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  1. yoooo I remember that one it's from one of my favorite shows!! Recently I started a new book series of 500 page books, I'm halfway through the second : )
  2. indeed...and a couple times in the game someone accidentally called him Harry Butz 👀👀 half the names are jokes, like the second episode has "April May" and "Redd White of Blue Corp" as well as my pfp, "Detective Gumshoe" (another word for detective)
  3. is it okay if I call you Liz? or would you prefer Lizard, Cheerio, or something else?
  4. @BirbMaster (Liz guessed right!)
  5. Sky

    Sky's Homethread 2.0

    I'm sorry, he did WHAT???
  6. anyone who doesn't know who their SS was and wants to know, just reply here and I'll tell you. You're free to keep guessing or just stay in eternal limbo if you want though
  7. wow that's amazing! very different to anything else I've seen by you I think
  8. Sky

    Sky's Homethread 2.0

    yeah I bought that pack of 5 AA games on my Switch right after Christmas so I'm on episode 3 (including the tutorial kinda one) and so far my favorite character is Gumshoe. and yesterday I needed to change back from christmas mode and had no pfp ideas so i thought oh ace attourney yes.
  9. Can't wait to see it! I signed up for the beta testing this morning and I can't wait to help give feedback!
  10. Sky

    Sky's Homethread 2.0

    "Suetonius also mentions that when Nero's father Domitius was congratulated by his friends for the birth of his son, he replied that any child born to him and Agrippina would have a detestable nature and become a public danger." imagine congratulating someone on their son and they reply "all my children will be terrible people and a danger to society."
  11. first thing I have to say is that I copy+pasted this in a google doc with times new roman size 12 and it made 5 pages. that's a lot. that's as long as the research paper I did on the entirety of Ireland. you just wrote an entire paper second. you need to get Philo (and co.) to read some of this because you made some really good points on how Niche becomes too easy at a point and they could use this as ideas for Niche 2 if it becomes a real thing. third. I'm glad you liked it so much! My thoughts into making the 2.0 were basically "it needs to be harder." Shorter lifespans (the first version's were way too long), a less skilled starter (always has deformed paw + runner's leg or velvet, and no horns), and longer pregnancy + kid days (longer pregnancy = less kids, and more kid days = more time for them to be vulnerable to birds and bearyenas since they can't run). I didn't know it was the perfect balance I like to make a rule that the tribe can't attack bearyenas for whatever reason, which makes it way harder since they have to spend a lot of time running, and since they always show up when there's a new baby, I have to sacrifice the baby or an adult to protect it. I'm more interested in it being really hard than making a story around it though, so it might be too hard for you to make a story with all that death.
  12. top: following your tutorial best I can bottom: drawn without looking at yours or my version (ended up way bigger oops) < 3
  13. yeah it's supposed to make it more difficult >:] I always get bearyenas *right* as a baby is born so the point is that then you'd have to stay behind and fight for the baby's life or just sacrifice it
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