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  1. the sandbox settings are available for download here, with pictures of them if you'd like to put them in yourself part of the main challenge is that you start with one female with limited genetics. otherwise you're just playing with extreme damage modifiers 😅 there's also a harder version here if you're into that
  2. to be fair i started on peaceful meadow and allowed wanderers. lost a few nichelings to starvation and a number to sickness as well (both double-immunitied and the nichelings i accidentally set beside sickly ones, oof)
  3. Sky

    Random crash

    All I did was try making a new save with custom sandbox settings. After I pressed the start button it crashed and gave these files. error.logcrash.dmp
  4. to y'all Americans - happy July 4th!! right now I'm on my way to a big neighborhood parade (not our neighborhood lol) and tonight I may go to see fireworks. anyone else have fun plans? (let's see if i can say happy July fourth without unintentionally starting a fight for like the third or fourth year in a row 😅)
  5. ...I'm still very much cis and very much straight lol. Is it rude to say that I'm proud of that? but yeah I've crushed on 90% of the guys I've ever met that are my age jhgajldjkl. I even have a list on imdb of hot men actors
  6. I thought of that when you named Raina but didn't catch on 😆 there better be a pair of soulmates named Jemma/Simmons and Leo/Fitz! Side note - I'm watching Twin Peaks right now and a season in I'm still finding it hard to believe that Kyle McLachlan ("Cal") is the main character!
  7. Part Nineteen, Day Forty-Two — Chèèpi I lay beside Mommy’s nest. She was asleep for what I knew was the last time. Her last son, Anray, laid at her belly, too young to understand that his mother wouldn’t stay for long. Fray snoozed beside me, while Minduk lay a tail-length away with his back turned to us. The twins were snuggled up beside Mommy in the nest; though they were a bit older than Anray, they were too young to wander far. Louis had already began to speak a bit, loudly exclaiming in baby-garble, but Jelno hadn’t made a sound yet. Pnuma was somewhere in the Unknown, still hoping he could find a female for the Queendom. I looked to the stars. Daddy was somewhere up there, and Mommy would join him that night. But then there’d be no Queen — no heiress. As the oldest, I would have to take the Leaves of Home and lead the Queendom to find a new Queen. The thought terrified me; I couldn’t be trusted! I’m too young and clumsy! But I was the only choice. Sure, Pnuma was older, but he wasn’t a big fan of social interaction. I booped Mommy — Queen Mii — on the nose for the last time. I love you. — — — When I woke the next morning, I was down, but I knew I could push through the day. I’d already grieved for Mommy last night. It was time to take the Leaves of Home, until there was a female to give them to. I looked to Mommy’s nest, expecting to see them there, but the nest was empty except for the sleeping Anray and Mommy’s frail bones. Frantically, I searched the nest, hoping it perhaps fell and got stuck in the sticks when Mommy’s bones disintegrated. “Looking for this?” I spun around to face Minduk taunting me. Despite being younger than me, he rivaled me in size and strength. Around his neck, he wore the Leaves of Home. I stood my ground. “Those aren’t yours, Minduk. Our parents entrusted me with them, until we can find a new Queen.” “Who needs a Queen when we can have a King?” Minduk winked at me. “You won’t have to do anything, Chèèpi. I’ll be King, and when we find females, we’ll put them to work.” I gasped. For a teenager, Minduk had always been a bit sly and distant, but he was smart too. “You can’t do that. There can never be Kings here, only Queens. Females have power over us, but they protect us, too.” “We don’t need protection! We can protect ourselves.” Minduk looked at me and huffed, using his paw to play with the ring of leaves. “This isn’t going anywhere. There’s only once outcome: I’m King.” “I’ll fight you, then.” “You?” He laughed. “Fight me? You might be my older brother, but I’m the strongest of us.” I glanced at our other brothers. Fray, who was splashing in the water nearby despite being an adult now, might join me, but the others were too young - I wouldn’t let them fight. Pnuma was out still searching for a mate, too far to help. Just then an idea sparked in my head. “Fine, then. But let me go." Minduk laughed. “Yeah, whatever.” I went to the water and explained what happened to Fray. Being so agreeable, he easily accepted my plea that he join me. Soon, we were in the Unknown, finding Pnuma and informing him as well. The plan was this: we three would wander the Unknown, in search of a female. Without one, there was no Queendom to defend. Only then would we return to Minduk and take the Leaves of Home for our new Queen. We would restore the Queendom, together.
  8. Sky

    Loophole Genie

    All of your mistakes, embarrassments and all, are remembered forever, and you're laughed at by all for eternity.
  9. Sky

