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  1. -._-. i mean maybe my mom is just stupid and thinks pissed is a bad word
  2. No cursing/swearing :)) Read teh rules
  3. 👀 that was totally an accident. I totally meant to vote for squid.
  4. My brother does. Donno if that changes anything...
  5. btw I drew darkstalker among us but better (not warring anymore im just bored)
  6. ok no problem the war should end tho
  7. PEACE! WE. NEED. PEACE! Here's my reasoning: Argumentative essay by ItzFadeDaNightWing (*Mostly* Darkstalker Legends Spoiler free) We need to have peace. The war is becoming stupid, and it needs to end. Both Bruno and Darkstalker have their pros and cons. Here's what I think. To start off, the movie, Encanto, is good. Amazing animation, character development, and overall one of the best Disney movies I've seen. Wings of Fire is an amazing series that I've been obsessed with since I began reading it. Darkstalker was a good antagonist introduced in the sixth book, Moon Rising, and really helped the flow of the books. They both have future telling, although Darkstalker has other abilities. Bruno has an amazing song dedicated to him which I play on repeat sometimes. Darkstalker Legends was a great Legends book that I would read an infinite amount of times. This story also had great character development and really shows you how Darkstalker came to be who he is. Encanto features Bruno as being a mysterious son of Abuela who disappeared because of a bad vision. Bruno was attempting to protect his family by breaking and hiding the vision, therefore protecting Mirabel. Bruno was definitely trying to protecting his family by hiding away. Back to Darkstalker. Darkstalker was evil because of his home life, and overuse of his magic. I won't go into detail due to accidentally spoiling something, but he didn't make great decisions and never thought about the dragons around him. Bruno, on the other hand, still lived near his family. He didn't attempt to ruin other people's lives with his vision as he ran away in fear that Mirabel's life would be ruined. In my opinion, it was never Darkstalker's fault for his evilness. His home life was the majority, as well as magic. He definitely had love for others but, in the end messed everything up. Bruno still made some mistakes, yes, but he did fix them. Either way, both of them HAVE. PROS. AND. CONS. In conclusion, Darkstalker and Bruno are similar in multiple ways yet different in most. They have their faults and definitely have good things to appreciate about them. Darkstalker and Bruno are both future-seeing beings. This is the reason the war must end.
  8. mebbe. I kinda want peace tho))
  9. *|+Crocus grinned, giving Cyclone a big hug+|* ``owaooooogaa....`` ((eeeeeehh))
  11. *|+Crocus giggled and slid around it, plopping down in the snow and tilting her head+|* ``oooowaaawae?`` ((also im drawing darkstalker among us for the war))
  12. yeah- his- Darkstalker Legends? YOU HAVENT READ IT??
  13. *|+Crocus stepped back, giggling like an insane dragon. She grab a hunk of snow and threw it at Cyclone+|* ``WWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR``
  14. *|+Crocus chirped in delight and tackled Cyclone playfully, attempting to stuff snow up his nose+|* ``WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR``
  15. Nobody can make good bruno among us art like MY darkstalker art
  16. I totally didnt edit the quote 🤯
  18. *|+Crocus gave a small trill as the ice brought her near Cyclone. She bounded onto land and gazed at Cyclone with wide, happy eyes+|* ``OOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO``
  19. *|+Crocus completely forgot about Owl and flopped onto a small piece of floating ice to get to the Glacier+|*
  20. Okay except bruno is a coward. he hid from his family because of some dumb vision. PLUS- PLUS PLUS- HE COULD HAVE HIDDEN THE VISION AND NEVER SPOKEN OF IT ALSO ITS ABOUT WAR
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