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  1. Also I barely ever use discord so sorry if I need help doing something/im slow
  2. Name: Gooseberry Gender: He/him, cis and bi Age: Two gems but very close to getting his third. Appearance: History: Abandoned/kicked out(a curse, some prophecies, it’s a long story) as a sickly newborn in the burning savanna alongside a sickly young teen named Flicker. From that point on, Flicker, despite being a kid herself, pretty much raised Gooseberry. Even if her childhood was snatched away by basically becoming a parent at age fourteen she still tried to give Gooseberry a good childhood. If she could raise Gooseberry well, then all her sacrifice was worth something. That all her pain would have meaning. So she hid how awful things were, how awful her mental health was. But Flicker’s resentment of the life she had been given, even if she bottled it up, still effected things in other ways. She lashed out for perceived slights, so tense that the smallest things would lead to screaming matches. Or she would spiral. So exhausted and depressed she would sleep for days. And Gooseberry, who had no idea how much she was struggling to keep them alive, would think that Flicker was doing it on purpose and be an ungrateful rebellious brat. They harbored a lot of unspoken resentment towards each other. Fights were common. As Gooseberry grew older Flicker’s anger settled into bitter depression. The anger was still there, but not as hot. Gooseberry began to realize how lucky he was, how hard Flicker had been trying. So his behavior drastically changed. He became overly optimistic and cheerful, afraid to share any negative opinions. It didn’t really work and just gave Gooseberry a crippling fear of being a burden. Also WOW this boy’s story is so angsty he won’t be angsty in the rp. Personality: Overly cheerful/hopeful, which can come off as fake. Especially if he opens up after befriending someone and they then they are pissed that they only befriended the idea of him. Really worried abt being a burden. Not very good social skills for obvious reasons, either awkwardly quiet or overshares. Just physically weak, being sickly and all. Naive, dense. Gentle and good with kids. Resourceful/adaptable, can make the best of bad situations. Forgiving and tries to see both sides of the argument. Good listener, though he’s not super at giving advice. Knows a good bit of first aid, but squeamish around large amounts blood/gore. He’ll still try to help even if he’s freaking the hell out. Good with change. Really afraid of being alone. Follower rather than leader, very indecisive. Stubborn, but not an insane amount. Will (verbally) fight for what he believes in but it takes a bit for him to snap. Pacifist at heart but will fight back… which considering his one point of strength probably won’t work. Other: Weaves lavender into his mane/tail. Has a couple of slightly darker pink speckles but they’re not large enough or dense enough to be considered spots. Username: ion#3946
  3. This looks. Interesting. I’ll join tomorrow when I’ve took my meds.
  4. This! is not dead! My motivation is just hiding somewhere and i can't find it-
  5. Zero A splash as the last nicheling jumps the gap. They watch as the steppingstones crumble away. The breeze is soothingly cool, ruffling the fur of the small group. Their leader cards through them. Two cubs, seven adults, all exhausted and half-starved. Her mate's mane ripples with her sigh. Her sibling peers deeper into the forest. The island is beautiful, which is impressive for being on the back of a whale. Yeah, they're not gonna get over that. But.. it is beautiful, really. Flowers pepper otherwise mono-green scene. Loamy-sweet scents saturate their senses. The canopy sways softly. One of the cubs, the one with the green coat, turns toward her aunt-uncle. Their replying glance provides no reassurance. It's quite unnerving, actually. Eyes shouldn't look like... that, right? Black w/ poison fangs - Agnes, leader + pregnant, she/her Gray and orange w/ purr snout - Lunar, half-trained medic and Agnes's sib, they/them Black and yellow - Luct, weird herbalist/toxicologist/plant id-er, they/them Bearyena snout w/ mask - Mallow, Agnes's mate, he/him Gray w/ spikes - Persi, a Guy, he/him Yellow w/ spikes - Aconus, anger, she/her Pink w/ water body - Cherrywood, another Guy, he/him Green platypus - Sugarsnap, Luct's niece, she/her Orange w/ white spots - Creamsicle, orphan, she/her (TW for violence/blood/gore/rot/disturbing themes/oh my god theres so many i promise its not gonna be a gratuitous gorefest + ill add warnings above graphic posts + not all of these will be included this just in case i include them)
  6. Is this dead or just on hiatus? If it’s the latter, then I’d love to join!
  7. Thank you! I love the hatching on his nose/eyes.
  8. flicker or gooseberry, perhaps?
  9. Uhhh the peppermint platypuses? the fiery candy canes? something mint related
  10. Or you can take the bg characters without personalities and give them ones
  11. Returning, they’ll already have backstories and characterization established
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