    Loophole Genie

    if y'all want we can revive this but please resubmit your genie wishes
  10. Part Eighteen, Day Forty-One — Pnuma “Enkra, I don’t know what to do.” Mii’s voice was soft, but it still reached my ears. I didn’t mean to snoop at first, but here I was, hiding in the fringes of the Unknown, right around the corner from the Queen and her Adam. (Mii decided that would be the title of the mate of the Queen, after her dad. I don’t think there needs to be any other title than “Queen’s mate,” like we’d always used, but that wasn’t my decision to make.) “I-I-I don’t know either.” Enkra’s muzzle was gray; it seemed hard for him to stay on his feet. Mii was only a berry better; despite her pregnancy (likely her last), she was thin. They had reached their final days, and still no heiress. Three sons — five, that is, with the new twins Jelno and Louie — but no daughters. Mii sighed sadly. “Chèèpi is good and responsible. The Leaves of Home are in good paws—as long as he doesn’t slip and drop them into the ocean.” She let out a short but sad laugh. “He’ll take care of them until he finds a good Queen. He told me that he hopes he will be her mate, so that he may keep a close relationship with her and provide her with guidance. Or, if our last child is a miracle daughter, he will take care of her for all his days.” Enkra laughed. “Look at you, using such wise words! Never thought I’d see the day. Glad I did. I miss the days when we’d just come to this island. We were free of Rahzere, free from worries of no heiress. We let our tongues run wild—you with your optimism, me with my anxiety.” The two nichelings sat together for a moment, watching the sun slide behind the ocean waves. Mii gave her mate a final nuzzle and headed to her nest. I saw their children come to greet her. Chèèpi, kind and sweet, helped her into her nest. Minduk, large for a child, sat alone and didn’t acknowledge his mother. As much as I love kids, that one gave me the creeps. Jelno and Louis slept in their nest; Loui used his quiet brother as a pillow to snore away into the night. I noticed that Enkra was limping along to the stream edge where Onoko’s bones still lay, and came closer, intending to accompany my uncle on his last night. Before I could do so, Fray sped past me to join his dad. He almost rammed into Enkra, stopping a whisker away from sending his father into the stream. “DADDY! Daddy! I was looking for you!” He panted excitedly. “I found a shell for you!” He produced what was indeed a small gray shell that he had somehow stashed inside his ear. Enkra smiled down at him. “Thank you, Fray. I’ll make good use of it.” I turned away then. We all knew it was Uncle Enkra’s last day, except for the little ones. They’re too innocent to know. I couldn’t bear to watch any longer. I turned away, back to the Unknown, where I was alone and I could disappear. I had to find a mate - for myself or for my cousins. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *dr frankenstein voice* IT'S ALLLIIIIIVVVEE! yes it took me a year and a half but I'm continuing this and I hope y'all read it ❤️ its a sad note to start on but uh
  11. if you're still low on food and you don't really need a mate for Dandelion (or any immunity genes from either), then no. otherwise, yes!
  12. december 29th 2017 baby ✌️ two days after my 12th birthday lol. day after I started playing Niche. posted a suggestion and a bug and didn't return for some months
  13. ew. but like I said...just keep drawing and you'll get there~
  14. unfortunately I can't back fingers crossed I win one of the giveaways, i entered on instagram and twitter! also PLEASE tell me you're going to make those adam emojis into real forum emojis like the onbu ones are
  15. Lionel and Eden look awesome!! can't wait to see them grow
  16. ^^ thank you! a couple weeks ago I discovered the magic of not having the pressure option on and now all my lines are the same size which actualy changed my style a tad!
  17. hey so I remembered these exist and my style has changed a lot so boom. an Adam the Second for your viewing pleasure version 1 is with my own colors, version 2 is colorpicked from your picture
  18. for future iterations I believe the question should be "whose art do you like the best" rather than which is better because there can quickly become an easy winner or loser. if someone has really bad art then they wont win as "the best art" but maybe they had a really good idea and they could actually win because people liked it most
  19. Sky


    Family Tree || Rules Leader Cactusstar - red tom with green eyes and a pointy tail (son of Fiercestar and Haredew) Deputy Swiftclaw - orange and grey molly with green eyes (daughter of Windywave and Berrytail) Medicine Cat Berryspots - yellow with black spots and brown eyes (daughter of Windywave and Berrytail) Kits Grasskit - Mossy-yellow molly with green eyes (daughter of Cactusstar and Swiftclaw) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Berryspots reaches her healing plants and heals herself with them. Swiftclaw gives birth to a second daughter, Rootkit. Grasskit is made an apprentice to Cactusstar. This nicheling is conventional. They love to help others. Their life wish is to become a parent. Swiftclaw dies of her old wounds : ( Cactusstar and Grasspaw find a rogue female and invite her in, giving her the name Elkfur. Unfortunately, very soon becomes pregnant with the child of a rogue male. Due to the lack of adults, however, she is made deputy. This nicheling is fanatical. Their life wish is to fall in love. Only a day later, another rogue is found: Hazecreek. This nicheling is pure. Their life wish is to have lots of children. Rootpaw is apprenticed to Hazecreek. Elkfur has a daughter, Songkit. This nicheling is dry. They love kits. Their life wish is to become a parent.
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