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  1. Sky


    I'm watching this show that takes place in my city and there's a little girl with my first and middle name
  2. gimme your nichelings to draw. no promises that I'll actually get around to it. most likely traditional w/o color, but it's possible that I'll try doing digital, who knows. it would be nice if they didn't have spots or complicated mask patterns but those are still okay. bearyena head would be fun to draw. please give some personality if possible
  3. Foggie, best boy (except for Meringue of course). He's a little shy but once you get to know him he's very outgoing and talks way too much. he loves to splash in shallow water. (p.s. your art is a m a z i n g)
  4. Sky

    absolute nonsense

    hi this is mcdonalds how can I help you (I'm already laughing lol)
  5. just. nonsense conversations. you can start a new conversation or join a current one, or completely derail the current one an example: person 1: I adopted a ketchup yesterday person 2: what breed was it person 2: bread person 3: maybe it can be friends with my mustard. it's a rescue too etc etc
  6. Sky


    apparently, I have no heart.
  7. Welcome to the forums! ,(^-^)/
  8. nah, we have enough mods, I am fully sufficient and can hold the entirety of these forums on my shoulders (Disclaimer: We do not, in fact, have enough mods. I'm the only one who's active, even Wiki doesn't post anymore. Though to be fair, there's not that many things that need modding. Just approve new user posts, move posts to their correct topics, and very occasionally shut down a fight.)
  9. Don't make mutated or special based lionesses (or any lion with genes that are considered rare/expensive) travelling lionesses. It makes them much more likely to be kept by someone.
  10. Sky


    Polaris: I think it's the aurora borealis. They say it's the most beautiful thing on earth Eclipse: *looks at her* Not even close. me: ASDFGHJKL THEY SO CUTE. IT'S ONLY EPISODE 3 AND I'M FULLY ON BOARD WITH THIS SHIP
  11. I remember watching those movies many years ago. I loved them. also, anyone remember this fairy from the Legend of the Neverbeast? she's voiced by Chloe Bennet, one of the main characters of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (R.I.P.). You've been beside me the whole darn time, AoS... (also, Tinkerbell is Katara, and the Narrator is Azula!)
  12. Sky


    I WAS ON IT I WAS ON IT I WAS ON IT I cried so much when the show ended. my brain doesn't know how to function any more. Quake or Mack better get into WandaVision or the movies. It's be hilarious to have Capt America and Sousa meet, they both dated Peggy Carter... queue my tears again
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