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  1. Sky

    Animal Crossing

    IT IS EPIC unfortunately one of my joycons is broken (and the other's '-' button doesn't work) so I gotta get it fixed SOON
  2. Welcome! Always happy to have a new Niche fan ❤️
  3. awwwwww thank you all ❤️❤️❤️ I would make nominations myself but I feel like a parent being asked to choose favorite children and I simply cannot
  4. Like Liz said, this does not belong in the Niche section. I moved it to Off-Topic. Please do not post unrelated posts in the Niche sections.
  5. my 16th birthday : D *gasp* how DARE I not be nominated for best friend.......you have STABBED me in the HEART /lh /j anyways thank you for nominating me < 3 what am I being nominated for exactly?
  6. Put her has an adult (also disregard the Princess part)
  7. okay but also...I looked at their most recent video and it's got a real inappropriate spam bot comment and it had a heart
  8. The game is out officially now, so you don't need to become a tester to play You can only get it on phones (possibly tablets?) though.
  9. Sky


    rip my brain yesterday
  10. Sky


    Updated family tree with everything but pictures which will probably come tomorrow
  11. Sky


    Leader Acornstar - orange and black she-cat with smooth skin and violet eyes (Daughter of Sunnyroot and Birdwatcher) Deputy Mumblejaw - large moss-colored tom Medicine Cat Streamglimmer - brown and white deaf she-cat with smooth skin and violet eyes (Daughter of Sunnyroot and Birdwatcher) Warriors Sunnyroot - yellow she-cat with smooth skin (Daughter of Duskstar and Cherrydust) Kits Crystalkit - large red-brown she-cat with brilliant blue eyes (Daughter of Acornstar and Mumblejaw) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Acornstar and Mumblejaw announce they are having another kit, due to their increasing age. (Both are reaching the ends of their days, as well as Sunnyroot. Streamglimmer is the only young adult, having been an apprentice only a few moons ago.) The she-cat gives birth to another she-kit, Squirmkit. This nicheling is misguided. Their life wish is to defend their tribe. Crystalkit becomes an apprentice, assigned to Mumblejaw. Sunnyroot dies of old age. Streamglimmer is right by her side when the time comes. The young she-cat had left her odd hobby of collecting seaweed to join her mother, which was a huge compliment. Squirmkit becomes an apprentice, assigned to Acornstar. Aptly named, she squirms around when her mother/mentor tries to teach her hunting. She always wants to learn battle moves and is quick to run off to find trouble with her sister, who prefers hunting over battling, but is always successful with her lies. Though Crystalpaw gets into more trouble than Squirmpaw, the younger sister always ends up with the blame. Streamglimmer, while out seaweed-gathering, decides to swim across the stream and explore. In her absence, Acornstar becomes pregnant yet again. Acornstar gives birth to a handsome tom-kit, Chirpkit. She considers him her most beautiful child, and decides he will be her last. This choice is without contest from her mate, as Mumblejaw is on his last legs now. This nicheling is paternal. They freak out at the smallest of things. Their life wish is to fall in love. Crystalpaw is made a warrior and given the name of Crystalgaze, due to her beautiful eyes. With not a moment to lose, she dashes into the Unknown, determined to find a mate. Acornstar gives all the attention to her newest kit, due to his handsomeness. Though Crystalgaze knows she will never be beautiful enough to get that attention too, she hopes she can find a mate and have a beautiful kit too to prove her worth. Her chance will be gone before long, though, due to Acornstar's age. Mumblejaw dies of old age. Acornstar is overwhelmed by grief. She no longer has a deputy, not to mention a mate. Due to Crystalgaze's absence, there is no viable warrior for deputyship. The grief-stricken she-cat is forced to wait another moon in the hope that Crystalgaze will come back; otherwise, her little sister will become deputy as soon as she becomes a warrior. Squirmpaw becomes Squirmscratch, after her eagerness to fight. She is given the new apprentice Chirppaw. Crystalgaze, who had stayed close unknown to her Clan, screams just beyond the high grass. The Clan (save for Streamglimmer, who is still beyond the stream) runs to help her. Together they defeat the bearyena who attacked her. Crystalgaze is left injured and bleeding, in need of DuskClan's absent medicine cat. Chirppaw is sent to find Streamglimmer. Luckily, she had already been on her way back, and is quickly found. By the time the two make it back, Crystalgaze has not only bled out quite a bit, leaving her very weak, but their leader, Acornstar, has died of old age. Squirmscratch is made leader sooner than the Clan had thought—Acornstar did well at hiding her age. Her first act of leadership is, of course, to name her deputy—the only choice being the healing Crystalgaze. Her second act is making Chirppaw a warrior. He is given the name Chirplark, since...well, larks chirp, do they not? Squirmstar is not the best at naming. * * * * * * * * The Clan moves north, on Streamglimmer's instinct. The Clan stops to rest for a moon at a cluster of nests. Streamglimmer wanders off to find supplies to heal Crystalgaze. When Streamglimmer returns, the Clan is shocked to see her not only in tears, but pregnant! She runs to Squirmstar for comfort, but finds none; Squirmstar is no fan of overemotional-ness, nor of medicine cats being pregnant. Crystalgaze is too weak to do much other than sleep at the time, and Chirplark had explored ahead. Poor Streamglimmer is left alone, pregnant, and confused. Crystalgaze recovers, but is left permanently weak. She is unable to hunt or battle. Chirplarks discovers a young male, Shell. He is accepted into the Clan as Shellpaw, apprentice of Chirplark. This nicheling is soft. Their life wish is to gather berries. Streamglimmer gives birth, but the kit is born severely deformed and dies not long after. The she-cat, though she never meant to have a kit, names him Acornkit, in honor of her sister. She seriously considers killing herself, as this whole experience of pregnancy, shunning by her leader, childbirth and the loss of a kit in such a small space of time makes her very depressed. (Even more, she had always wanted children, but had pushed away the wish when she became a medicine cat. She had almost inadvertently fulfilled her wish, yet it was taken away...) Thankfully, she soon sees a familiar sight. Her mother, Acornstar, visits her in StarClan-form and assures her she will be alright. She will soon receive an apprentice, and she must stay strong so she can train them. Shellpaw finds two healing plants, side by side. As Streamglimmer walks beside him to marvel at the sight, he realizes he'd much rather be a medicine cat than a warrior. Chirplark is surprised by his decision, but gladly hands over his mentorship when he sees how sad Streamglimmer seems.
  12. Sky

    Just... counting

    2201 the number has been messed up before, let's just go with this
  13. Sky


    I meant to have Streamglimmer see what happened but forgot. Main reason was that I panicked because I'd done nothing about getting him to fulfill his wish But the explanation I have is that he saw how great being a leader was, regretted his decision as a young cat to give up his title, and in sudden envy he killed his brother.
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