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  1. Skysplash8

    Adam's Legacy and Some Birds

    Hopefully I fixed it. Let me know if they still show up as links.
  2. Skysplash8

    Niche Luck Challenge Generator

    Do you mean the Whims of Fate challenge? That challenge would use those generators. That challenge was created by Seri! Pixel Biologist! (A youtuber)
  3. Skysplash8

    Adam's Legacy and Some Birds

    Hmm, no, their not. They aren't links to me. how do i fix it? I appears @Spooky Goggles-kun sees it fine.
  4. Behold, the almighty Adam's Legacy Tribe. Behold, the wonderful stories 'n' stuff from this almighty tribe. Behold- wait, I think that's enough beholds. Um, I guess I'll start. Frost A Beautiful grandchild of Adam is born. His children still live on today. Birdies Former-Wanderers Flamingo (Pink Nicheling) and Chickadee (Spiky Bodied Nicheling) with their daughter, Dove (Gray Nicheling). A while before this, a wanderer named Sparrow (picture below) was found, and, according to this creature and the other bird creatures found, there is an opposing tribe that often names their creatures after birds. Their genes vary, though most have a deformed paw or two. Other similarities between some of the creatures found are I Immunity, F Immunity, Stinky Tail, and Spiky Body. One of the other traditions of this tribe is that they don't give them bird names until the creature becomes an adult. This tribe seems to be like the Adam's Legacy tribe- a group will go to an island with a group of creatures, and the rest will stay behind and continue their lives. Sparrow, who fathered many children. The wanderer Platypus is discovered. (No, the pink blind creature is not purposely drowning- I was in the middle of moving her across when Platypus emerged from the sea.) Starling, the newest Adam's Legacy member who was previously part of the Bird Tribe. Betrayal A beautiful creature named Moonlight fell in love with a male named Mud. However, as soon as she met Chickadee, she fell in love with him too and they are to have a child soon. Unfortunately, Chickadee has passed away, but Mud was able to have a beautiful pair of identical twin boys with peacock tail with moonlight before he died. LOTS of Birdies (Above- The peacock-tailed Nicheling is also a Bird, but he was sickly and din't last long. His name was Peacock.) (also, isn't Eagle just the most adorable creature ever?!?!) Lots of Babies (Note- all photos in this post are not in order of when they were taken.)
  5. Skysplash8

    The Quest For a "Perfect" Creature

    Bearyenas ears + Big Nose = Cuteness! (Extra points if it has mask)
  6. Skysplash8

    Oh My Precious

    I hate Lean Body... (Though I do miss Little but Strong Bear, who had Lean Body, but she was snatched away by Bluebird Bear on Bear Island while I wasn't paying attention )
  7. Skysplash8

    Debuffs for albinism ​👁️

    Suggestion: Instead of making it so albinos can only have shortsighted/blind eyes, just make it where if they have regular eyesight they get -1 eyesight, so then it's the equivalent of having shortsighted eyes. If they are already shortsighted or blind, this won't happen and they'll retain their poor/nonexistent eyesight.
  8. Skysplash8


    https://niche.wikia.com/wiki/Challenges Click this link to go to the Niche Wiki Challenges page (I actually created the page originally and other people have added their challenges on as well) My favorite challenge: Whim of Fate. Explained here. You can also look up Seri! Pixel Biologist! on YouTube and find her Whims of Fate videos- she's the original creator of the challenge.Make sure you do everything correct, as it makes the game sooo much fun. My Whims save has lasted more than 600 days! My second most played savefile has about 200 days, so..
  9. Skysplash8

    You know you play too much Niche when...

    I tend to leave my game open overnight (or longer) when I'm not playing, so I have a ton of hours on pretty much all my saves.
  10. Skysplash8

    First impressions of Niche?

    I (also) found Niche by watching Seri play it. I started watching her Yukir Tribe videos, and REALLLLY wanted the game. For Christmas/my Birthday (they're only a couple days apart) I wanted a Steam giftcard, and I kinda got worried because I got all the stuff from my relatives on Christmas or beforehand, but finally my Birthday came and my parents gave me the giftcard! Since it was late at night (we had just gone to see a movie), I just showed my parents pictures of the game that I knew I wanted to get. Next morning, as soon as I got up, I went and got Niche! I don't remember much of my first tribes, as I mostly just started tribes, bred a couple creatures, then got bored with it and deleted the tribe and then started the cycle anew. Finally I got hooked on one of the tribes and played with them a lot. I still have that tribe today, but I also have some other tribes too (my absolute favorite is the Whim of Fate Tribe, they're currently on day 654!!). I love Niche ^.^
  11. Skysplash8

    Suddenly high GPU usage

    The most active is @Philo (When you do it yourself, make sure you click the name on the drop-down when you type it, this will make the text green to show that it's working)
  12. Skysplash8

    Favourite books?

    -All books by Erin Hunter -Harry Potter series -All books by Rick Riordan (even though I haven't read all of them) -All 4 books by Adam Gidwitz -Neptune Project series -Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library -The Island of Dr. Libris -Ice Wolves -The Tygrine Cat -Wolves of the Beyond series
  13. Skysplash8


    I unfortunately only have one pet (I want a cat, but my father doesn't like them), but the one we have is awesome and cute I only have one picture of him on this computer, but I'll edit it with my tablet and put better pictures in when I can. This is Jack, my almost-3-year-old Labrador mix. We rescued him and his sister from a shelter when they were 3 months old just a week before Christmas (which also mean't it was a bit more than a week before my birthday!). He had a sister named Ellie, but unfortunately she died a couple months later from distemper (which she apparently already had when we adopted her, but she wasn't showing it). When we adopted them, their names were Theo and Vanessa. we knew about them because a friend's friend was fostering them, and so we had to wait a week or two before we could adopt them because they had to be spayed and neutered. It was really weird when we adopted them though, as the night before we went to the adoption center and we were like 'we want to adopt these two dogs!' and they were like 'sorry, we're gonna put one on the news in the dog adoption segment, and then they'll go to a mall so people can adopt them so go there tomorrow if you want to adopt them'. Here's a picture of Ellie when she was on the news (you can actually find the clip on the news website, but it kinda reveals where I live and I'm not gonna reveal that information). I had actually met the woman who is holding her when I went on a tour to the news station with my homeschool group a while before. (We still have that collar of hers.) My father REALLY wanted those dogs so we were at the mall waiting for them an hour early. Ellie was the first to arrive, as the news station dropped her off when they were done, so we got to walk her outside, and while doing so, her brother came on the adoption center truck. Then we got to take them to the place where they were putting all the dogs for adoption. We sat there for probably an hour while my mother did the paperwork (my father was at work that day) while I held the dogs on their leashes. Then we finally left as happy dog owners and when to a Pet Supplies Plus for dog stuff. That was a good day
  14. Skysplash8

    What does the grey dot mean?

  15. Skysplash8

    What does the grey dot mean?