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  1. I thought J Immunity was rare.. then I went to the Jungle for the first time and I've found THREE Wanderers with it.
  2. Skysplash8

    Does this altered rogue male look more creepy?

    Nah, he's cute! Okay, maybe he's staring into our souls, but maybe he's just searching for somebody to love him
  3. Skysplash8

    Eating Nichelings

  4. Skysplash8

    Who or what built the permanent nests?

    I think another tribe used to live there, who had special genes that we haven't seen before that let's them make permanent nests. But it's been so long since they were there that all/most of the grass on the island has grown back.
  5. Skysplash8

    Predator aggressive level

    Totally agree! Though personally Razhoranas don't bother me, since that only attack bleeding creatures. But anyways, this would be awesome! I always feel like no one ever gets hurt, ever, in my main tribe. Some have Bearyena claws and all of them have antlers, so they take Bearyenas down easily.I can't wait until I take them to the Jungle or Snowy islands
  6. Skysplash8

    The Amazing Crabtree

    @Jojo I thought it was a bug, as Crabbits can't be stepped on by regular creatures, so I thought that that would be weird if Flying ones could step on them too. If it's not a bug, personally I think it shouldn't be possible.
  7. Skysplash8

    The Amazing Crabtree

    No, and you're also not supposed to be able to be on the same tile as them, either. Are you on the Preview version still? That may be the problem. @Philo
  8. Skysplash8

    Whats your tribe's lore?

    I have a thing where if I don't like my tribe, i usually end up deleting it. I have really only got myself 'attached' to three tribes, but other gods and goddesses have formed through other tribes as well. Emmai, the Goddess of Hunting. She saved the Oasis tribe by showing up as a wanderer right after the starters died (the male had claw, but he didn't pass it on to his children) and killing the Bearyena that threatened to finish the tribe once and for all in three hits. The suprising thing is that she's blind! She also held the recessive gene of Purr Snout, which the family already had, but she managed to strengthen it. Dukvan, God of the waters. He was found as a wanderer on a random tribe that no longer exists. I just liked him. Okay, I don't have many gods/goddesses. But anyways, here's the final 3 gods, all in one picture. THE ALMIGHTY AWESOME BLUEBIRDS OF HEALING FRUIT ISLAND. Once the tribe finds wings, I think I'm gonna try and make some birds Nichelings to worship the almighty Awesome Bluebirds who are all dead now.
  9. Skysplash8

    Your best and worst wanderer encounters?

    @thivid08 She had a lot of babies. That's all I remember
  10. Skysplash8

    Feathered Ears/ Bird Ears

    I like B and D!
  11. How dare you disgrace the forever-cute Vanro and his sisters/half sisters.
  12. Skysplash8

    Anyone else miss "Spit snout"?

    Also, this is in the Bugs part of the forum. Somebody who has the power, please move this to the Discussion and Feedback section!
  13. Skysplash8

    Anyone else miss "Spit snout"?

    I didn't play the game until after the official release, but Spit Snout just doesn't make sense. It doesn't spit anything, so why would it be called Spit Snout? Besides, what if there was a head gene added that gave you the ability to spit? That would be confusing if there was an other head gene called Spit Snout. Derp Snout, however, makes sense. They're derpy.. Derpy Snouts, Derpy Snouts, Derpy all the wayyy, oh what fun it is to derp derp it all he way! DERP! (Derpy Snout version of Jingle Bells. Because I'm so creative.
  14. Skysplash8

    Food Limit

    Honestly, I have the most fun in my tribes when they're low on food. With this, I can have fun in all my tribes! You could set a limit of any number, and from then on the game wouldn't let you get any more food than that. Let's say you choose 100 food at your limit. At the time your tribe already has 300 food, so 200 of the food automatically disappears. You're now at 100 food. You have one of your creatures gather some berries. The berries are picked, but they aren't added to the food count, because you are already at your maximum. You pass the day, now you have 98 food. You collect three berries with one move. Two of the berries go into the food store, but the remaining one disappears-because you're at the max. If you want to change the maximum or turn the feature off, you can do it at any time. This feature would make the game more challenging, but it could also make it more fun. There's nothing like being on the brink of survival and not having much food
  15. Skysplash8

    option to toggle immunity genes off

    YES. This would be so useful for challenges like a Lion Pride challenge, because Males would be mating with all the females- in regular Niche, that will usually end up in some sick babies. But with this, it would mean no worries for the rest of your days! It's a problem free, philosophy! Hakuna Matata! Okay, I'm done...