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  1. Any food combinations you've tried that would be considered out there, or food that just doesn't go together I'll go first: ice-cream with popcorn, or ice-cream with chips
  2. I'm still alive, just been busy I decided to clean up a old sketch
  3. All she was good for is for reading the necronomicon and summoning Cthulhu
  4. a work in progress for a much bigger project
  5. Saw the button leading to the forums in niche around early 2019, promised myself that in 2020 I would make an account. I did not do that and proceeded to lurk here for 3 years, I was bored one afternoon and then decided to make an account.
  6. If this is still on, I'll go with the leafy leaf team
  7. Tried out a new brush for the colouring
  8. New icon for pride month
  9. Art is going to be delayed due to irl stuff
  10. So I have no idea if anyone here even knows what I'm talking about, but I need to celebrate this. I managed to get a three star trophy on all the courses in every speed category in Mario Kart 8, and ended up coming first in a championship for the first time in my life on a track that I have never tried before in Star Stable Online. I think I've exhausted my luck
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