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  1. I'd like to note that if you go to the very bottom of the page below the Facebook, Twitter and YT symbols there's a button that says "Theme" and if you click on it it gives a drop down menu and you can use the Wandering Village theme for the whole site
  2. huh, I got a notification for this! cool P.S. I plan on making a AHVHC 2 soon
  3. Sky


    I wanna play minecraft with you guys again but I haven't played for a long time so everyone's advanced past me + I don't like my home anymore + I'm not sure if anyone's playing anymore
  4. Name Butter Gender Female District 8 Appearance Other info Spontaneous; optimistic; energetic; naive
  5. The devs have sadly said that multiplayer would be very hard and very, very unlikely to ever happen.
  6. Sky


    I turned in a essay t my teacher this morning and she said I'm a really good writer (even asked if I've considered going to a writing college) and I'm just like "but why?? what do you see that makes me a good writer?? I see nothing"
  7. I feel bad for poor Daniel. he just wanted to advertise his company, and now he has a cult
  8. I sorta like Umbrella Academy (its a mixed bag of stuff I love and stuff I hate). Season 2 was kinda fun since it's set in my city they couldn't even get streets right. they'd say a place was at the intersection of two streets and those streets exist but dont actually cross. could they not just do a tiny bit of research?? My favorite shows are Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Psych and Lost. shows I'm currently watching are (there's a lot bc I'll just stop watching one for a while) 24 (boring but I have to watch it with my family), the Gifted, Manifest, Timeless
  9. there's been a couple other ads but I just rejected them before they were actually posted yeah sorry, I marked our Lord and Savior Daniel as a spammer and it automatically removed everything soon I'll try and contribute to the Niche section more
  10. Sky

    Taking requests!

    I LOVE HIMMMMMM ❤️❤️❤️
  11. Sky

    Taking requests!

    Of course!! He's looking awesomely adorable already!! ❤️
  12. I just drew their first kid (I already passed the day and set up their characteristics in my google doc) and they're ADORABLE AHH
  13. that was nearly two months. wow
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