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  1. Skysplash8

    Gods And Godesses

    That's exactly what happened with every single creature except Oz, but he is the youngest one anyways (I think the one that first appeared the longest ago was Berry Juice, or maybe Koral)
  2. Skysplash8

    Gods And Godesses

    Post all your gods and goddesses here, plus their stories! Also, i'm going completely by memory for all of these,a nd several of them are really old. (the pic of Meringue is from May 5th, 2018, and he's the oldest) Meringue, god of Sickness-- from the Kikonoko tribe Once, there was a creature named Apple Dapple. She was gray with red spots, like she was dappled with apples. She found a mate in a wanderer, and soon had three children, Honeycrisp, Red Delicious, and Alice (there's a Queen Alice apple). Meanwhile, a pair of white creatures, Ilo and Desert Prairie (or it may have been Snowberry I and her mate, I'm not sure), give birth to a blue-eyed son whom they name Ice, who is preceded and succeeded by many other siblings. Later, the tribe has moved islands with a group consisting of many creatures, including Alice and Ice. Soon, Alice becomes very old, and is on the brink of death when she falls in love with Ice (i.e. Alice needed to pass on her genes, and it just so happened there was a handsome male around-- I also didn't realize they shared an immunity gene...)and Alice gives birth under an acorn tree as she passes. She gives birth to a orange-spotted, red-horned, sickly son, whom his father names Meringue (I had no idea what meringue was when Meringue was born, but he just so happened to be the color of Meringue!). When Meringue is old enough to leave the nest, he wanders into the grass, so that he will not infect another member of the tribe. Eventually, he meets another member of the tribe, a white/albino (I can't remember if she was just white or albino, as the tribe had many of both) female named Snowberry II (one of Ice's siblings/mother looked exactly like her), and they immediately fell in love. Meringue and Snowberry II had a good amount of children, of which I can only remember the name of one, Taro. Eventually, Meringue passed away from his sickness. Waaaay later, the tribe still tells stories of the handsome Meringue, warning young creatures to make sure their mate doesn't share an immunity (hey, it's all I can think of, okay?), so that their children won't have their lives cut in half. Though sickness is not favored, Meringue bestows it upon his favorite creatures born in any tribe, and the creatures who know the stories of him know that the child is blessed. Meringue is my favorite creature ever (like the forums doesn't already know )! Emmai, goddess of hunting-- from the Oasis Tribe Once, there was a tribe that began in an Oasis. Two creatures had run away from their families to start a new life. There was very little food, so the male would dive into the waters to fish, while his mate prepared to have her children. Eventually, this pair of creatures passed away, leaving their children with barely any food, and not a claw was seen among them. The tribe barely survived, and often starved. One day, a bearyena appeared, and the tribe despaired. But no sooner than a hit upon the predator was made, than a strong, blind creature named Emmai appeared! She was invited into the tribe at once, despite the amount of food needed to do so, and took down the creature with just three hits. She had several children before passing, one of which had a son (whose father was a rogue male) that became the only surviving member of the tribe. Annini, goddess of fortune and misfortune--from the Adam's Legacy tribe Once, there was a tribe called the Adam's legacy tribe. it started with Adam and Eve. The grandchild of Adam and eve was named Merola, and her father was a wanderer. She had a lot of children with her, er, half brother, but they were all very beautiful. One day, an unfortunate event happened: Merola accidentally bred with her very own son, Kirki! It was sad, but when Merola gave birth to her incest baby, the tribe was astounded by the fact that she had Stinky Tail, which hadn't been seen before in the tribe.. Unfortunately, she was also sickly. Merola named her Annini. When Annini grew up, she crossed the river, leaving behind her acorn-tree home. She found another sick creature named Roro, and they lived happily and had two children, Inini, a female, and Toxi, a male, who had children with another member of the tribe later on. Eventually, Roro and then Annini passed away, but their legacy lives o- oh, wait, that's right. I deleted the savefile. Well, Annini's story lives on in other tribes where the stories somehow spread. Anyways, she had misfortune in being sick, but fortune in finding a mate like her, thus she became the goddess of misfortune and fortune. Minor/Little Known gods Berri, minor goddess of sickness, from the Whims of Fate Tribe Not much is known about Berri except for her beauty. Unfortunately, she was sick. I'm pretty sure her mother was Aubrey, an orange, big-eared creature who was the leader of the tribe until her death. Berri's father (or maybe it was her brother?), after having this sick child, left his mate (for fear more sickness would appear and infect the tribe) and found a new mate, who had cracker jaw (I'm writing down everything I know about my creatures, okay?). They had several children, one of which was named Milo, and another Alexan, who was sick. (I'm pretty sure those were their children.) Both Alexan and Milo have children that are alive to this day. Currently, Berri has been reincarnated in her old form, but immortal, so that 1. she can try a life without being sick 2. so she realizes beauty isn't everything and 3. because I like the Immortal Minerva thing okay. Kinnari, god of bravery, from the Niche Challenge Tribe There is a tribe called the Niche Competition tribe. Once upon a time, there was a little creature named Larri who was part of this tribe. He decided he would like to collect coconuts, and stood underneath a coconut tree, because nobody had told him about what coconuts can do to you. Luckily, a much older female named Kinee was nearby, and saved him. They fell in love, and once Larri grew into an adult, Kinee became pregnant with Larri's child. Unfortunately, Kinee waited too long before having her child, and passed away right after giving birth. Her son, Kinarri, never saw his mother, though he was blessed by Emmai and given great strength. (He even has the same immunity she had!) Later, Kinarri becomes the mate of a blind creature named Merlady. He was lucky, as there were only two females in the tribe; Merlady and her sister Milady. They had a few children, of which only one, Nimesi, continued to the next island after Kinarri and Merlady passed away. Anyways, the island where Kinarri's children grew up was a swamp and jungle island, and soon a hearing ape appeared. Kinarri sacrificed his life to protect his children, mate, and all the other members of the tribe. This act made every creature worship him as the god of bravery. Koral, goddess of Immunity Genes, from the Kikonoko tribe There are no pictures of Koral. Koral was a light pink creature with a Derpsnout. Not much is known about Koral. She was born from a rogue male and a rogue male's daughter, and carried the special genes of Immunity F, which she inherited from her father.She was born right after a time where the males that traveled to a new land suddenly died, leaving about 5 females behind with no mates. The females, desperate to find a mate, bred with the resident rogue males. This resulted in lots of Albinism in the tribe. After Koral was born, she traveled to a new land with a few other creatures, including an albino female named Snow White. Soon after traveling, there was only a few creatures, including Koral and Snow White, alive. The creatures had lots of babies, except for Koral. Soon, all the adults died, leaving lots of teens and babies. I think Koral might have had a child or two, because eventually, I looked into the family tree to see what immunity genes were in the tribe, and I saw Koral there, but she was dead, and she was the only one with F Immunity. Thus, she became known as the goddess of Immuntiy Genes, because she refused to pass on her immunity, and cursed the tribe to many, many days of never finding F Immunity again. The Kikonoko tribe has still not found F Immunity. Berry Juice, god(dess) of names, from the Kikonoko tribe There are no pictures of the original Berry Juice, but she was gray with brown spots, had Big Nose, and had Ram Horns. Picture of a couple reincarnations: Pretty much nothing is known about the Berry Juice, except that she always makes sure any creature with Brown colored spots is named Berry Juice. She also helps parents name their children. Oz, god of Toxic Body Oz was a wanderer that was found through singing on a stump by the daughter of Berri after she had descended down to land to try life as an ordinary creature. Soon after Oz appeared, Rose--the same daughter that attracted Oz-- sang out againa nd found another green Toxic Bodied creature named Zelena, who is the daughter of Oz. Oz had several chidlren, and his and Zelena's Toxic Body (and Platypus Beak and Antenna) still lives on. The End! Now got post your own creatures!
  3. Skysplash8

