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  1. YA HEAR THAT PPL! YOU ALL ARENT ALLOWED TO DIE, I MAKE THAT DECISION! WAKE UP! Theres my attempt...lets see what happens
  2. Like- its gotten to the point where im like " OH MY GOSH.. FINALLY... A NOTIFICATION!" then i check the notification and its not even for me.. and yet i still see what's happening just because this place is becoming an internet graveyard-
  3. Ive realized that im slowly dying on the forums- its- its sAd
  4. ............i have Starwhisperer- tis stars. tis whisper Im whispering now... so QUIETLY
  5. dann hoffe ich, dass du dich verpflichtet hast, weil es schwer ist!
  6. Я учу русский, и это довольно сложно... потому что, конечно, это так.
  7. I'll join, but I will tomorrow... its late and I'm tired
  8. ....Sky, Earth, or my lovely underworld.
  9. Oh my gosh- this is so cool! Fr You're super talented. This is amazing.
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