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  1. Sky

    Foggie ref

    gosh this is OLD
  2. Sky


    glad to see this place still lives on. I wasn't even 14 yet when I made this topic. I definitely didn't expect it to have 570 pages 2 1/2 years later
  3. Welcome to the forums! ,(^-^)/ I love your username!!
  4. unless anyone wants my Venmo to make a donation (πŸ˜‚) sadly I probably won't be buying anything as it costs too much for a high school student without a job like me. I really hope it gets funded though!!
  5. to be clear - this is not the updated version, this is the original AHVHC. here's the updated version:
  6. Hello, you may want to review rule #5: Please refrain from doing this again. I edited your comment, but feel free to edit it to something else (like "fudge" or "frick", perhaps?). Love, your awesome moderator Sky
  7. I think the save got deleted at some point on my side so um. pretend I was never here and I never did this and go back to Safira's save
  8. welcome to the forums! ,(^-^)/ Your post had to be reviewed before posting since it was your first one, but now others should be able to see it! ^^
  9. come back friend : (

    1. Modiano


      I second this D :

    2. His Highness Lord Hades

      His Highness Lord Hades

      I third this even though they might not come back😭

  10. Ooh, lucky! I always end up either finding a really young male or nothing at all and end up with rogue male babies πŸ˜…
  11. welcome to the forums! ,(^-^)/ I moved your topic to the place for introductions ^^
  12. here it is! ^^ it isn't too terribly different, but the starter has some more restricted genetics (so you can't get lucky and get off easy with horns for example) and the age stages are shorter, among other things. here's some optional rules that I like to play with: 1) never start on an easy island (you don't have to start on Grass Mingle if you don't want to, just not an Easy island) and 2) you can't attack predators (definitely makes it a challenge!). and of course, 3) no mutation menu! have fun ^^ AHVHC 2.0.sandbox
  13. it's fun to see how this challenge has stuck around for so long! I have a AHVH 2.0 (harder than ever!) edition that I never posted if you (or anyone else) is interested! it's of course still survivable but it's hard even for me πŸ˜„
  14. what do you mean it hasn't been followed? I've warned people (not the official one, just in a message) when they curse since I became a mod. I haven't seen it happen that often. Does nobody read or respect the rules anymore?
  15. Webba, she/her, straight - quiet, shy, and happy to eat her ants alone. current heiress to the Adamads but would give her role to her younger sister if their mom would let her (you can draw her with 2 green gems and a white in the middle or 3 white gems - or no gems if that's your style idk)
  16. Sky

    A word chain

    sister (cis --> sis)
  17. Sky


    the world would end
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