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  1. 4/10 I named one of my adopts that once but anyways it's practical but a bit boring Woodlily
  2. (posted wrong place lol)
  3. h̶̯͓͗͝͠͝ē̴̢͈͕̜̗̯̲̞̤̮̳͎͕͋̈́ͅļ̸̘̠̹͎̬̩̠̱̩͙̪̻͗̈́́̂̾͆͋͝͝͝ͅl̵̡̧̢̪̲͍̘̲̭̮̼̠̣̘͇̫̔͐̀̑̅͊̂͛̿͋́͝o̸̡̻̰̬͇͍̮͎̘̜͗͛̅̀̋̈́͂͑̿̿̕͜͝͝ ̴̢̧̡̗̫̥̞̽̈̇f̵̛̺͓̺̖͖̖̈́̊̅͆̆̋̕r̷̨̙̜̮͔̻̺͌̈́̏̾́̒̊͑̕͠ͅį̸̧͍̙͔͖̮̝̖̮̺̯̻̈e̸̟̺̋͐̌̎̐̆̚̚ņ̸̨̭̝̻̠̦͇̳̖͓̜̞̺͋̆̉́͑͐̌͋̾̾̑̕̕̚̕͘͜ͅd̵̥͎͇̳́̋̽̿̍̐́̈́̓̑̓́̈̑͘s̶̱̱̦̳̯͇̞̒̍͑͆̔͌́͘͜
  4. not everyone looks at every one of the posts made on the forums...if you don't want to be pinged then ignore it or put it in the description thing below your pfp
  5. looking up "skysplash8" just comes up with every online account I've ever made with the name + tons of Niche screenshots that were posted here lol
  6. i got this game on my 12th birthday....im now 16 and I STILL haven't gotten to home island,,,
  7. your username and pfp inspired me : )
  8. Maybe you could try moving it one tile over?
  9. Try canceling it, making sure any trees there are harvested, then build it again. Sometimes they won't harvest the trees for some reason (no matter the tres' priority) so the building isn't built.
  10. you can just take me out I'm not gonna end up doing anything I don't think. just got too much other stuff going on and I'm not into Niche too much at the moment
  11. i wanted to change my pfp but didn't have anything so enjoy this pixely bluebird from some random Niche screenshot

  12. mmmm lemme just go make a lil sketch real quick uhhh--
  13. i froze your trees to death, sorry http://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/arctic_snow.jpg
  14. oh yes PLEASE, both of these!! I love the idea of relocating them. Especially as a research option! My villagers seem to have a lot of apples with them because they keep the doctor away pretty well LOL agreed!
  15. Filled out the survey Apparently I've played for 2 hours already, wow!
  16. A few more things: Tree, bush and stone regrowth seems too slow. In my first play, I never actually interacted with Onbu. There was such a concern for food, healing, etc that I didn't find the resources to deal with Onbu at all. As I play a second round, I wonder if all my troubles before were because I didn't have enough food. If you have enough food, do more villagers appear? It seems like they might. If so, then it was definitely a food problem. In the beginning I didn't understand not to destroy all the bushes and to make berry harvesters instead. Therefore, I ended up with only two berry bush clumps and ended up with no food. Oops.
  17. When the cutscene plays as you start a new game, I think there should be a moment or two of a black screen that fades into the scene. It felt like I was jumping in too fast. After the cutscene, the screen was left dark and I spent 30 seconds wondering what was taking so long. Finally I moved my mouse and saw the "press ESC to skip" message again, so I did that. After a few moments I was brought back to the main menu, where I could move my mouse but not click buttons. I ended up having to press the windows button to manually close the game from the taskbar. For a moment a small Unity window with the WV icon popped up but it vanished quickly - I think it was some sort of crash handler. Second try. I press ESC as soon as the cutscene starts. The loading screen comes up, I spend maybe 30 seconds watching it load. My laptop's fan comes on, my mouse is lagging. Finally the game closes itself out. Third try worked all the way through, yay! I'd prefer if the tutorial could be played through instead of given all at once. It's a bit like reading the instructions for a lego set all at once and not being able to look at it as you put together the pieces. While reading the tutorial, time was passing. I could see the (blurred) clock change and the trees grow up in the background. I also think the "close" button would look better on the bottom right or as an X on the top right : ) Overall I have a general sense of 'what am I supposed to do?" once I started playing. AM I supposed to destroy all the trees and bushes for resources? Will they grow back? What buildings do I put down? Do my villagers even need a water tower? They seem fine so far! The Worker Post has no color. Perhaps that's something just in development, idk. All my workers just LOVE to harvest bushes, rocks, and trees then leave the resulting supplies lying around for a few days. Once they harvest something I just want them to pick it up! Now, after playing for a while, I have one gigantic qualm: I never had enough villagers. I only ever got to 25. There were so many buildings that had a single worker or none at all because there was always something more important. Once a pollen storm came, I knew it was over. There wasn't enough villagers to be doctors or decontaminators, so everyone is dying. RIP. As I write this I have 12 villagers left. There's no food. Everyone is either a decontaminator, a doctor, or working at the living berry farm. This is depressing. Are villagers not able to have babies??? Even without actual "babies", there could be some form of pop-up like "A new villager was born!" if you have open hut space, and you could go to the hut and see how much longer till they're 100% grown at which time they will be a full adult villager. (They would, however, consume food while babies.) This wouldn't require any baby sprites, you just click on the hut for their info. Now I've finished the demo, just barely. 9 villagers (some of which were sick), no food, and a dying Onbu. There was never enough villagers to do anything, and it was finishing me off. No villagers = no gatherers, no decontaminators, no doctors. I did like the game, but there wasn't much I could do once the pollen storm came. It became a rush to decontaminate, but it didn't take long for everything to be dead (including most of my villagers), so then it was a scramble to rearrange jobs to try and do anything whatsoever. I'm gonna go try this again now....
  18. back in my day I was a mod at like 13 and now that's illegal but I have the power to sway the law so it's ok
  19. i used to leave the game open overnight and sometimes for several days at a time so um
  20. yoooo I remember that one it's from one of my favorite shows!! Recently I started a new book series of 500 page books, I'm halfway through the second : )
  21. indeed...and a couple times in the game someone accidentally called him Harry Butz 👀👀 half the names are jokes, like the second episode has "April May" and "Redd White of Blue Corp" as well as my pfp, "Detective Gumshoe" (another word for detective)
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