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  1. Im back to say hi.
  2. ( nuuuuuu not IRIS.... Also sorry my reply is so late. I have rl issues rn.
  3. ( crap. I was gone for a while and i missed the most epic rp ever. Lol. What did i miss?
  4. ( Eeeeee im so sorry but im gonna have to leave this because i cant keep up with this and work on top of this. Very interesting rp tho. Have fun yall!
  5. Tau raised a brow, but then Settled her books on a desk.
  6. Tau ducked and looked at Ivy. " What was that?"
  7. Tau made her way to -wherever everyone is at bc i forgot where they are. :// Im dumb lol- to watch and observe everyone. Though she never spoke.
  8. ( Lol ok. Last i remembered, my character was sorting books.
  9. ( help, i have no idea what to do. I mean i HAVE a general idea but i still have no idea because im a goof. ://
  10. Tau was busy in the library still, organizing books and putting them into their proper place. Though she had sudden visions of what was happening presently. She was intimidated by it.
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