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  1. All the ones from me are from the tv show Agents of Shield! ^^
  2. welcome to the team! ,(^-^)/
  3. maybe wait a day or two for others to guess some maybe you can get it down with the process of elimination haha
  4. this is totally not super late nooo not at all :))) Above each art piece is the recipient. Feel free to make your guesses (whether you're guessing your own SS or someone else's)! Feel free to deny and confirm any guesses from anyone at any time! Just please don't guess the artist if you're not the recipient and you think it's super obvious or confirm/deny guesses for art that you aren't the Secret Santa for ^^ And of course, please do not announce you were so-and-so's SS before someone can accurately guess unless it's been a while! One last thing - please do not comment on the ability of an artist in a negative way. Everyone has their own artistic ability, and they tried their best for you. If you can't encourage or compliment them, just don't say anything. the sign ups can be found here @lizardcake (alternate version w/o bubbles) @Lilytuft @pepper_ @CATFISHPARTY @polly @YourLocalStranger @Modiano Ourania @Tilly @A Nicheling @Tundra Fawn @BirbMaster2 and that's it!! only 11 participants this year, sadly - 5 less than the last 2. please contact me through PM if you have any problems - didn't receive art, wrong person was tagged, it's been a while since this was posted and you still don't know who your SS was, etc.
  5. welcome! ,(^-^)/ always nice to see new Niche players!
  6. Topic is now locked! Assignments will be given out in the next day or two ^^ Thank you to all 12 participants for signing up!
  7. since I'm late sending out assignments, this is open for last minute sign ups until sometime tomorrow (whenever I remember to do this). so be quick!! (@GAMINGSPOOKIE)
  8. You have to be both, because you can't just receive and not give or vice versa
  9. sky we cant post on the secrect santa. did you mean to do that or?

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    2. Sky


      fixed now, oops xD



      its locked again 😨 is it cuz its december in est



      i wanted to enter lasy minute l;ike the dare devil i am < / 3 /hj

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