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  1. I'll get started soon I'm about to go to bed and tomorrow will be busy (and monday i have homework) so I might not actually be able to get around to it. If y'all want to go ahead and take a turn you can
  2. Sky

    Amethyst Queendom

    no please do lol. I appreciate being able to see that you're reading it!!
  3. Sky

    Amethyst Queendom

    @Chiyanna this is what you have done to me /lh
  4. may the Lord have mercy on my soul


  5. Sky


    The Clan splits up to search for new members for their Clan. They agree to meet up in a few days and bump the population themselves if they have to. (Cherrydust isn't so excited, but Duskstar compromises and says he'll take care of the kits and all she has to do is birth them. From then one they're simply her Clanmates.) The two reach the other end of the small island with no luck. Cherrydust is soon on a nest, expecting their first child. A beautiful boy named Applekit is born. Duskstar is delighted. This nicheling is freewheeling. They are a bit stupid. Their life wish is to kill an important nicheling. In a couple days, a very similar-looking kit named Butterflykit is born. Duskstar seems to like him even more. Applepaw becomes an apprentice and is assigned to Cherrydust. This nicheling is popular. They don't like too much socialization. Their life wish is to have multiple mates.
  6. at some point could I try a turn? I don't know if I'll want to keep doing it but I'd like to try sometime this weekend
  7. terrible would not recommend please leave so i can moderate in peace /j
  8. Sky


    (btw I'll start doing allegiances once there's more cats) Duskstar asks this strange cat if she'd like to join his Clan. Cherrydust accepts happily, automatically becoming his Deputy, and the two get to work on collecting food for their journey to the next island. Duskstar kills two rabbils. He is very proud and wants to do it more. He nervously asks Cherrydust what he thinks of this and she ends up excited too. More food! Yay! The small Clan makes their way to the new island. The pair starts to explore, hoping that new clanmates await them.
  9. Sky


    Yeah, I'm gonna hope that a female wanderer shows up before they're too old but if it takes too long they'll make an agreement that she'll have like 2 kits with him to keep the Clan alive
  10. Sky


    (surprise, extra update!) Duskkit spends a few days on his little island, collecting food and growing up. As a young adult he crosses to the next island, and meets a strange but beautiful cat named Cherrydust. This nicheling is exciting. They don't like kits. Their life wish is to destroy bushes. ok actually gtg now see y'all tomorrow
  11. ok so waaaaay back like almost 3 years ago I made a wc challengeplaythrough thing. and then i abandoned it. and then i guess I made a 2nd version but I can't find it. then there was DuskClan 3 and I abandoned that one too. but then yesterday @Chiyannarevived the thread and made me want to make a DuskClan 3 so HERE WE GOT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ...also I have to go like now so just a quick intro and then it'll be continued tomorrow A small kit arrives on an island. He does not know where his parents are, but he's always been a nice independent young man so he decides he's gonna go make his own Clan and be the greatest leader ever. He's sorta self conscious though so hopefully his subjects Clanmates like him. This nicheling is self-conscious. Their life wish is to become a hunter. ...and that's literally it for now cause i gtg. i'll finish tomorrow!
  12. I made a generator that generates a personality trait and a life wish (something they want to accomplish in their life) + sometimes an extra quirk for warrior cat challenges @Chiyanna revived my DuskClan 3 playthrough and I wanted to make a new playthrough so I needed a new generator and they suggested a new thread for it so here https://perchance.org/wc-niche
  13. I already had a similar generator for my personal story mode game (500+ days so far!) so I just duplicated it and made some edits and additions (also I've been working on it since I said I'd just reincarnate Duskstar again which was 40 minutes ago sooo) I'll make a thread now!
  14. Here's my new generator, feel free to make suggestions (and use it of course): https://perchance.org/wc-niche I use Perchance to make my generators. The main page has a tutorial that I learned almost everything through. It's very simple and the basics should be easy (though some things can get more complicated). If you need help just ask, I can probably help! P.S. The generator uses a large list of adjectives from a site I found. i don't now what most of them mean and you probably don't either, lol. I just look stuff up.
  15. I didn't post any pictures of the newest nichelings so unfortunately I wouldn't be able to remake them anyways. Right now I'm working on a new generator for the personalities/life wishes since my old one is gone (P.S., if you get bored again you should read my old Amethyst Queendom playthrough. Its really long and I loved playing it but unfortunately not many really read it so I lost interest. The Chenthya Queendom was supposed be a sort of reboot with the same Queendom idea but it's died out for now, hopefully I'll work on it again soon)
  16. Just restart with Duskstar again. I'm not reading through this entire playthrough to know all the characters lol
  17. this is almost 3 years old, how did you even find this now I want to do DuskClan 4 lol
  18. Sky

    Achievement Issues

    yeah its in the cheat console, its like reset_achievments or something
  19. i spent 2 hours trying to get enough territory to have pups. you just run. pee a couple times. run some more. pee a bit. run some more. with an occasional encounter with stranger wolves that just makes your life harder. at least in niche you just click a few times and the day's over
  20. F I wanna play WQAE but I get bored : ( especially with the territory bits. I HATE claiming and maintaining territory. Once I get my pups I just maintain a couple hexes and leave the rest to die
  21. Moving to Discussion and Feedback
  22. Welcome to the forums! ,(^-^)/
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