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  1. Poo

    Dead's Graveyard...

    Im back to say hi.
  2. ( nuuuuuu not IRIS.... Also sorry my reply is so late. I have rl issues rn.
  3. ( crap. I was gone for a while and i missed the most epic rp ever. Lol. What did i miss?
  4. ( Eeeeee im so sorry but im gonna have to leave this because i cant keep up with this and work on top of this. Very interesting rp tho. Have fun yall!
  5. Tau raised a brow, but then Settled her books on a desk.
  6. Tau ducked and looked at Ivy. " What was that?"
  7. Tau made her way to -wherever everyone is at bc i forgot where they are. :// Im dumb lol- to watch and observe everyone. Though she never spoke.
  8. ( Lol ok. Last i remembered, my character was sorting books.
  9. ( help, i have no idea what to do. I mean i HAVE a general idea but i still have no idea because im a goof. ://
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