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  1. when your friend gets kicked out of their house so you let them spend the night but then their drunk stepdad follows you and your brother and your friend in your brother's car to your house and just sits there in your driveway for the next three hours o.0
  2. guys I did pretty makeup a few days ago so congratulations you get an eye reveal
  3. I don't remember if I already posted this but here we go
  4. BRIBMOSNTER!!!1!!!!1!!!11!!! Bro it's all good I've been listening to a lot of Melanie recently too lol
  5. YEAHHHH MUCH ALIVE WOOO sorry I keep disappearing lol
  6. There was 3 snow days last week. I want to be there I hate not having a set schedule lol
  7. We're in a place where the weather hates us It's literally 0 degrees rn
  8. I didn't see this until a couple days ago, when Loxfeaf showed it to me Thank you so much!! I love how you drew everyone, your art style is so cute!
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