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  1. I figured the best way to play the game Wait for your monster to walk to the "safe" place for the monster to sleep Then keep spamming "lie down" once a day Technically you are in "safe" zone , always. This will allow you to build up your town to massive size. Once you have build up enough resources, you can let your monster to continue to walk. With a ton of buildings and resources, it doesnt matter what the game throw at you anymore. Cause you can easily close and eye and take anything that comes your direction. I am unsure if this is intended or not. It does make the game too easy.
  2. Could you make poison appear later in the game? Poison cloud seems to appear way before I am able to build the flame thrower guys Previously during the demo, you could build the flame thrower guys without cost. Now you need to build: bile > bile processing to gas > then flame thrower guy So there is extra 2 steps, which takes more time to research, and build. It is virtually impossible to build flame thrower guy before you reach poison cloud
  3. Half the time the starting location is desert . Which makes it really hard to survive as you cant farm and grow food. Starting at "cold" location is hard but still do-able , desert starting location is way too hard.
  4. Food is now more balanced; it is hard, but my people dont die of hunger anymore.
  5. Manage to start at a "green" zone . Population of 30 ; I have 2 beet farms , with 5 people (max) working on each Also 2 kitchen , 6 water tower, with 600 water storage Basically most of my production is on food All of this is just barely enough to survive. Means I make enough food for the day. I believe 12 pop to feed 30 is a bit unbalanced. As soon as I get to a "desert" zone, my entire town dies within 1-2 days Seems, you need at least 3 beet farms, with 3 kitchen , that is 17 people ; out of 30 total population to survive. That doesnt leave you with any population to do anything else.
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