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  1. have you ever done a quick sketch that was never supposed to be final, but accidentally nailed down exactly what you were going for? yeah that's this...
  2. I'm still alive, just been going through some serious art block

    might end up posting something soon


  3. "You want to know why they're called serial killers? They kill people but they also pour the milk before the cereal"
  4. Sorry about the wait, my stylus broke
  5. after 114 deaths I finally completed this stupid level (now to finish off the niche art requests
  6. Splatoon 3 is going well, why do you ask? (it took me 46 attempts to get to the second checkpoint)
  7. It's been a hot minute since the last time I've done requests, plus with me getting back into Niche and being a bit out of practice with drawing nichelings I'd decided to open this up. So send in your nichelings (if you want)
  8. If you're looking for more I offer up Fog
  9. They have secret bonus lore Night Colony’s Doctor’s Den: The Doctor’s Den is a small cave situated on the side of a wall in a quarry, the entrance is overgrown with a sheet of vines coming down from the ceiling, inside the cave is an assortment of stocks of herbs used for healing wounds and other ailments scattered around the floor and shoved into small outcrops. The overpowering smell of herbs is found all over the den, and the smell of sweet flowers is used in an attempt to drown the herbs out. Many cats from the Night Colony describe the Doctor’s Den as a calm place that one can feel very settled and drowsy in. The resident doctor, Berry, is incredibly chipper and helps keep her patients' moods up when they have injuries, many describe Berry’s joyfulness to be contagious and an integral part of the colony's structure. The same can not be said for Berry’s apprentice, Fog, who many cats are pretty sure that she only became a doctor for the status and power. Fog is known as quiet and snarky, and takes the colony’s traditions and ancestors very seriously, but Berry does insist that her apprentice has a sweet side and cares deeply for all the cat’s in her colony, even if she does make her patients uneasy and a uncomfortable silence seems to follow the young cat.
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