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  1. I made a parody of “I’m a Barbie girl,” It goes (in the same tune, of course): I’m a tardigrade In a swampy laaake Almost immortal Can survive things (Thats all I’ve got so far)
  2. “I’ve officially killed something with my eyelids!” -Me
  3. Hello I’ve writing the next chapter I think this one is really good hehe Meanwhile take some Miles facts: -His personality was based off my classmates -The name Miles is a possible preset name for Floogulls. Every time I get a Floog from the oc generator, they’re named Miles, and it got to the point of being annoying so I thought it’d be the perfect name.
  4. Sadly I can’t continue it, the WIP had vanished I think either my mom or the cleaner she hired threw it away not knowing what it was
  5. This is why the English language is nothing but chaos
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