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  1. First thing I want to say is I literally got this game three days before starting this post. So, I haven't gotten very far, even with my 16 hours of playtime. I haven't looked at let's plays or the like, trying to teach myself as much of the game as I could, and the tutorial provided. Essentially I learned how to do things and develop a semi-decent strategy that works for the first 50 days. Anyways, this is a suggestion list of mine, so... yea. 1 - Expanded / Expandable Family Tree. On a personal level, I don't like how nichelings are taken off the family tree when their direct heritage is discontinued. I wouldn't mind if, on one of the further islands, I can take a moment, pull up the family tree, and scroll all the way back to the roots, look through everyone again to reminisce about when I didn't get them all killed, and continue with newfound motivation. To further this, maybe allow an option for the 'game over' screen to include a family tree? So that I can really feel bad about not having them survive. 2 - "Workshop" Support Alright, listen, I know that modding support was a no-go. For now, anyways. But, I had this idea one time, where, maybe, players could get the option to 'create' their own island- like the level editor in the Civilization 5 SDK- where players could input their own starting genes, available genes from wanderers, design the full island themselves- and the other islands it can lead to, maybe even have a type of story they can write for the level. Then, they submit their level creation to the workshop, and people get to play these 'challenges' that other players created, like that. Even if this is undertaken I won't expect it soon, but it's nice to dream, right? 3 - "Multiplayer" / Challenge Mode? Likewise to the modding support, I read that multiplayer was a pretty far-fetched idea for this game. While it would be really cool to have a massive island with multiple players guiding their own tribes, that's a game that will probably take longer than most civilization games. Not to mention be incredibly demanding with the size that the island would need to be to make sure the tribes start out fairly. So instead, a 'multiplayer' idea would be using my previous suggestion of the custom islands and levels, or maybe just harshly randomized levels, and a high-score like feature. These challenges could be set in stone, or change on a certain basis, such as one week, having a challenge for all players on a new snow-based island, and the high score would be based on how many days they survive, or something. Nifty little feature that gets us a step closer to multiplayer, without needing all the extra development that would go with real-time multiplayer. That's all I have for now, I think. If I get any more ideas, I'll edit this post. See yaaaaa !