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  1. Sky


    Is someone here Swift-Sun?
  2. Sky


    new side account, it's hard mode https://www.lioden.com/lion.php?mid=198078
  3. was it in a flower forest with a bunch of bees?
  4. Sky

    strong arms

    With 3 strength and 1 collecting EACH, they'd have to be really hard to get. Maybe you'd have to kill an ape to get them?
  5. I LOVE IT! Meringue looks like he's about to start flirting with Magnolia... :0 (also, what's on his hoodie?)
  6. accepted invite, I'll be on in a mo
  7. I haven't played with bees before so I'm excited
  8. finished the test! I'm not sure how long I'll be able to play, but I'm downloading Minecraft now (I have a new laptop) : D
  9. I was thinking. at the beginning of the Bible—I'll make this very simple—Satan takes the form of a snake and does bad stuff so God basically says "you're gonna slither on the ground from now on". which means snakes once got around in a different way. but it doesn't say how. did snakes have wings? legs? HOW MANY? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (p.s. even if you don't think the Bible is true, snakes not slithering is still an interesting concept, don't you think?)
  10. essay 1 of 2 done, once I finish 2 then I might be able to come play for a little while : D
  11. Idiot is probably a reincarnation of Meringue as a minecraft cat
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