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  1. Also I like how the story is going so far! Your writing is very descriptive!
  2. Fess holds her kit close, trying her best to listen to what Neoki was saying while also making sure Inko didn’t toddle out of the nest. It hurt her to think that Inko would never know what King was like, how he smiled and laughed, how bold and kind he was. Fess had cried all her tears, but that didn’t mean her grief was gone. However, she knew that she had to be there for both her sons, no matter what. Neoki’s voice snapped Fess to the present. Neoki was frowning at her. ‘Uh, I’m sorry, what?’ Fess felt herself burn under her fur from the embarrassment. ‘The strange creatures that have been following us. I asked if you might know who they are, as you are one of the more experienced members of the tribe.’ Neoki patiently explained. She was sitting down on a slightly higher patch of ground. It was custom for leaders to stand during important announcements, but Neoki’s condition seemed to be getting worse the older she got. It seemed the tiredness and weakness she had was worst in her back legs, so much so that she had to sit or lie down most of the time. However, she could still walk around just fine, it was just too tiring for her. Her mind was still as sharp as flint though, and she was probably the most intelligent leader the Tribe of Sun has had for many moons. ‘Sadly, no. Anyone I can think of that might do something like this doesn’t fit the description Shee gave us.’ Fess sighed. Red fur and black fur. She suspected who the creature with red fur might be, but could she say it to Neoki? Neoki continued talking, about a plan of some sort, but Fess was already thinking. Cane was the only other creature who would probably remember Randi well enough to suspect him, but Cane was quiet and reserved. It was up to her. ‘Neoki, excuse me.’ Fess spoke up, standing up and handing Inko over to Aksit. ‘Speak.’ Neoki nodded. ‘The red-furred creature, I was thinking he might be…Randi.’ Fess spoke slowly. Fess couldn’t see it, but in that moment, Neoki’s muscles tensed, and her air of calm broke for a second. The rest of the tribe was quiet. The silence was like a veil, keeping Fess and Neoki hidden from everyone else. Neoki struggled to keep her voice even. Fess was one of her closest friends, why would she say something like this? ‘You and I both know that Randi is most likely dead. He was exiled as a child.’ Neoki said quietly. ‘And even if he was alive, why would he resort to killing his tribe like this? If he wanted revenge, he would have gone for me.’ ‘Randi loved- loves you Neoki. I remember him, he never would have laid a paw on you.’ Fess argued. ‘Maybe he’s going after those who wronged him? Or those who he always secretly disliked?’ ‘Fess, this is extremely unlikely. If you allow it, can we get back to making a plan?’ Neoki’s voice took on a cutting quality. This conversation was over. ‘Of course.’ Fess sighed, sitting back down. Cane gave her a pat on the back, for at least trying. Neoki was clever, that was true. But her grief made her blind to things that were obvious. Maybe Shee could explain some more. Where was he anyway? ‘Aksit, have you seen Shee anywhere?’ Fess murmured. ‘Nope. I think he was with Kendyll and Alia, but they arrived alone.’ ‘Can you please go ask them? This is an important meeting, he should be here.’ Fess took Inko off her son. Aksit whispered to her that he would, and snuck through the crowd. Eventually he bumped into Alia. A quick explanation was all it took to bring a worried expression to her face. ‘But he was right behind us? He said he had to take care of something, and he’d join us in a few minutes.’ She frowned. ‘Shee?’ Neoki called, her face full of confusion. ‘Where is he? It’s his turn to speak.’ ‘He’s still out there!’ Alia cried, darting away from everyone, and back to the place where they found the sick wanderer. ~ ‘At least tell me why you’re doing this.’ Shee spoke out loud. He was in an empty clearing, but he could feel them watching him. He had to do this, he knew the creatures had been following him for days now. ‘But if I tell you, you’ll run off and tell everyone, won’t you?’ The not-so familiar voice of Randi sent chills down Shee’s spine. He whipped around to face him, his fur as red as Neoki’s. He had changed so much, he was thinner, looked more agile, and more grown than before. But what changed the most were his eyes. There was a strange madness in them, something that he hadn’t seen before. Randi walked as if he was stalking prey. Shee stood his ground. ‘The chances of that are small.’ Shee said drily. ‘I know you have an accomplice.’ ‘That he does.’ The voice of the shadow, from behind him. The shadowy creature looked much clearer in daylight, but his fur still remained an inky black. ‘You want to know why I’m doing this. Except I’m not going to tell you, because I’m not stupid.’ Randi spat. ‘All you need to know is that Kendyll is the creature I want to get rid of, and getting rid of you will help me get rid of him. Maybe then he’ll stop hanging around that orange creature, at least for two seconds.’ ‘Why you then?’ Shee turned to face the shadow. It grinned back at him. ‘Let’s just say me and Randi are friends, of sorts.’ The shadow didn’t seem to be bothered by his half-mad friend. Randi snorted at that, but didn’t deny it. It seemed the shadow was enjoying this, while Randi just saw all this as a means to an end. ‘Are you going to hurt me?’ Shee tried to keep his voice calm and confident. It didn’t really work. Randi didn’t say anything. He leapt at Shee. ~ ‘Neoki?’ Alia’s voice. ‘Yes?’ Neoki’s voice, almost as distressed as Alia’s. ‘That plan you were talking about. Where one of us is bait. And the others hide and attack those creatures when they show up?’ ‘What about it?’ ‘We need to go ahead with it. Now.’ ‘...I agree.’ Neoki whispered. They were too late to save Shee. She wouldn’t lose anyone else. (okay things are getting dramatic lol)
  3. Can my sister join? (My sister joining art contests on the forums she doesn't have an account on strikes again)
  4. I have no clue how to draw dragons but here I am anyway lmao
  5. You know the way earlier I said I had problems with eating? Well I think me and my family have figured out what it is. A gluten sensitivity. A literal gluten sensitivity 💀. That would also explain how I'm so ungodly thin, like you can see my ribs, it's because my body can't process the good nutrients bc I keep eating gluten. Anyways I've been going on a gluten free diet for a little while, and I actually feel a lot better, and my anxiety isn't as bad anymore either!
  6. Aksit prowled through the bushes, the stink of bearyena filling his nostrils. He had been tracking this one for days. Both Neoki and Fess had told him to stop it, to stop needlessly risking his life by seeking out bearyena, but he really couldn’t. In truth, he felt awful about going behind his Mom’s back, he loved her very much. But on the other hand, he couldn’t just let these monsters roam free. If Dad was still here, Aksit was sure he’d be proud of him. Dad was always daring, and Aksit wanted to be like him. Aksit paused. Here. He crept forward, his paws barely making a sound on the soft grass. He peered through the bushes at an empty clearing. Wait. Not empty. A small bundle of dark brown fur lay there. A creature? Aksit was about to stand up and go towards it, before it whined. It sounded nothing like a creature, and his blood ran cold as he realised it was a bearyena pup. He should kill it. Pounce on it, and rid this island of another monster. It whined again, louder this time. If bearyena could cry, this is probably what it would sound like. Pity panged in Aksit’s heart. Was it alone? He crept forward, until he was right in front of it. It saw him, but didn’t move. Aksit stood up, but it still didn’t move. He walked all around it. Nothing. Just as he was about to poke it, he realised it was incredibly thin for a bearyena. He could see its ribs. Wasn’t its mother meant to care for it? The pup whined again, and he could see how its eyes were glazed over with pain. It was dying. Even if he fed it now, it wouldn’t do anything for it. Again, Aksit felt that pity in his heart. He could just leave it to die. It's not his problem. Aksit turned to leave, before stopping. Would King want this? For his son to heartlessly turn his back on something that needed his help? Even though it was a monster, it was still just a pup…. He sighed, before scooching up beside it. It didn’t push him away, so he wrapped his tail around it to warm it up a bit. Maybe it mistook Aksit for its mother, or maybe it was just cold, but it curled up against him. He stiffened, but didn’t move. It was kind of Ironic, how he came here to kill a bearyena, and yet he was comforting one as it faded away. ‘Aksit! Don’t!’ A slightly familiar voice yelled across the clearing. The pup whimpered and tried to get up, but failed. Aksit gently patted its head to get it to calm down. ‘Hush. You’re scaring it.’ Aksit replied in a calm tone. He looked over at the voice across the clearing, at Shee as he stood there. Shee mustn't have heard, because he bolted forward and pulled Aksit away from the bearyena. ‘It’s only a pup, don’t hurt it!’ Shee cried, standing between the two. ‘I’m not a monster! I know that!’ Aksit hissed, before barging past and sitting down next to the pup again. Its breathing was more shallow now. ‘It’s dying. Let it die in peace.’ ‘I thought you were…’ Shee paused for a moment, before realising what was going on. He seemed more than embarrassed as he spoke. ‘Ah. I’m sorry Aksit. I thought you were going to…’ ‘You’re right, I hate bearyena. But I’m not going to kill a pup.’ ‘Of course. Neoki was asking for you.’ Shee said, wanting to switch the subject. Aksit laid his head down and let the pup huddle against his fur. It made his fur stand on end, being so friendly with a bearyena, but he knew he had to do this. He couldn’t, wouldn’t let it die alone. ‘Tell her I’m busy right now. I’ll meet with her in a moment.’ ~ Fani felt the coughs rack her body again. She lay there, wheezing in the grass as her vision clouded. Not again! I was getting better, I was! But this was worse than her ordinary cough attacks. Her heart almost stopped as she realised there was blood mixed in with her spit. She wasn’t even that sick! Denial flooded her thoughts. She was fine. She was going to be fine. Her limbs suddenly grew weak, and she collapsed to the ground. She heard distant voices, or maybe it was just her mind making it up. She weakly called out for help, but it came out as more of a rasp. She saw two creature’s in the distance, one fiery orange, and the other a pale yellow. They must be Olik and Kilo, the Gods of death, come to take her heart away! She wasn’t ready to die! She struggled to get up, but the orange one bolted forward and gently helped her to lie down again. The yellow one looked incredibly agitated, and pulled the orange one away. Fani only felt a small amount of sadness at that. She was used to creatures staying away from her. They seemed to be talking. From what Fani heard, the orange one was named Alia, and the yellow one Kenny. The two seemed to come to a conclusion. Fani opened her mouth to beg them to help her, but only more coughing came out. Everything hurt… Alia darted off, while Kenny stayed. He inched forward, until he eventually got close enough to help her to a nest nearby. Fani heard him muttering under his breath, about how this was ‘Against the rules’ and ‘Dangerous’. He helped her lay down. Faintly, she heard him ask if she was alright. She wanted to say, ‘Obviously not’, but she only coughed harder. It felt like her insides were falling out. Alia rushed back with a healing fruit, and cracked it open. Fani tried to eat it, but she was too weak. Kenny seemed to think for a minute, before he cracked the fruit-nut against a rock, causing its juices to spill out. He gave it to her, and Fani drank it. She only hoped it wasn’t too late. She coughed for a few more minutes, the other two creatures standing to one side, worry in their eyes as they glanced at each other. However, Fani was already feeling like her eyesight was clearing up, and her throat hurt less. Eventually, it was only a small cough every minute or so. She wobbled to her paws, and smiled at her saviours. ‘Y’ saved me! Thank y’ so much, I don’t know how I can ever repay ye!’ Fani grinned at them. Alia smiled widely, and Kenny gave a small smile back. ‘No repayment needed! We’re just glad you’re okay!’ Alia chirped. A thought came to her. ‘My name’s Alia, you should join our tribe!’ ‘Alia, no!’ Kenny whispered, but he underestimated Fani’s hearing. ‘No, s’alright, thank y’ for the offer, but I prefer to be alone.’ Fani reassured him. Just then, a spiky creature walked up behind them. Said something about the leader wanting to see them. Regardless, Fani wasn’t there to hear it, having already slunk away. She knew them over excitable types, like Alia. It was best if Fani left quickly, so as to not give the yellow creature any undue worry. Her paws already felt so much stronger! She’d have to go find that fruit Alia found, that would come in handy. Fani didn’t see the two pairs of eyes watching everyone, one pair violet, one pair brown. Their disinterested gaze quickly left Fani, and stared at the others. Specifically Shee.
  7. I'm sorry I've been so irregular with my updates, I'll try and work on that, and I'll update today!
  8. If you want, either of these two
  9. https://spotify.link/HhXi1nhtkDb Qjhsbdjdjkeksjbd THIS SOOOOOOOOONGGGGG
  10. It's candyland by tobu, I used to love the song 💀💀💀
  11. Why did I make this? Idk but it's funny lol- lv_0_20230922190246.mp4
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