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  1. Skysplash8

    Fluffy ears

    Maybe like this? (Yes, that's my dog, he's a Labrador mix and his name is Jack)
  2. Skysplash8

    More customization options for sandbox mode

    It would be cool if there was an option to choose how much food your creatures eat every day. It would be best if this was a toggle-able thing that you can do in-game, that way if you have a bunch of food and you want it to be more of a challenge, you could make it where each Nicheling eats 2 food a day instead of 1. I imagine it to be a little bar that would go 1----2----3----4----5----etc. with a little thing that you can move to whichever number you want, which wold be how much food a creature eats when the day passes.
  3. Skysplash8

    Share your favourite nichelings!

    More creatures! Woo! Fishstar, leader of.. er, no Clan name as of yet, but her daughter (Coconutstar! Woo!) became leader and after the next one (Bluestar!) her grandson (Deerstar!) became leader as well! Tuliptail, daughter of Fishstar and mother of the newest leader, Deerstar! This little guy who was found drowning in the river and saved by the courageous warrior Sunshade! (Deerstar's brother-in-law---seen with meat at his paws) (other warrior is Spottail, a son of Deerstar) (Yeah, Deerstar is pretty much related to everybody) This little baby, Nightkit, who' melanistic and has Peacock Tail! (She's named after a black Nicheling who also had Peacock Tail who died the day Nightkit was born) And finally, this guy, who somehow didn't make it into my other post-- The famed Meringue of the Kikonoko Tribe, the sickly but noble Nicheling who is on my profile picture. His descendants are spread throughout (probably) the entire tribe, but he was the last to have Ram Horns, which was quite common when his mother was a child, but the antlers soon took over (He was also the last to have spots as well). Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of his genes, because by the time I really liked him, he was already dead (that was when I took the picture), and by the time I wanted a photo of his genes, his children had all passed away, which meant he was kicked off the Family Tree (please oh PLEASE let us see more of it in a future update). I can't even tell what tail he had
  4. Skysplash8

    A Peacock Tail Question

    @htcmoore Here's a couple pictures:
  5. Skysplash8

    Albinism/Melanism in Mutation Menu

    @orangesunrise Even better, you could get it from inviting a full Albino/Melanistic Nicheling in.
  6. Skysplash8

    More than 5 saves?

    @IncarnationOfBoredom The file thing is also explained in the video that was posted by @Lilytuft on @Pokestardragacraft's link.
  7. Skysplash8

    Patch notes 1.1.4

    Woohoo! I didn't know about the Cracker Jaw thing, but I can't wait to see what my female Peacock-tailed creatures look like!
  8. Skysplash8

    The Mysterious Portal

    Oops, forgot to put this in the 1.1.3 Bugs section!
  9. Skysplash8

    Teleporting Wanderers

    It's not that they're teleporting; It's just that they moved out of your sight/hearing/smelling range.
  10. Skysplash8

    Melanistic and albino!

    Awesome! I always wondered what would be dominant if this happened!
  11. Skysplash8

    The Mysterious Portal

    Today I loaded up a previous savefile where my tribe (or, in this case, Clan, since it's a Warrior Cats challenge) had just traveled to a new island. I moved them over to start clearing away grass and find food. I then decided to see where I should have them head and zoomed out to look at the island. I then saw a weird flower port with a river going through it and no stone that you use to travel, as you can see in the pictures below. Okay, well, now that I look again, yes, the stone may be covered in the grass. But that still wouldn't make sense- if it was in the tall grass, then the creature who activates the port won't be able to go, because the port tiles would be too far away. I'll update this when I get my creatures over there to find out if there's a travel stone or not. Anyone know why it's like this?
  12. Skysplash8

    Raccoon Achievement

    @Feisty (Welcome to the forums, BTW!) Make sure you were connected to the internet at the time. Achievements don't get rewarded unless your connected to the internet, so next time you play on your savefile, make sure your connected and play with your tribe for a few minutes. Hopefully you'll get it!
  13. Skysplash8

    New genes

    Same thing happened just today when I loaded up a previous savefile to see what changes were made to the new genes (now my only male with active peacock tail just looks gorgeous!), and as I played, I got some messages saying that i had unlocked new genes. When I first loaded it up, I had 2 of them, one of which would be for wings, but I have no idea what the other one would be. 2 more notifications showed up later on (not at the same time), one of which I'm not sure if it was a bug because I had just cracked open a coconut and I can't remember if I had already unlocked cracker jaw or not (it showed as unlocked).
  14. @Lillymoon25 If you need any more help, just watch the video that @Lilytuft put in the comments of this post.
  15. Skysplash8

    Rogue Male Mating issues (Preview Update)

    @Philo The problem with what happened is that my female got pregnant from the rogue male, then somehow the rouge mated with her again and she was suddenly un-pregnant.