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  1. Ignore im saving this for later https://perchance.org/power-born-rp
  2. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAy!!!! (Sioryry im late)
  3. Fad alive real and back with artt??!?!??!? IMG_0026.psd
  4. “Debating is a science…” -Friend ”And the answer is-“ -Me ”VIOLENCE.” -Friend ”Okay don’t sniff it that much, you’ll get high on san san sanisizer!” -Me ”Does anyone have any loaves of cheese slices?” ”MY NOSTRILS JUST GOT DEEP CLEANED” -Me ”Are you sure you don’t want it or are you just trying to be a nice person?” -A ”I don’t want it” -B *in unison:* ”She’s not a nice person” -Me ”[BName]’s very self-sacrificial” -C ”We don’t need any of that fake niceness around here!” -A ”Oh look, real eighth graders! As opposed to stuffed ones…” ”Are you like the little mermaid?” -Me *intense splashing and struggling* “I’m a little DROWNING!!!” -Friend ”It’s like those children I saw the other day!! They were just sitting there so I took them!” -Me ”You’re pretty silly” ”My foot is chilly???”
  5. Me after successfully submitting my assignment 3 minutes before its due at 11::59 PM
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