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  1. The scientist looked at Sullivain, then at an astonished Jayden. “Well, Jayden here needs to do whatever she just did, but on a bigger scale.” Jayden turned to him and narrowed her eyes, opening her mouth to speak, but the scientist spoke before she could. “And BEFORE you ask me how, I don’t know how to control your powers, so you’ll have to figure it out- and quickly.” Jayden just glares at him for a few seconds, then turns away. “Yeah, whatever.” But she tries again, bringing her right hand out in front of her. A small orb of light appears above her hand. It’s about the size of an apple. She makes a waving motion in front of her and retracts her hand, and the orb of light floats off and pathetically and slowly dissipates. ”…..Well.”
  2. Jayden's eyes flicker over to the scientist. "......" She exhales heavily, clenching her fists. She walks over to him and grabs his shoulder tightly, glaring at him. "We know next to nothing about this too. If you want me to figure out how to make this light quickly, I'd assume strong emotions, like what just happened with Sullivain, would probably trigger these powers. And you're really pissing me off, so keep on doing that and I might practice my powers by burning your face off," she spat angrily. She exhales heavily again, retracting her hand and stepping back. She turns her eyes to her hand, examining it. "I'm either about to look really cool or really stupid." She inhales sharply, tensing all the muscles in her hand and forearm, trying to concentrate on... something. She narrows her eyes, trying to imagine her veins carrying blood to her fingertips, except in this case... light?? It didn't matter, really, because her fingertips started glowing. She was so surprised that she immediately stopped concentrating, and shook her hand aggressively, and the light disappeared instantly. "What."
  3. [[Hot season]] is starting for me aswell
  4. Because some [[insolent fools]] were talking about [[battling it out]] with [[containers of H2O]] !!
  5. im goign to turn into [[BIG SHOT!!]] now because I [[feel like it]]
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