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  1. Hi, I played the demo a lot, trying again and again to reach a better outcome for my village. One time we managed to get bread befor the end, and I was really happy. But finally I stopped playing it for the time being, because it was so sad to see my people die over and over again from poisoning and sometimes from hunger. I understand, that this difficulty is something, that makes the game interesting and let's players play the demo multiple times, like I did. But on the other hand it is so sad and maybe even depressing, when people and Onbu can die so easily. Then I startet playing Airbore Kingdom, another city building game, this time flying in the air. And I watch videos of youtubers playing it. And several of them compare the Airborne Kingdom to Frostpunk, and all of them say: "it's like Frostpunk but not as depressing. I stopped playing Frostpunk because it really made me depressed. This Airborne Kingdom makes me happy, especially in theses times." That makes me wonder about the impact a game can have on your mood, even on your mental well-being. And then I thought on The Wandering Village and how sad I became, playing it. I wouldn't suggest omitting the dying from hunger and poison, because then lots of players would find it boring. But I would suggest different levels of difficulty already when the game releases at early access. I know, that different difficulty levels make it harder to develop and to work on the balancing. But I find it very important, that a game doesn't make you depressed when playing, especially in these times. CU Eva aka Oma Tana
  2. The same for me. The speech in the intro is just murmur for me. I don't understand a single word.
  3. Hi, I play the demo version of The Wandering Village, and I enjoy it a lot. Until now I already played the demo around 6 times, always trying to find better ways to survive and to survive with more people in the village. Even if it is not my favorite grafic style I like the little people better and better, and their funny buildings, that fold up when zooming in, are kind of cute. And especially I like Onbu and the way it walks. But somtimes it doesn't work out so well, mainly due to my sub optimal way to build up the village. And when the spores are growing and growing there comes a moment, when I would like to have more intelligent decontaminators. Sometimes it can drive me crazy to see, how they run around and around and around, not doing anything but running, and then finally, they flame one single poison plant. After this they run and run and run again, even if the first poison plant is surrounded by others. In the time they run around, they could have burnt at least 5 poison plants. This only happens, when there are lots o poison plants. When there are only a few poison plants the decontamintors can handle the problem quite well. On top of more intelligence I would like, if the decontaminators would listen to priorisation. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I could provide a video, where the contaminators are running and running, not working a lot. Other than that, I'm really hooked with the game and can't wait to play the full version. CU Eva aka Oma Tana
  4. Hi everybody, I'm Eva aka Oma Tana and I already played Niche for quite a while. Now I play The Wandering Village Demo for my YT-channel, and I just wanted to leave some feedback about my gaming experience so far. But reading all the forum rules and the introduce-yourself, I got somehow insecure what kind of rituals I have to undergo in this forum to be eligible to leave my feedback. And when I'm finally eligible, may I post my feedback in the category Discussion & Feedback? CU Eva
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