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  1. What I mean by that is add some of the more slug-like features I like to draw slugcats with
  2. Fine if I get silly with the slug that’s in the cat?
  3. I trudged to white night but it autocratic to corn. Good corn rveryonr
  4. It’s real gus https://archiveofourown.org/works/51857524/chapters/131121793#workskin its spearmaxyer and richly
  5. And then they actually had a blossoming love story and a child. Truly the best romantic comedy of 2023
  6. Y’all remember when Turning Red came out and a bunch of grown men threw tantrums on the internet going “grrr I can’t relate to this grrr I’m gonna leave a bad review 👶”. Like bro. That’s girl who is like 12-13 as the protagonist you’re not the one who is supposed to relate to it
  7. And of course no shame if you have bad grammar or spelling for a valid reason. Like if you’re still learning English, that sort of stuff. /gen
  8. So I saved this without reading the whole thing and when I saw ‘choose a way to born’ I burst out laughing because awful grammar makes up a lot of my sense of humour
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