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  1. Siis looks like she has a little bowtie
  2. Here will be some of my little nichelings that I find cool whist playing, like Storm, the Child of Mud and Duck that was born. Here she is right here!
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    Uhm so we ended up starving but here are the children of Fawn, Liana and Kandi
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    More photos
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    Day 54-67 (lots of roleplay, not a lot of food.) Sharktooth names her 3rd son Alan and the wanderer introduces himself as Fernando stating that he heard his sister ran off to join a group, but looks disappointed as he doesn’t see anyone who looks like him. Ghost takes a liking to Fernando since no one else wants to hang out right now, since Firecracker’s taking care of Alan and Marsh. Marsh grows up and hangs out with his older sister, Sharktooth decides to talk to Firecracker. “What will our children do when we’re old and die?” She asks. “Surely they’ll have families by then.” Firecracker says, “they won’t be too upset, it’s a part of life.” Sharktooth doesn’t look too convinced, but goes back to playing with Alan. Fawn gets impregnated by a rogue male and a bearyena confronts Sharktooth, Firecracker and Bone, meanwhile Fernando and Ghost are out exploring. The bearyena strangely doesn’t kill anyone and Fernando took it out. Firecracker finds a blind wanderer named Liana and she and Fernando seem to know each other. Fernando pulls Liana aside and whispers. “Liana, what are you doing here?! You know I’m on a mission to find my sister Rose.” Liana frowns, “I’m also looking for her because she was my best friend. I have a feeling these nichelings know something about her.” She whispers, “besides, she’s supposed to be the next queen, and I need to be recognized as a hero when I find her.” Fernando hissed. “You only want to be a hero and important because you were shamed for being blind when you were born.” Liana stalks away, but unbeknownst to them Marsh heard them arguing. Sharktooth’s last child is sick and a bearyena approaches her, but Liana and Sharktooth take it down. “I announce every day with 60 in it shall be known as the day of misfortune.” Firecracker announces, and he gathers his family as they prepare for him to pass away. The next day Firecracker passes away as he announces his eldest child; Fawn as the leader. Fawn is about to give birth and Ghost and Liana chat. Fawn talks to her mother. “I’m not sure I’m ready to become a mother to a child I never wanted..” She says nervously, “plus I’m the leader now and this child will probably be the next leader after me.. It’s just that I don’t think I’m ready for all this responsibility.” Sharktooth carefully hugs Fawn and reassures Fawn by saying, “when Bone was born I was so alone and nervous, but now we have a whole tribe to take care of you and your child.” Sharktooth gazed at Bone and Ghost, “I know you’ll be a great parent.” Ghost grows up, and Fawn gives birth to a girl she names Leanana in tribute to her friend Lenana. Sharktooth finds a wanderer called Kandi and Bone has feelings for her. Liana actually likes Ghost and asks him to be her mate, and Ghost accepts! Sharktooth goes onto a deserted island to die in peace. Fernando pulls Liana aside and nearly screams at her. “What about our mission?! I can’t believe you’d take a mate and even get pregnant!” Liana yells at him. “I don’t want to do this mission anymore! Leave me and my mate and future family alone!” Fernando glares at her and runs off. “Hey wait!” Fawn calls to Fernando, and he halts. “I really like you and would want to be your mate.” Fernando sees this opportunity and accepts. “Now that I’m the leader’s mate I have more power” He muttered to himself whilst grinning. “Hey Kandi, I like you and I’m wondering if you like me and want to be my mate?” Bone asks Kandi, but Kandi looks a bit nervous, and Bone notices and she says. “No.. I have eyes for Marsh.” Bone was hurt that she chose his half brother over him, and he went to talk to Ghost. “I saw what happened over there, and I’m sorry..” Marsh calls to Bone. Kandi gets rogued. “Ghost, what do you think your child will look like?” Bone asks Ghost, “I was shocked when Rose had you.” Liana perked her ear. “Uhm, I think I’ll just hang out with Fawn..” Bone said after seeing Liana perk her ear. (AAA need to start getting food. We have 9 members and 34 food..)
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    I need two boy names
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    Day 41-53 (need names) Sharktooth gives birth to her second child, a daughter named Fawn in tribute to her old mate Buck. Firecracker finds mysterious bones in the swamp, and he and Sharktooth mate again. It rains and replenishes berries soon after. Bone watches over his curious half sister. Sleepy bugs annoy Bone and Firecracker, but eventually they catch them. Rose gives birth to a tall albino boy with big ears, and he looks a lot like his father. Rose names the little boy Ghost. Bone asks. “What is a Ghost?” “A Ghost is a slightly transparent entity offen of a dead nicheling.” Rose explains. “But our son Ghost isn’t dead..?” Says Bone, who is very confused. “He just looks like one.” Rose sighed. “You’ve seen a ghost?!” Bone Exclaims. Rose decides not to take the conversation any farther. Sharktooth overheard the conversation and was secretly laughing at her son. The next day a bearyena tries to turn Ghost into a real ghost but fails and we take it down. Sharktooth gives birth to a boy that looks like her, and this time Firecracker names the child, and he names him Marsh. We also find a pretty wanderer in the swamp called Lenana. Fawn grows up and itches to explore however nobody else wants to except the wanderer Lenana. Fawn and Lenana become friends as everyone else is taking care of the children. They begin to explore but find a rogue male and swipe at its crooked face and puny arms. Rose gets the sleeping sickness and it rains. The next day a bearyena appears in the grass by Fawn and everyone is a bit nervous. “Why is everyone nervous, mama?” Asks Ghost to Rose, however she’s sleeping. “Everyone’s nervous because this bearyena isn’t in our faces for us to kill.” Explains Bone. Lenana gets killed by the bearyena and in a rage Fawn attacks it. Bone and Rose try to attack it too but they’re too weak and it kills Rose, going for Ghost next, but they take it down. Ghost and Fawn are devastated and the next few days Bone ignores his son. Fawn decides to explore in the name of her friend and ignores anyone who tries to talk to her. Ghost grows up and decides to hang out with Firecracker instead. Sharktooth gives birth to a third son that I need names for. Ghost finds a wanderer that looks a little bit like his mom that I’ll also need a name for.
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    Day 21-40 Buck passes away while Sharktooth is pregnant with his kid Sharktooth gives birth to an albino boy I then name Bone! It rains the next day and Sharktooth picks some berries. Bone hops on top of the rabbil burrow. The scary bearyena noise isn’t heard anymore the next day. On day 30 a young female wanderer spawns and we invite her in! Her name is Rose. The next day Rose becomes an adult and Bone becomes a teen destroying all the roots around the area. 2 days later I hear the scary bearyena sound again, and Sharktooth and Bone take down a crabbit. A male wanderer spawns that’s about the same age as Sharktooth. The wanderer's name is Firecracker and we invite him in. Sharktooth and Firecracker become mates, Bone doesn’t know what to think about this. A bearyena finally spawns right next to Rose, and Rose, Sharktooth and Firecracker take it down easily. Sleepy Bugs infect Bone so he can’t move. Day 40 and Bone grows up. Rose and Bone become mates.
  9. This is my attempt on AHVHC !
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