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  1. but you injure yourself i can fly
  2. DARK GREEN EYES🗣️🗣️🗣️
  3. lets give them short fur
  4. ThunderClan Medicine Cat
  5. omg this is gonna be sm fun okay lets give them some curly fur
  6. theyre yours! they have a very sharp temper and they love to explore outside of the rainforest.
  7. root that pokes through dirt
  8. bird that skims the top of trees
  9. theyre yours! they have frequent mood swings and theyre obsessed with leafwing and want to be one.
  10. woooo random batch i js made, might make some more four christmas trees each, comes with at least one hc for each one, you can name them whatever you like. had to change the bg of the rainwing bc it looked rly bad base credits to @Ozzy. TAKEN:TAKEN:
  11. what if i............,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..... made some new adopts im bored and i was lurking and i saw this soooo expct some on the way
  12. i love blozz so muchthis one is just badits okkkkkI LOVE IT ITS MY FAVORITE
  13. just stumbled upon this and now i absolutely have to do all of my past usernames
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