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  1. Quickly bought the other pieces of the set for her!
  2. dressed Syrma up with a headdress also from Galore!
  3. I got this little guy from one of the chests from Galore! : D
  4. We in Texas have Texas Independence Day on March 2-- really all that happens is fireworks and a day off school tho
  5. I know this is really late, and she's not technically a Guardian, but she is Gamora's sister, but anyways: Nebula, bc 1. It's Karen Gillan and 2. she's cool
  6. also, looking through your All About Adam playthrough... are you a Once Upon a Time fan too?! :0
  7. I'd just like to note that when doing live-action remakes, they can't keep as much personality to th3e characters as they might have had before, due to having to stick to realisticness. For example, Scar doesn't have his black mane in the Lion King remake because irl lions with black manes are the healthiest of all healthy lions, and Scra's the opposite of healthy.
  8. Amy's okay now but River was bitten by a snake. why am I, the Eleventh Doctor (who's actually a Doctor this time), never getting injured or sick? :T
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