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  1. I NEED TO PEE SO BAD HELP.,,,,,,,,
  2. almost said a bad wrod
  3. she hae pink headphones ajd long dirty blonde hair (or brown with lots of highlights)
  4. omg.......... me and lyrus fell in love but then i found a new wamen...... her name was raindrop (part of my custom colony) and i couldnt travel so far to see lyrus forever so i gave him a black rose,,.......... i will foreever lov ehim, and i know how storng our lvoe is and i will miss him...,.,
  5. she is looking at the thunder clan logo
  8. theres a girl sitting in front of me drawing a warriors character :DD
  9. i need to pee but im in algebra and i honestly dont wanna go use the bathroom help
  10. is it downloadable on appstore or is it on a website
  11. applications are open for like all roles except leader cus thats me and the dead guy(torando)
  12. SpectWings! (if you have a better name tell me this doesn't rlly fit imo) Abilities: They are able to switch between their working eyes, allowing for better eyesight. Their eyes might serve different purposes. Sometimes an eye is a thermal vision eye, so when it is in use the dragon is able to see as if they were looking through a thermal sensor. Other times one might be used as X-ray vision, the possibilities are many. (ask if a certain eye ability is okay! ItzFadeDaNightWing#6602 (discord)) They have extremely sharp teeth, and have 3 rows. If they knock out a tooth, another one grows back. Then it can happen again, until there aren’t more hidden rows of teeth. They cannot breathe fire, or other things. Usual personality: They are usually known to be quite secretive and aggressive towards other tribes, even their own. It is very hard to find a group of these dragons who are not family, as they are so prone to getting into fights with non blood related SpectWings. Allies: N/A Enemies: N/A Diet: They are known to usually only consume meat. This includes fish and crabs, but they usually find themselves eating cows, pigs, etc. Pets: N/A Territory: They live in Coaltayzer, but don’t have a main area that they live in. They have different villages, but the main leader lives on a secluded island that has a dark palace made of extremely durable materials. A portion of the land around the palace is cracked and dying. Appearance: Usually extremely slim. Their scale coloring is usually black and just dark colors in general, sometimes with highlights/accents of lighter colors. They only have a singular eye on their face, a large eye on their chest, and eyes on random parts of their wings, usually clustered in groups close together. The eye on their chest acts as a normal eye, except for the ability where they can choose to switch between their normal eye and the other eyes. If they aren’t using an eye, it is closed, its eyelids are very tough. This way they can not be easily hurt. The eyes on their wings are usually not functional, and are just there to scare off predators, however sometimes they can be usable- usually only up to two of them on each wing, though. These eyes are not as strong as the ones on their face and chest, therefore they are not mandatory. They also have many spikes on their body, which are usually desaturated and lighter colors. Royalty: (Current) Leader is called Ocular. They don’t have leaders based on gender, they are just called “The Leader” Names: They are named after pretty much anything to do with sight, eyes, anything violent, or anything “demonic,” since that is what other tribes see them as. Ex: Sightless Vision Visor Demon Pentagon Dagger Animus Dragons: None Customs: They have a leader. Once the leader dies, the tribe votes for the next leader, usually the ones who’ve run for leader. Treasured Items: There is a legend of a dagger that split time and space, and could release foul demons from the pits of hell into their world. This dagger is thought of as a myth, but SpectWings believe that it is real. Ok questions??
  13. ong ok I am filling out the thing on my fantribe doc then I'll send
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