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  1. I made a capybara OC. She needs a name though (If you have suggestions for animals that are rarely used for OCs then tell me because yes)
  2. I’ve been playing Planet Zoo a lot lately so here’s a list of animals I want to be added to the game. -Just birds in general. We need aviaries. Please Frontier give us aviaries I would especially love to see birds of prey and parrots! And it would be cool if educators could handle them during talks like with the exhibit animals Hopefully though aviaries will have a higher level of customisation, unlike exhibits -For flightless birds that can be included as normal habitat animals, then Kakapos -Dikdiks. For those who don’t know they’re tiny antelope/deer. I’ve seen them in my local zoo and they’re adorable -More new world monkeys! Aka, monkeys that have long tails, and are found in the Americas. The only one we have in Planet Zoo is the capuchin so I would love to see spider monkeys or something -Not a new animal but fix koalas, they rarely climb in the game when koalas in real life are almost always hanging out in trees -Manatees! -Aquariums with fish. These could simply be added as exhibit animals with a new type of exhibit that’s completley full of water with some coral or seaweed. I think there should be clownfish and blue tangs (thanks to finding nemo they’re too iconic not to add) and also angelfish and tetras. If they find a way to add larger aquariums, then sharks and stingrays!
  3. I find it funny how since I’ve been in planes many times it’s showing my photos taken in the middle of the ocean + somewhere above Germany
  4. Everyone wish my dad a happy birthday To celebrate we’re staying in a 40th floor hotel room tonight and going to the zoo tomorrow 👍 Im bringing binoculars for the hotel view and the zoo animals 👍
  5. It must suck to be the male of this species You have to fight for the death for a girlfriend and then she cheats on you
  6. So this lady is visiting our house to talk to my parents about potentially babysitting my younger siblings. Anyways dad handed my baby sister a diaper and told her to throw it away and then SHE HANDED IT TO THE BABYSITTER LMAOOO
  7. She probably heard when I suggested going to the zoo because we still have year passes that we haven’t used since we bought them
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