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Status Updates posted by Sky

  1. come back friend : (

    1. Modiano Urania

      Modiano Urania

      I second this D :

    2. His Highness Lord Hades

      His Highness Lord Hades

      I third this even though they might not come back😭

  2. i wanted to change my pfp but didn't have anything so enjoy this pixely bluebird from some random Niche screenshot

  3. image.png.a8fbfb25d80f6df25a04e403c7912cbd.png

    1. cookie


      youre a.. Redditor........ 😟 /j

    2. Sky


      i had to ask questions on the succulent and sims 3 reddits

  4. may the Lord have mercy on my soul


    1. Modiano Urania

      Modiano Urania

      At least it's not 80

    2. cookie


      at least its not 150

  5. new profile pic courtesy of pickles the stray cat in my ts4 game

  6. I'm on vacation right now and came here just to update mobile niche... 40 notifs including 10 reports... What happened?!?!

    My phone is very slow and it's hard to view everything on it and I'm on vacation so I'm just gonna hope things sort out in one way or another soon

    1. polly


      10 reports??

      i reported one thing, which was someone swearing but that was dealt with.

      no idea what happened, i think i know who did it but rather not say their name.

    2. watersporter
    3. cookie


      i got 164 notifs 😌

  7. goodbye friend :' (

    1. polly


      wait, what happened to this person? if you don't mind me asking that is.

    2. Sky


      no idea, she just hasn't logged on since last september

  8. another new member?!?!


    1. flower



    2. Aether



    3. cookie



  9. my 'status update' thing is basically my homethread now

    1. Pancake


      Y𝕆ย 𝐣ⓤ𝕤Ť Ğⓞ𝐭 şᑭỖo𝕜𝔢ᗪ


  10. image.png.b35ac53c9a694ef11b2a720b4b607053.png

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sky


      "Oh, my son, [the babies I ordered to be thrown into the river] were only slaves." d e e p

    3. Sky
    4. Sky


      her eyes are so pretty



    1. SharrdWolf



      once me and my friend on a different forum (wings of fire wiki) were typing the lyrics of that song except we interjected each line with “HONOR”

  12. anyone like my new profile pic

    1. berri


      yes. uncle creeps has never looked this good

    2. Spoopy
    3. cookie


      uncle creepo peepo is sLAYIN

  13. image.png.851188657b312d1c1ff4bb8da7b843a1.png

    8 is my favorite/lucky number 😎

  14. Sky

    have you seen your title thing

  15. [giggles maniacally] 

    1. Sky


      you wanted me to curse you..and so I did

  16. Happy birthday!! : D

  17. just feeling kinda sad right now, don't mind me

    1. FawnCat


      You wanna talk about something?

    2. Sky


      Impy's words kinda hurt and tomorrow's gonna be a long day and I'm exhausted and it's nearly 11 pm and I'm still trying to finish my homework and it's still only Wednesday and I finished agents of shield and my drawing tablet is broken and the next school break doesn't come for several months and I'm too introverted to start conversations with anyone or talk much so I don't really have friends just people I know and see every day and I want to be friends with them but can't and it makes me sad when I hear people talk badly about other people I know and deke the duck didn't come by today as far as I know and I might not be able to eat bread anymore because the last two times I ate it I got sick (might just be a coincidence, the first time I got a stomach bug that night, second time was a few days later and I threw up after) and this year Christmas and my birthday went by way too quickly and I learned that literally nobody knows me well enough to get me stuff I want unless it's something straight off my list (lipstick?? face spray?? bracelet?? no thank you, have you not noticed I don't wear jewelry or makeup??) and yeah that's about it thanks

    3. FawnCat


      Sorry, to hear that it's not going so well. If you need help with your homework I'll be happy to help. It sucks that your drawing tablet broke, I can imagine the feeling because I wouldn't know what to do if mine broke.  Making friends isn't easy. I don't like people talking bad about others either, it's not a very nice feeling. That's concerning about the bread if you keep getting sick when eating the bread you need to tell an adult. Oh, well Happy Belated birthday🥳  I'm here if you ever need a friend or just need someone to talk to. 

  18. I had my fun being a fawn, but it's time I return to my regular self. Though I will have a festive pfp :)

  19. I know you've been offline for a while but I noticed your title thing and I love it :)

  20. I found this and thought you'd like it ;)


  21. my member title thing is the definition of a word that i learned from Doctor Who. I've learned several words from Doctor Who-- Petrichor, Pantaphobia, and another word that I'm forgetting right now. so yeah, DW for the win babay

  22. I accidentally double clicked on your name on skribbl.io and it gave me a definition of magnolia... so you're a tree, a flower, or a resident/native of Mississipi xD 


  23. heyyy I made a digital version of Random.org cat, here's the non-shaded versiona nd the badly-shaded-because-I-barely-ever-shade-and-when-I-do-it's-really-basic-and-bad version. the blue and green were colorpicked from the website, that's why they're there

    (P.S., I tried to move the signature so it wouldn't be int he profile pic if you made it your pfp but I couldn't figure out how to move it)



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