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  1. also I didn't really look but I think you lost HII?
  2. Here P.S. The male beside the cracker jaw is compatible with her, i was trying to get them to mate but they haven't succeeded yet Slot0.nichesave
  3. 55 & 60, respectively, but I can change it a bit if needed
  4. I HAVE SO MANY DRAGONS TO SELL PLEASE TAKE THEM I DON'T WANT THEM AND NEED GEMS https://www1.flightrising.com/lair/489543/1632970
  5. Name Honeyfish Gender She-cat (female) Pic I haven't colored her yet, but she is a light honey (hence her prefix) with white splotches all over, which includes a white muzzle, white belly, and the bottom third of her tail is also white. Her eyes are amber. Her tail naturally parts into two long wisps of fur, which forms a sort of fish tail, hence her suffix. Backstory She doesn't have much of a backstory. She has a mate, Queror (it's Latin for "to complain', he complains a lot). Honeyfish is a warrior, but she fell in love with Queror, a (sorta snooty) kittypet. They have three kits whom I haven't drawn yet. Queror visits Honeyfish and the kits at the camp (the Clan knows about it) every couple of days. Personality Optimistic, easily scared by things, trusts easily, doesn't easily see other's flaws and focuses on their strengths, extroverted, friendly
  6. *excitedly searches my Crows board on Pinterest* (this first one's basically the same but whatever) and finally, ravens
  7. I sold my banescales cuz they were ugly sooo
  8. Happy Birthday, Stray Fawns! I need to draw Sky in a birthday hat soon, since she's my persona and my birthday is *looks at calendar and calculates* 17 days away. Maybe Meringue too to celebrate SFS 's birthday, but his birthday is in May.
  9. Could you share the save? THen maybe we can help more ^^
  10. to be honest this looks scarier than current purr snout to me... it looks like it's pretending to be innocent, and it's not very good at pretending, and it's gonna kill me in my sleep. meanwhile, current purr snout just looks like it's constantly judging me for my actions. just sayin'
  11. I have 15 dragons for sale if anyone wants them... https://www1.flightrising.com/lair/489543/1632970
  12. Hi! I sent you a friend request
  13. I had my fun being a fawn, but it's time I return to my regular self. Though I will have a festive pfp :)

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