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  1. What does the dream-less image look like?
  2. Welcome to the forums! Come to my basement, there's candy there! And don't worry about the bones, they're just fossils.
  3. I kinda wanted to reach 1000 pages ngl Should I make a poll?
  4. Whoever votes "dinosaurs suck" might dissappear mysteriously...
  5. On the topic of funny Greek names, rhinoceros means "nose horn" (rhinos = nose, keras = horn)
  6. I don't really like it, but if you do, it's alright, I mean it's just a pizza. It is quite surprising nobody has started a war yet, and everyone is so respectful! Y'all are pretty cool!
  7. Try turning on desktop mode? Tap on the three dots in the top-right corner, then scroll down to "Desktop Site". There'll be a checkbox there
  8. Sorry for not posting yesterday, it was a very busy day. I'm also on vacation now, and will return next Tuesday (not the Tuesday in three days)
  9. A man has fallen into the river in Minecraft! Start the new redstone helicopter! H̶͉̲̲̺̏̍̀̉̈́̂̋̒̊̉͌̅̕̚̚͠͝Ḛ̶̞̳̳̃͊͝Ÿ̴̛̼̖͖͙́̾́̂͗̐͛̑͠ Build the redstone helicopter and off to the rescue. Prepare the lifeline, lower the stretcher, and make the rescue. The new Redstone Collection from Minecraft!
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