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  1. none of you will get it but
  2. the higher form of Elizabeth is Elisabeth. because that's my middle name and I'm clearly better than all those Elizabeth-with-a-zs out there
  3. That's happened to me a couple times, but not recently
  4. That wish cannot be granted since you've always had the ability to make your own thread and be a Loophole Genie
  5. Character ideas: -approximately 30 yr old (or equivalent) mom with a ton of kids who joins protagonist's group just so she can get away from her annoying children -person with unnaturally bad luck but they're not really affected by it (e.g. cars crash around them, but don't get in their way; it starts raining wherever they go, but only 2 minutes after they've left; their umbrellas always break but someone always has an extra) -person with unnaturally bad luck who just doesn't care and is used to it (e.g. it rains all the time but only where they are, they always carry an umbrella on them; their pens run out of ink very fast, but they have like 10 extras with them at all times) -a gang of orphans who live without adult supervision but do pretty okay for themselves -a cat who sits on stuff all the time and eventually the protag figures out that the cat always sits on stuff that the protag will need within the hour (e.g. cat sits on a book, half an hour later the protag goes to read it and find important information relevant to their quest within it)
  6. Some fun character quirks/traits that I came up with/took from other fictional characters: -stuttering when nervous -scratching a certain place on their body (like their neck or head) when faced with a problem to solve -really, really bad at lying -bites fingernails all the time -has random spurts of energy for absolutely no reason -hates to fight unlike every main character ever and just hides out when there's some action going on -when fighting, time seems to go by really fast and everything is sort of a blur
  7. Share all your writing tips, the writing prompts you've made up or found on the internet, writing ideas and even little short stories if you want here, for all of the aspiring writers here on the forums! (or just for fun ) You can use anything you find here in anything you want! Stories, roleplays, sims, you name it! (you're also allowed to tweak prompts and ideas however you want)
  8. I, the Loophole Genie, have been defeated... but I still want to grant more wishes
  9. these are supposedly (not officially confirmed) titles for the episodes of season 7 of AoS and just. "Know your onions"? "A trout in the milk"? "The totally excellent adventures of mack and the d"?? I LOVE IT 1. "Know Your Onions" 2. "The New Deal" 3. "Alien Commies from the Future" 4. "Out of the Past" 5. "A Trout in the Milk" 6. "Adapt or Die" 7. "The Totally Excellent Adventures of Mack and the D" 8. "After, Before" 9. "As I Have Always Been" 10. "Stolen" 11. "Brand New Day" 12. "The End is at Hand" 13. "What We're Fighting For" the downside: the website this comes from says my favorite characters are somehow not in the finale. I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THAT
  10. the team can just stick the lizard in their containment module which a team member invented and built. this thing is pretty much indestructible. you can't teleport out of it, you can't flame it, you can't earthquake it, you probably can't hack it anymore, you can't melt it, you can only make a sizeable fist shaped dent in it if you're the Hulk and nothing more, etc etc though there are some weaknesses...
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