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  1. You are now the proud owner of a canine. Who lost their tooth, you don't know, but they probably miss it, since this canine is very nice and friendly. Just be careful not to chip it. (also if you don't get what the catch is on any of your wish grantings, just let me know and I'll explain it)
  2. (you can now make another wish if you want. as soon as I grant a wish you can make a new one. not sure if rules were clear enough so just wanted to let you know)
  3. (I'm so sorry) You're now the proud owner of a Puli car—from Hungary, as promised (and it's as good as new, too!). Out of all the cars you could've picked... *sigh* (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puli_(car))
  4. You have one wish. Use it wisely. But watch out, or you might not get quite what you wanted... You have one wish. once that wish is granted (or not quite granted) by me, you receive a new wish to make. You can wish for pretty much anything, but it can't be something in a game—for example, you can wish for your Flight Rising dragon to become real, but you can't wish for a cool new Flight Rising dragon. I, the Loophole Genie, will try and find a loophole to give you something a little...unwanted. Good luck on making a loophole-free wish! and yeah, i stole this from the internet
  5. Please take them, I don't want to exalt them
  6. heh... "So, you think you'll come back to life?" "When don't I?!"
  7. I feel better knowing that others own them, but yeah I'm gonna exalt some of them. imperial is about to be on its way
  8. ALL OF THEM ARE FREE BECAUSE NOBODY WILL BUY THEM!!! let me know which one(s) you want and I'll give them to you ASAP. first come first serve go here to view each dragon > > > https://www1.flightrising.com/lair/489543/1632970?name=&type=undefined
  9. Skysplash8


    this has been suggested (many times lol) before, but I'm too lazy to link the other suggestions
  10. I edited this, as the word you posted is against rules. Please try and refrain from saying that again in the future. Feel free to edit it with a rule-abiding version
  11. Meringue has a cloned version of himself. that way each of Meringue's maaaaany families get a bit more time with him
  12. once I named a member after a Doctor Who character who has somehow died 10 times but came back to life with a different way of dying and coming back each time. Oregon Trail Rory nearly died a lot in the game. He did eventually die both of my tries tho
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