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  1. Plot system was clear, but I saw somebody on youtube play first. I prefer to harvest berries when I have little food and my farms are not yet ready, but long-term plan assumes farms (and bakery if I manage to research it). At first it is quite hard to keep everyone fed (I rush scavengers for more workers so I build farms later and hope nobody will starve until then) but then it gets stable I want to keep things in rectangles to manage available space in an efficient way. If I see some plots are not used, I employ additional farmer, if I see them standing and doing nothing - I release one. Other feedback: - I'd prefer farm plots to occupy whole tile, so two plots next to each other leave no space in between. I cannot imagine a farmer keeping nice squeres, 1m x 1m, on his farm. Something like farms in "Knights and Merchants" - if you decided to build several plots next to each other, they were surrounded by border all together, not each one separate - When building berry building' I'd love to see number how many berries it hits. Counting it manually is quite not-fun
  2. I feel like this game has quite a good balance for fairy tale-like game, FAR FAR AWAY from frostpunk style. But it is very subjective and may vary depending on a player, so maybe a good idea would be to add game difficulty setting so we could play on easy mode and not to worry about dangers ahead (or make things harder if we want more challenge)
  3. I discovered Wandering Village by accident on youtube and fell in love in it. I played Demo a couple of times (too many for a sane person, not enough for me) and I hope to see the game grow and improve because it has so much potential! So here I am, registered on a forum just to provide some feedback and help as much as I can to make this game as perfect as it can be! So, here is my feedback: - I love the art style and the music, they craft the fable of Dino Village just perfect - I love that your main enemies are heat, humidity and diseases, not real enemies with guns or bows - The light darkens on night, I see why, but it hurts my eyes every time and makes playing experience umplesant - Also, the night does not impact my village at all - people don't go sleep, neither does Onbu - For the fable, the game lacks fable elements apart of big dino. I'd love to see some creative plants, critters, events etc that would fit the theme - Currently Demo lacks endgoal. Just survive. Cool, but once I have food and herbs stored for next year, what do I do next? Just more farms? I'd love to have something BIG, with HUGE IMPACT that is really hard to achieve, but makes the achievement worth it. Something worth pursuing, spicing up my game. Like forging huge armor for my dino, one scale at a time - I love animations and miss so much of them - scavengers gliding away, Onbu doctors hugging it, more workers animation, etc - Biomes are nice, but don't really impact how the game plays. Sure, maybe I should decide to build more wells and water reserves before dry biomes, but that's all. I'd love to see some plants thriving in those climates, making player switch between farming wheat and farming other things, forcing player to prepare more than just building more or fewer wells - In general I feel the game lacks replayability and always goes the same: rush scavengers for population boost, make food, prepare for disease, ensure Onbu survives. Nothing really affects player's decisions and he can blindly apply one good buildorder every time and win - I'd love to see some critter ranches for meat, milk, maybe wool and leather, maybe even ivory. Scavengers could find a few sheeps and we should work hard to make a herd out of them - Building menus are a mess, I never can find the building I want. I feel they need more categories to make things more intuitive. - It annoys me that my village is not oriented to the Onbu walking path, but on 45* angle. It also affects my workers - as they walk from the village center to the front/back, they must align to that 45* angle and they ignore all roads I built for them.... - I really hate that I MUST create new village name each time I start a new game. That is the most difficult decision in this game, and it hurts me to type "assfasdasd" or "Village9" as that is very immersion-breaking, but I have no better ideas. Generator of random suggestions would be so nice here! - Steel and glass feel useless. Scouting tower does little and nothing else uses them. - I'd love to see ocean biome with huge waves that may wash off my resources and maybe even villagers. I mean - another kind of threat once I have food and spores under control. - I'd love to choose one of a few dinos at start (or different starting conditions) not to make each game the same. And I don't mean different skin, I mean different challenges to face - It annoys me that when people carrying things walk and wave a little up and down with each step, the carried item stays on the same height despite villager's hand moving - It annoys me that in game of growing a village and making new working buildings I have little control on my population count - Buildings having their own background (ground) sprite overrride actual ground pattern and look ugly (having green rectangle of building on a brown dirt) TLDR: - More decisions for the player - More strategies and replayability - Different challenges - More of those cool animations I love the game, I signed up for beta (hope not too late) just to help you make it better - because it deserves it! Good job guys!
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