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  1. Closes After Exiting to Main Menu

    Every time I exit to the main menu on Niche, it'll go to the main menu, but maybe 30 seconds or so later, it suddenly closes itself. Niche has been quite buggy for me Any help?
  2. How do you run your tribe? :D

    I like to play kinda casually. I just breed all my favorite/best-gened Nichelings and bring the best to new islands. I tend to breed quite a lot, but usually realize it and slow down before I have too many. In my main tribe, all my Nichelings have Antlers, and many have some Albinism in them, which makes half my tribe albino. I try and get them to have 1 Nimble Fingers and 1 Bearyena Claw, but a lot of them tend to get double of one of them. I've gathered so much food, I'm at almost 800 right now, and at about 700 nesting material. I'm so used to making nests whenever I want that I'll forget when I'm playing on a different tribe
  3. How do you run your tribe? :D

    Here are some rules for it, though you can always modify it to what you want: https://steamcommunity.com/app/440650/discussions/1/133255708301894968/
  4. No Twins

    Forgot to say that I don't even know if this is a bug that twins are that rare, or if they're supposed to be super rare.
  5. Achievement Issues

    I'd like mine reset too, please. Apparently, according to Steam, I bred for the first time, got Albinism, got Melanism, AND survived 50 days in one day, which was 2 days after I got Niche. Either I was really lucky, or Steam was acting up again.
  6. No Twins

    In my favorite and main tribe, I barely EVER get twins. My tribe has lasted over 100 days with max fertility, but as far as I can remember, I've only ever gotten 3 pairs of twins. (I might have had more, but not many. Also, the second pair were identical, but the other two pairs weren't.) This has only been that rare in this certain tribe, and I even have a picture of a different tribe where I had 3 pairs of twins, with their parents all being my Adam and Eve.I don't know if it would help, but if it would, below is a picture of one of my twins in my tribe. (His brother was left on another island, and they are also descendants of one of my identical twins.) Also, if you're wondering why there are so many Nichelings whose names start with 'Snow-', it's because they're all albino, and I have a tradition of giving them names starting with 'Snow-'. (It was mostly things like 'Snowflake' and 'Snow Blizzard' at first, but Ir an out, so I just had to use their preset suffixes for it instead.) A lot of albinism got into their genes when I landed on an island full rogues, but I had to breed their children because all my males had died of old age.
  7. Genes/Mutation preview

    This would be great when you just want to create your own Nicheling, or just make an example of what you want your tribe members to generally look like. It would also be fun to mess with the patterns and see what you can make. This is something I would really want
  8. Game Crashes As Soon As I Open It

    I would if I could, but I don't know how to find it. I've searched in my files, but all I can find is the application. If you can help, I'm on Windows.
  9. Game Crashes As Soon As I Open It

    Update: Half an hour later I tried again, and it worked. Hope it doesn't happen again!
  10. Game Crashes As Soon As I Open It

    Every time I try and open Niche, it crashes. Note that I haven't restarted it yet, but when I can I'll update this to show if it changed or not. I tried to find the folder it asked for, but I couldn't find it. Please help! I wanna play Niche Crash Message below:
  11. Some Suggestions!

    Here are some suggestions of mine! Day Counter: a counter showing how many days have passed since the tribe was created Multiplayer Mode!: Able to make worlds that can either be private or public. Private would let you invite a friend to play in it. Public would be able to be accessed from anybody. When you join a multiplayer world, it will show up in the worlds menu. Your tribe could interact with other people's tribes; Mate with other tribes, attack them, give gifts of food?, maybe even request a Nicheling to join the other tribe. Have the Nicheling interact with an Alpha (if there isn't any, a Beta), clicking a button that asks the Alpha if the Nicheling can join their tribe. (There would be an 'are you sure?' button.) The player that owns the tribe of the Alpha will get a notification that that Nicheling from so-and-so's tribe wants to join their tribe. If they accept, then the Nicheling joins the tribe and is in full control of the tribe's owner. More names: Well, you get the idea. Better Family Tree: I would love a Family Tree where it shows all Nichelings that were ever in the tribe. For example, if your on the tenth generation, I want to see the tree all the way up to the Adam and Eve. You could be like, 'hey, where did these Poison fangs come from?' and look back at the generations to find that the rouge that mated with your female oh-so-long ago had recessive Poison Fangs. Better notifications: When a new gene is unlocked, it would be reaaallly helpful if it told you what gene it was. Also, when a Nicheling dies, it would be helpful to say somehow who it was. I run into problems where a Nicheling dies and I have no idea who it was. (Yes, it shows me where, but sometimes I forgot who I put where) And that's all! Thanks! ;D
  12. Achievement Issues

    I just started playing Niche, though I have watched a lot of videos about it. In the tutorial, when I traveled to a new island, I got two achievements: 'Homecoming' and 'Globetrotter'. This was the first time I'm playing this! I definitely did NOT find all the islands. Since then, I've noticed that I haven't gotten any more achievements, even though I can spot a few that I should have received. For example, I should have gotten the achievements for twins and also for identical twins, and I obviously have already mated my Nichelings, plus I have a Melanistic Nicheling. Please fix this because I love trying to get achievements. UPDATE: I restarted the game and finally started getting the achievements. (I somehow got Melanisim and the next day Albinisim!) This still doesn't explain why I got Homecoming and Globetrotter when I 1st started, though.