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  1. Sky

    writing prompts

    3 word prompt: attract black breath
  2. Sky

    writing prompts

    i'll post some sort of writing prompt once in a while and everyone can try making a (optionally short) story out of it you can use the most recent prompt or just use an old one
  3. Sky

    bug cats

    WARNING: TARANTULA Terry has 8 legs but he has 2 little arm things like this guy: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-_QgdPsc_1sk/UJkm7kwKk1I/AAAAAAAAUcI/GOs1Q7odrfQ/s1600/Tarantula+5.jpg
  4. Sky

    bug cats

    quick doodle of terry the tarantula cat
  5. yo is this still open
  6. This is what I do - put everything in its own folder inside a folder and rename them. Make sure you only have one save for each slot. Numbers start with 0, then 1, etc. (You can have no saves for a slot, it'll just show an empty slot in-game and you can make a new one.) Note that you can also copy saves, as well as deposit them on the forums to share with others (and put them anywhere else you want them to be, like Google Drive perhaps). Same with sandbox settings.
  7. if anyone is still wondering. (this account has other helpful art stuff) https://www.instagram.com/p/CRRcGgHlSGH/
  8. okay but........she is cute??
  9. Welcome to the forums! ,(^-^)/
  10. is this still open cause if so more info here: https://toyhou.se/9571094.foggie
  11. yeah you have to be 18+ now, i became a mod before that rule was in place so i get to be a 15 yr old mod 😎 if you were 18+, you can't really sign up, you could politely tell Philo that you'd like to be a mod if she needs another or something. Philo came to me in my case. but it's been like 2 years. honestly, there's not that much need of another mod. things have calmed down and if there's a big fight i sic philo on em. there's just occasional posts to move and new member posts to approve
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