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  1. aaaaa I almost missed this it goes by pinch; use of it intentional/reclamatory. - big body, large overall. - cracker jaw, which I have as long and...well, pinchy. like a dog-gator. - bearyena ears - ambiguous paws/feet, kinda like mild bearyena claws - fin tail, for swim - melanistic = black fur/reddish-black pawpads and snout/dark golden yellowy...ambery...that dark color cat eyes get for eyes and gems. - fur highlights reddish to even pinkish in summer from sun tl;dr wrestler/weightlifter Vaporeon with dog-gator pinchy snout. - mute, uses body language-heavy sign language - looks perpetually done with everything, but that's just the cracker jaw - actually is more learn all the things and determined. protective of small pups and other vulnerable folks (is studying to be a healer) - also likes swimming, kelp, and those tiny little spring ephemeral flowers that grow in a tundra climate (^ this one has the best eye color ^) ... also this
  2. I am found out! Already! (Yes, it was indeed me.) Let me know if you want a full size PNG or MDP/PSD/some other format with layers? I have a lot of art programs around and can probably get things into a format whatever you use can open. (MDP is for Fire Alpaca, LayerPaint HD, and MediBang.) And I am no good at guessing who drew it (though the style is familiar somehow, I feel like I should know it! the eyes and highlights in them/the gems in particular are distinctive and cool-looking), but aaaaa I love mine. it is so adorable and happy and they are going to get up to some sort of (harmless) decorating antics. possibly ending in a dodomingo upside-down in a tree :D. and all the spots look great too. all the art is really great and makes me happy to look at. it's all...warm and fuzzy, sometimes literally, other times feelsy! (snow is obviously...less physically warm. yes.) and and oh no. I am not sure why that image isn't displaying. I said to allow sharing, but maybe Dropbox doesn't like it displaying the smaller size unless you open the share link directly. Try these? https://www.dropbox.com/s/6tn6ln2nxcr7gbc/inana color test plain.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/x6ty3u55jzf2xcs/inana color test bubbles.png?dl=0 I'll try to remember to upload them on my own hosting later today for a better-working version - I can't from my tablet, unless there's an up-to-date STFP client for Android 12+ out there that I'm missing. (All the ones I could find last I looked were so old they wouldn't talk to Android 12, my hosting, or both.)
  3. Sadly, no...it's just breed critters and see what you get when they're born. Though the whole point of the mobile game is breeding them to get interesting or effective-at-minigame Nichelings, so the only part of the sandbox settings that'd make sense would be where you can put in genes and see an example starter Nicheling using them. Though I'd love to see that sort of gene-tester as a feature if the game gets any major updates. It'd be a good way to know if that pattern/color goal you're breeding for actually is what you want, besides using it to (re)create characters.
  4. Yep. Keys are a (one time use) code you can redeem on a particular service/site (like Steam or Google Play) for a copy of the game.
  5. Volunteering to be an emergency Santa, regardless of whether I get refs up for the actual exchange. I want to do the actual art swap too, but I am indecisive and also all my files are currently a mess, so I have to go dig through them and/or clean up some WIPs to actually be coherent for drawing from. That, or I'll use this one Niche Mobile nicheling I'm attached to, that's easy to get refs for. Just need to crop some stuff and add color to a thing, aaaaaaa. (edit) why is this post editor so awful and wiggly?? JUST LET ME ADD MY IMAGES, please. (edit again) her name is Elko; somehow I managed to forget I cropped it out of the screenshot where it wasn't all tiny. quick edit to fix a tail markings glitch and make her eyes/gems golden yellowy with friends, if you want them?? (ignore her having green gems in this one, they're all stuck green in the mobile game) GENES. She'd have big body if it existed in the mobile game. those legs/feets are probably closest to runner's leg/regular legs. Please try to keep that circley tippy marking on her left ear and the big shoulder-leg blotchy one, whatever else you want to do with her blotchy spotty pattern? quick color I stuck on a photo of a watercolor thing that...for some reason I never added gems to. oops. (I wouldn't sample colors from it, though, it's tinted pretty green since she's standing in a lot of green plants.) Very big and fluffy overall, with a wooly undercoat and a smilodon/big cat sort of build. Hammer tail is thick and more for balance, not noodley like a small cat tail. Gems and eyes golden yellowy (again, please ignore the mobile game's green gems). Given she's from said mobile game, she's raised a lot of babies, both hers and others, and now is more of an older, mellow, everyone's (great-)auntie type who's seen everything before and won't get fazed by any of it. If she were a human, you could both trust her to reliably babysit...and trust her to have given your kids weird craft kits (build your own real working miniature trebuchet!) and sharpies as art supplies by the time you returned.
