old when I learned albino plants existed
  4. Respect to this person for joining just to revive a random thread from 2 years ago /hj
  5. “So instead I’m gonna find another innocent animal to kill because I’m a good person!”
  6. Round of applause to Ben, who was sleeping during msm live. In the live they talked about what monsters they would be. Ben said he would be a Pango but he looks like a G’joob
  7. Something happened today /vent, tw bullying So remember those girls I mentioned on an older homethread, who were treating me badly?I never actually told a teacher. This morning, during a PE lesson, they were making fun of me for not joining the game, even though they weren’t either, and just kinda talking like: ”Oooooh I don’t wanna playyy!” ”Ooooh I don’t understaaand!” ”Ooooh stop doing that!!!!” The last lesson had a substitute teacher, so we were just playing board games the whole time. I played a pretty fun card game with some normal people. But then they wanted two of the mean girls to join in, and I didn’t want to play anymore because of that. They all started arguing with me and the sub teacher came over because she saw I was stressed out. Then I just kinda broke down and started yelling at them and calling them out in front of the whole class. Its Wednesday and I’m home now, and I have an extended weekend with Thursday, Friday, and Monday (because of a school trip I’m not going to) off as well as the usual weekend days. I’m a bit worried now, honestly. On the way home I was really paranoid that they would follow me or something. They didn’t, but if they don’t stop by the time I come back, I will tell the supervising teacher.
  8. What’s your preferred fantasy subgenre Is it; ”Thousands of years ago there were dragons and magic… those days are long gone but they could still come back…” or: ”OH GOD HOW DO WE GET RID OF THESE FLIPPING DRAGONS CALL THE HIGH MAGE,”
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