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  1. Wanna hang out today after school or tomorrow? If that works for u that is
  2. We should hang out again sometime TvT also I'm switching schools.
  3. was thinking about doing some rainworld sketches tonight before i sleep.
  4. ToS 1. do not claim as your own 2. you can make edits to the bases 3. you can use them for adopts/art trades/ocs 4. do not use my art to get money (unless i get some to :p) 5. Always credit me (especially on other websites.[tis me Vire/Scarlet]) 6. tag me when you post on here. id like to see what you made ^^ Sandwing: Seawing: Skywing: Mudwing: Rainwing: Icewing: Nightwing: Hivewing: Silkwing: Leafwing:
  5. Art Prices(per character)- Heasdhot: $5 USD Half Body: $10 USD Full-body: $15 USD +background: $3 USD Fursuit prices- (cost of materials + $25 USD for labor but estimated prices) Head: ~$400 USD Tail- short(6in): ~$200 USD medium(1ft): ~$250 USD Long(2ft): ~$300 USD XT Long: ~$350 USD Hand Paws: ~$150 USD Feet Paws- Indoor: ~$200 USD Outdoor: ~$250 USD Full Partial: ~$500 USD Small Partial: ~$400 USD Fullsuit: ~$700
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