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    If you need more creatures then MERINGUE (I try not to put him into too many things so he doesn't fill the forum ) this is what I've determined his genes to be (well, at least the closest I can get)
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    Moved I have no idea what you mean by 'collecting looks, archtypes and phenotypes', but I'll just give you some creatures anyways I'll give you my most beautiful creatures from my old screenshots (at first I used a screenshot program to take the screenshots, but now I just use Steam, so these pics are just out of the folder where the program's pics went) ^ He's probably Spliti's nephew ^Beware Mekoko, goddess of trickery (and death? idk yet) ^ The pic is here for the red-white creature Snowblood-- this was in my Whims of Fate tribe but i let myself look at this lady's genes bc her stats said she was infertile so I'd never be able to breed her into the tribe anyways. You can do her too. OH--maybe he or Issira can be the god/goddess of love, since their love was forbidden?? I NEED TO STOP I HAVE TOO MANY ALREADY ^Goddess of beauty. You can make her without Meringue's blessing the sickness I totally didn't forget until now that she was sick. She was also from my Whims of Fate tribe. ^Pronounced Lee-suh-bet bc I like it that way. She was laso from the Whims, but I loved her so much I blindly took a screenshot and only looked at it until way later. She was very protective of a wanderer female. When the wanderer was approached by a male who wanted to be her mate, Lisabet only let him be her mate as long as he had a child with her too. Thus, Lisabet soon had a kid who was originally name Ikaros, but later renamed Claudius bc that's what i kept thinking was his name. Unfortunately he was sick but Lisabet gave up her guard duties so she could protect him instead. She loved that child to the end of her life. also look Berri is alive here cool
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    Guess The TV show

    Nope! Okay, this GIF fully shows the character in the previous GIF:
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    Skysplash8's Update Journal: Niche Competition

    Lilly prepares her nest, for she knows she will live only just long enough to get a glimpse of her child. Otherwise, nothing really happens except for everyone trying to get to the ports. Lilly gives birth to little Kalai, but passes away from her sickness shortly afterwards. Anyone not on the ports except for Stagtapus, Kalai, Meredith, and Deathbringer will be staying on the island. Poor Willow will have only one day to live once we travel, but she's pregnant and I want that baby. Snowbringer, King Twig, and Stunning are staying behind because they feel they are too old to try and keep younger creatures from going with the rest of the tribe. James just didn't want to go. The tribe arrives. They are hesitant to stay for long, seeing the jungle tree in the distance and remembering the stories of the times of Kinarri, but Skye reminds them that their tribe wasn't as strong then than they are now. The pregnant females prepare their nests. Three babies are born, Willow passes away. Meredith gives birth to a child who unfortunately received not the best genes from his parents (i.e. medium body and claw). Meredith is disgusted, and names him Die, like the creatures born so long ago during Queen Joi through Queen Cool Mask's reigns. Skye is disappointed that she only has one winged heir and no sons, but she is grateful that she was able to have one more last child with Twig.
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    Type the username above you with your eyes closed

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    Forum categories

    This would be soooo nice. I'll happily help organize if these become a thing
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    story time

    "But how could she be alive?" asked the other lamps.
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    please send me creatures to draw I’m bored

    He reminds me of Meringue's uncle (on his mother's side), Red Delicious. Unfortunately all I can remember about him was that he had a derp snout. But that and his apple-themed name makes him very similar to your Apple (plus Red Delicious might have had spots and ram horns)
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    Nicheling war

    thank goodness I'm not a part of this roleplay
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    TUG O' WAR

    it was supposed to say '1 post per 24 hours' so I just fixed it
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    Compliment Game!

    I like your new rank!
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    TUG O' WAR

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    bannergkrl411 almost!
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    Aetherskye Woahhh EDIT G0ffles-i8n