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  1. I feel like i should have made it darker but its a bit too late for that lol
  2. Happy birthday! (also I hope you feel better soon)
  3. Welcome back too... Slushie can't draw backgrounds! (and one speed draw ig) Untitled190.mp4
  4. I was looking in my screen shots and uh
  5. idk why I saved this on my device. I feel uncomfy looking at it but past me saved it anyway
  6. This triggers the trypophobia I never knew I had
  7. Never did I think once that I would ship a worm and hippo. Anyway should i draw them as dragons tomorrow(or today idk)
  8. So i decided to make a dragon out of just shapes. idk why, i just did it. I also added fluff to the chest/neck, Why not.
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