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  1. I'll work on set up this weekend but it may be next weekend when I post it. But you can sharpen your skills in the meantime
  2. The art doesn't have to be complicated, I think even a doodle on some scratch paper is good enough, as long as you put some heart into it. ❤️
  3. literally like 3 days ago I started a wiki for my own pantheon...I suppose I can transfer some stuff from my more well-known gods though (I really need to update stuff, I have a TON of lore, even some in my head that I haven't shared)
  4. (please ignore my pleas, I do enjoy doing this!!) For the last 2 years I've hosted a Niche Art Secret Santa. Do you want a 2020 edition? If so, thoughts and suggestions on improvements are appreciated
  5. Sky

    Sky's art dump

    favorites and comments on my DA posts are appreciated https://www.deviantart.com/skysplash8
  6. Sky

    Sky's art dump

    I love her. I dub thee Ivy. "PPPBBTT" - Ivy
  7. Sky

    Sky's art dump

    I found a new artstyle today
  8. Sky

    Sky's art dump

    first of all,,
  9. Sky

    Sky's art dump

    I have an old one but I'm abandoning it lol y'all better react to my art so I know it's being seen mkay I'm putting this in the Niche forum but a lot of art will not be Niche themed my favorite pieces will also be posted separately in their own post so I can show them off to more people ; P
  10. The Child, the Child, sleeping in the night He will bring us goodness and light He will bring us goodness and light Little Meringue's mom Alice died when he was born. He was sickly so his dad Ice jut kinda threw him into the wilderness to fend for himself so nobody got sick. Some tribes tell the story differently; Ice simply didn't want Meringue, and Meringue got sick because he spent the nights in the cold. Little did Ice and his tribe know that Meringue would one day become a god, spreading happiness and sickness everywhere. He was also happy to have a famil
  11. also question what was your pfp before (as Imperial Officer) bc I associate people with their profile pics (especially people I don't interact with a lot) and don't look at usernames much so if I see your pfp I might remember this account
  12. Sky

    pixel gif ychs

    Question though--medium tail or swimming tail? If you don't know just pick one or I can pick for you
  13. Sky

    pixel gif ychs

    pfff I completely forgot abut these! I'll try and work down the list but yeah I'll happily do him once I get there!
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