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  1. All the ones from me are from the tv show Agents of Shield! ^^
  2. welcome to the team! ,(^-^)/
  3. maybe wait a day or two for others to guess some maybe you can get it down with the process of elimination haha
  4. this is totally not super late nooo not at all :))) Above each art piece is the recipient. Feel free to make your guesses (whether you're guessing your own SS or someone else's)! Feel free to deny and confirm any guesses from anyone at any time! Just please don't guess the artist if you're not the recipient and you think it's super obvious or confirm/deny guesses for art that you aren't the Secret Santa for ^^ And of course, please do not announce you were so-and-so's SS before someone can accurately guess unless it's been a while! One last thing - please do not comment on the ability of an artist in a negative way. Everyone has their own artistic ability, and they tried their best for you. If you can't encourage or compliment them, just don't say anything. the sign ups can be found here @lizardcake (alternate version w/o bubbles) @Lilytuft @pepper_ @CATFISHPARTY @polly @YourLocalStranger @Modiano Ourania @Tilly @A Nicheling @Tundra Fawn @BirbMaster2 and that's it!! only 11 participants this year, sadly - 5 less than the last 2. please contact me through PM if you have any problems - didn't receive art, wrong person was tagged, it's been a while since this was posted and you still don't know who your SS was, etc.
  5. welcome! ,(^-^)/ always nice to see new Niche players!
  6. Topic is now locked! Assignments will be given out in the next day or two ^^ Thank you to all 12 participants for signing up!
  7. since I'm late sending out assignments, this is open for last minute sign ups until sometime tomorrow (whenever I remember to do this). so be quick!! (@GAMINGSPOOKIE)
  8. You have to be both, because you can't just receive and not give or vice versa
  9. make sure your art doesn't melt like Jey's snow-dad! Comment below if you'd like to a be a Secret Santa and recipient. With this comment, include a picture of the nicheling you'd like drawn, as well as any info you can give about them (genes, personality, hobbies, differences from photo, even a toyhouse link!). If you are giving a picture not from the game, please include their official niche genes. Signups end the 1st of December! (As in, the 30th is the last day!) This will give everyone almost a month to complete their art and send it in. I will use a random generator to pair participants. (I will not be a participant, though of course welcome to draw my nichelings for fun - in time I will make a post of my new favorite nichelings for you to pick from if wished ^^) I will pm everyone with their recipient's name, nicheling and info. Everyone makes their art. It can be traditional, digital, pixel, a sculpture, whatever you want; animation, gif, plain, anything! Please try your best with this. The quality of your art style is not to be judged, but please make it just as good or even better than your usual art! Do not sign your art or post it on any platform, including the forums. Everyone PMs their art to me as soon as they are finished. Art is due by the 25th!! If you do not send in your art in time, I will request art from an Emergency Santa to fill the place. You may only post your art AFTER the rest of the art is released on On or slightly after January 1st, I will post the finished art with the recipient's name (I will not reveal the Santas myself). Everyone may make their guess on who was their Secret Santa. Secret Santas may confirm or deny these guesses. Please wait for your recipient to guess you and then confirm the guess rather than announce that you were so-and-so's santa. If it's been a while and you're not sure who your SS and you made a guess without confirmation, PM me and I'll confirm it for you. If your recipient has made a correct guess and you confirmed, you may post your art to other places (DeviantArt, Fanart section, etc). You may also sign the art. (If you'd like your signed art used instead of the unsigned version if posted elsewhere by other people, just say so.) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ❤️ IMPORTANT Like the last few years, we will have Emergency Santas (ESs). ESs will make art for anyone whose Secret Santa did not finish or submit their art by the 25th. ESs need to be able to quickly make art. This Emergency Art (EA) does not need to be of the same quality of the official art; EA is just so everyone can receive something at the same time. ESs can also be a regular Santa at the same time but are not required to be. Just ask if you'd like to be an Emergency Santa. They're documented below for my own convenience ^^ Emergency Santas: @Sky TIPS -Try out a new style or a style you haven't revealed before. It will be harder to guess the Secret Santas. -Don't start a big project if you're not 100% you can finish it. Go with something simple to give yourself time to finish and not be rushed. -You can ask me for a critique if you'd like This would be especially helpful if you're trying a brand new style and you're not sure if it's good, or if you just want to get your art right. OTHER -This is the 5th annual Secret Niche Art Santa, hosted by yours truly!!! -Check out previous Signups here: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 -Check out previous Art here: 2019, 2020, 2021 REMEMBER THIS - Sign up below by December 1st. -Send in your nicheling submissions by December 25th. -Start your art as soon as possible once I PM the info. -Send in our art no later than December 25th. -If you do not submit your art by then, a volunteer will make art in it's place. Save your late art for Jan 1st or later. -On or near Jan 1st, the art will be released. Make your guesses and make sure to confirm or deny if they're directed to you! -MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL, and enjoy the 5th anniversary of our Secret Niche Art Santa!! 💖
  10. welcome back! I've been moderately inactive here, just reading some posts and making my own here and there, I've mostly moved my social life to discord the niche forums are 95% dead and most of our members are newbies who came here because they googled "wings of fire bases" and someone's post here came up in the results
  11. Browser version is unofficial and extremely buggy, unfortunately 😔
  12. Part One Your eyes open upon rough rock, and you struggle to get up. Where are you? What happened? Who are you? Once you gain your footing, you have a glance at your surroundings. You are in the middle of a rock road lined with cracked stone houses close together. The street is deserted, but something catches your eye: a young girl wrapped in a worn quilt peeks out at you from around the corner. Noticing your gaze, she is startled away. Love: Follow the girl. Maybe she knows who you are or why you are here. Eek: Look around and investigate your surroundings. Maybe something will jog your memory. Sad: Check yourself out. You haven't even noticed if your skin is light or dark yet for heaven's sakes! Thanks: TYO.
  13. so I kept thinking about this sim I made almost 3 years ago: and I really wanted to do another. this time, everyone can play, not just one person! Each story bit will have options that can be voted on by way of reaction. There will usually be a TYO (Type Your Own) option. If this option wins, the top TYO suggestion will win. If you vote TYO, you must either make your own suggestion (make sure you note "TYO Suggestion" in your comment) or vote on an existing suggestion by reacting with "Thanks" . In the case of ties for any option, I will either choose my favorite or use a random generator. If it's been a while and there aren't any replies, I'll either bump and wait or choose it myself. The story will be pretty unplanned, I'll just keep some notes/idea and mostly come up with stuff as I go. It will be a really fun worldbuilding exercise! Feel free to use this world and characters as you wish - your own stories (with credit), fanart, etc.
  14. Those are some really great suggestions - you've got my vote on every one of those! Especially the one where you might need to hurt Onbu to heal him. Perhaps there would be a chance he could heal without your help, but helping would give better chances, so you would need to make a decision on help and hurt vs. ignore and risk death. It annoys me a lot that the farms can never seem full - are they supposed to be able to be full, or is the range big so we can choose out to organize the tiles? As for the end game, there is a story thing you can reach at 100 days right now, but it doesn't really give you any new goals, and you can play for as long as you'd like afterwards. I would prefer something similar to Niche, where there is a particular location you are trying to reach, but you can take as long as you need to get there and spend as much time traveling afterward as you want.
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