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  1. This should have most of the info. A comment contains a video from Seri that is old but I think it should still be accurate. If you have Mac, you can sort of combine that info with the below since Mac has a new file path (everything else is the same):
  2. potato yeeter bread ((((someone do me))))
  3. draw him as whatever you wish (it's so cluttered lol)
  4. I totally forgot about this lol I tried doing a more pixel-arty thing...it's not very good though
  5. He mews again and tries to go to the other kits.
  6. Mothkit (no autocorrect i do not mean "nothing") mews to the other kits. He's already a talkative little guy
  7. (I originally made this kit for Frost and Fire so he'll be in that too! alternate universes I suppose ) Name Mothkit Gender/Pronouns Tom (he) Looks Spiky cream fur. Tail is half as long as a normal one. Personality Likes the word "no" as long as it doesn't apply to him. Avoids all grooming so his fur is tangled and has such things as leaves and twigs stuck in it. Curious. Other Speedy. Runs everywhere.
  8. The server was dead so i kinda just deleted it...
  9. May I join? I already have a cat in mind and he's the best kit to ever exist
  10. Grandma Sky has alzheimer's and can't remember anything past like 3 days ago
  11. I need: 10 kits (3 brothers, plus 2 sets of 2 and one set of 3) an evil male deputy a lovely grandma a random mom for 2 of the kits
  12. if a year old is mid 30s, I'm like 95 in forum years... say your goodbyes children, grandma doesn't have much time left (meanwhile, the devs are immortal)
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