    Doing doodles and headshots of your nichelings!

    ahhh thank you!!
  4. Skysplash8

    Doing doodles and headshots of your nichelings!

    Whoo! Thanks in advance
  5. Skysplash8

    So... many... bushes...

    There's so many toxic berry bushes! Also, it took a really long time to get them around the bushes so they could clear the grass so I could get a picture (there's a regular berry bush beside the tree, too!)
  6. Skysplash8

    Miss Niche reindeer edition

    how dare you Spliti is the best boi
  7. Skysplash8

    Crashing on attempt to load game

    This happens to me allllll the time, including today.
  8. and who took the screenshot?
  9. Skysplash8

    wayward crabbits

    I mean, it is a cRABBIT...
  10. Skysplash8

    Immortal Light Playthrough, Returning Home

    At the bottom, where it shows 'uploaded images', it has small glimpses at the pics you put into the post; if you just press the trash can button on each pic, it deletes it completely from the post (don't worry, it's still on your computer).
  11. Does that include wanderers (like Meringue)? If it does, well, thank goodness you did Meringue before you made this rule! Also, I have a completely pink goddess (of Beauty) named Berri that will be on my gods and Goddesses page, so you can always add her
  12. SHE HAS BEEN BLESSED BY MERINGUE And, may Annini be in her favor, because Annini (my godess of fortune and misfortune) was an accidental child between a mother and her son. (she was blessed by Meringue as well). Alllllsssooooo, I'm making a Gods and Goddesses topic, so that may be useful to you ^^ (I'll link it when I finish putting in all of my creatures)
  13. Skysplash8

    New gene suggestion: Bat Head

    ahhh I'll never be able to sleep now (it's like 10 something pm...)
  14. Skysplash8

    Toxic Body Miracle

    So, I was playing my own version of the Immortal Minerva playthrough (just on my own) with my goddess Berri, and her daughter sang on a tree stump a few times before attracting this guy. A the next day, with her newborn son (Oz's child) at her feet, Rose calls out again, and attracts a green toxic-body teen. The weird part of all of this is that they both had two damage on them. Also, they share a lot of genes, which is interesting. Toxic body, antenna, platypus beak, swimming tail. I think Oz should be the god of something, but I don't know yet. Anyways, when he died I'll post about what else happened to him (and Zelena) and maybe you guys can help me decide what he's the god of Also, I use the name Berry Juice a lot (pretty much every creature with reddish spots gets that name), so maybe they should be the god(dess) of names?
  15. Skysplash8

    Insectivorous nichelings

    Ohana means food. Food means no insect is left behind or forgotten.