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  1. Sky

    Costume Shop!

    Moved to Off Topic Fanart! ❤️
  2. Sky

    Moving your topics here

    sorry didn't see this till now. will do sure!
  3. i don't remember any of them but apprently I commented on BIL and liked it so i vote that
  4. a month or two ago I wrote almost a whole part but for some reason I didn't finish it and haven't found the time/energy/spirit to continue. I hope to continue soon but first I want to do DuskClan 4 for a while and warm up my Niche writing skills : )
  5. it's freakin HARD. everyone will DIE and you WILL regret it
  6. this is currently my favorite dragon, Peabody. i bought him at the auction house for fodder price (click pic for his link)
  7. I'm still playing! heyyy I have a dragon named Circe too! (her mom is named Penelope and she has a sister named Calypso ) https://www1.flightrising.com/dragon/70685158 (link to Circe but also serves as a link to my account because I want to friend you)
  8. Sky

    Amethyst Queendom

    there was also a short-lived Glowstone Queendom that's a continuation of this. Chenthya is like...a spirtual successor
  9. Sky


    Yeah I gotta think about who he's gonna want to kill. Though their life wish doesn't necessarily mean that they'll actually do it - like Cherrydust wanted to destroy bushes but she just didn't because she had more important things to do. Applepaw might want to murder someone important (perhaps with the intention of being known as the cat murdered a very important cat so then he'll go down in history?) but then all the important cats are his family so he doesn't do it. Also, their life wish isn't necessarily something they want to do from birth - just a sort of end goal. Maybe later on something happens and, for example, he comes to hate his brother and murders him. Perfection 👌 Cherrydust wanted to destroy bushes bush she had 0 strength so I was just like "yeah...you're not doing that". she had more important things to do, like collecting food and trying to find wanderers
  10. Sky


    Leader Duskstar - large orange tom with red stripes Deputy Cherrydust - brown and gray she-cat with smooth fur Apprentice - Applepaw Apprentices Applepaw - large red and beige tom with long fangs Kits Butterflykit - large dark red and beige tom with long fangs (son of Cherrydust and Duskstar) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "please please please please PLEAAASE?!?! can we PLEASE have just one more kit??" - Duskstar, abridged "FINE BUT YOU HAVE TO CLEAN UP AFTER THEM" - Cherrydust, abridged Cherrydust becomes pregnant for the final time. Duskstar leads his oldest son to the berry bush, since his mom/mentor is busy having babies. Cherrydust gives birth to Sunnykit, a she-kit. Butterflykit becomes an apprentice, and is assigned to Duskstar himself. This nicheling is skeptical. They love socialization. Their life wish is to dig up roots. However, Duskstar realizes he and his friend-with-benefits (benefits = children) do not have much time left in this world. He teaches his sons all he knows about being a leader and raising children (they'll have to raise Sunnykit themselves). He tells them that they've got to find mates or the Clan will fail. He expects Applepaw to become the leader, since he's older, and Butterflypaw to be the deputy. Applepaw, feeling confined by all of these rules and expectations, asks his father if it'd be okay if Butterflypaw could be the leader instead. Duskstar agrees, saying they can do whatever they want, as long as they keep the Clan alive. (Butterflypaw was his favorite anyways, so score! Butterflypaw also agreed to this arrangement.) Cherrydust, tired and old, informs her Clan that her time is up and she's gonna go and die alone thank you very much. Her children and friend-with-benefits, though they were not her family relationship wise, are sad to see her go. However, as they watch her, a tom pops out of the Unknown! This nicheling is pessimistic. Their life wish is to becomes mates with an important nicheling. Cherrydust does not see the male before she disappears, so Applepaw runs up to him. "Hi! What's your name?!" "...Birdwatcher." "Would you like to join our Clan? It's AWESOME! My dad's our leader but he's gonna die soon....but my brother's gonna be leader so that's still awesome!!" "Er...do I have to?" Applepaw gives him the kit eyes. "Fine, if you insist, young cat."
  11. Sky

    Moving your topics here

    @Takoyama am i allowed to move it
  12. i like getting mentions. it makes me feel important lol
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