  6. Short answer, Unicode shenanigans using special characters to stack lots of things like accent marks on top of each other. Longer answer on Wikipedia, Zalgo text! There's a lot of generators for it online, but it can crash/break some stuff so use it responsibly. Ò̶̧̥̬̻̞̲͈͈͇̬̳͍̬̮̥̞̣̼͉̟̆͋̃́́̾͋͒͐̚̚͜͝R̷̨̢̢̨̛̛̛̛̦͉̪̤̹̣̘͚̫̼̭̠̖̫̲͎͛̈͌̓́̈̓͗̇͆̈́̽͗̈́̀͛̄̄́̋̅͋̅̕͘͘͜͝ͅ ̶̧̨̰͔͍̲̼̘̝͎͉͇̟̼̟̱͇̘̥̞̜̖͖̻̙̬̼͒͜Ė̵̢̢̯̺͓̲̜͖̫͛L̷̡̧̨̢̛͙͖͚̦̲̼̝̗̱̙͕̼̜̭͕̻̣̬̯̗̱̗̠̣̖̲̱̜͎̱̘͊͆̓̔̍̄͗̒̐͛̽̑͛͛̐̑̉̌̿̊͐̕͘͠͠͠͝S̶̜̭̼̭̑̈̿͒̈́̌͒͗͋̑̑͗̎̇̏̅͜͠E̵̡͖͉̦̗͋̀̑̔̔̈́̇͆͌͆̋̈͐͋̽̇̀̓̀̑͘͘̚̕.̷̛̛͕̮͎̦̲̫̳̑̀̃̓̊̈́́̃̋̈́̈͗̑̿̎̈́̽̔̓̓͒̄͘͠͠ͅ
  7. If you don't want to restart, try quitting (not just minimizing) Steam, then checking in Task Manager if you have any stray Steam (or Niche)-related processes still hanging around. If you do, terminate them all. I've had games lock up or fail to start and then something or other not properly close, making everything related not work until I found what was stuck and killed it. My other guess would be something got set in the graphics settings or other preferences that somehow is making things not start properly now - I had that happen with one of the beta versions and older graphics drivers. So, maybe try deleting the preferences file (back it up first, just in case)? I...can't remember where it is and am on a tablet so I can't check right now, but it should be in one of the Niche folders like the one storing the gem color and name files. It'll mention stuff like the graphics quality and fullscreen or not. (In my case, I think it was fullscreen that broke stuff.) Speaking of which, if your graphics drivers need updating, that might be worth trying too once you have an internet connection - definitely restart afterwards, and if you've had trouble before with them breaking when updated it might be worth doing one of those restore previous state snapshot...things Windows has. I don't use Windows and haven't for a long time, so I don't know much about how they work, sorry!
  8. Gender apathy/gender apathetic may be a relevant label to look into for that? As opposed to, say, agender, which carries more of an active "nope, not got/don't want one of those gender things" vibe to it, imo, but could also be a term to consider/use when looking for other people with similar feelings and experiences.
  9. Is there a way to get the addons without the plush? I really want the bearyena pin and acrylic standee on their own. I tried seeing if I could add them to the "just back the project" option and it doesn't seem like I can. I may be missing something obvious, though?
  10. Delurking to volunteer as an emergency backup artist, if that's in time. I don't have refs handy for an actual swap anyway, but I can do that!
  11. Tilly


    I found this looking for how to add custom fields (and failing, Invision's site is...interesting...to navigate, or it is when not logged in). Looks like at least the titles would be easy to restore by toggling a setting in the admin panel (edit) and modifying a thing that looks simple enough to change (famous last words, I know): https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/462409-46-how-to-restore-custom-member-titles/?tab=comments#comment-2859075
  12. I hear Linux, and I am summoned...? On my system (Ubuntu 16.04 and using Mate rather than the usual DE, so I may have some different programs and settings) it's under: /home/usernamehere/.config/unity3d/Team Niche/Niche - a genetics survival game/AnimalNames.ini If you couldn't see .config looking around, it may be hidden in the file manager. Not sure what one that one in the screenshot is, but in mine (Caja) that option is under Edit -> Preferences -> Views -> check the "Show hidden and backup files" box. It may be somewhere very different for you...what version of Ubuntu/other debian-thing do you have, if you know? (Also visible, a few backup and alternate versions of the names/gem colors files that I put there myself. Those won't be in your folder, but it's probably good to make your own backup copy before editing!) If that's not where it is, maybe find will do better than the GUI search tool? Open a terminal (hopefully Control+Alt+T works for that, otherwise it'll be somewhere in the menus, possibly under System Tools) and paste in: find ~ -name AnimalNames.ini and see what it brings up (let it run until it's finished and gives you a new $ terminal line thing). If you get nothing, try find / -name AnimalNames.ini 2>/dev/null to search the whole filesystem, not just your home folder, which may take a while. The /dev/null thing is to make find not spam you with a ton of PERMISSION DENIED messages over the assorted root/admin-only directories that wouldn't have game files in them anyway. (Thanks to this page for how to do that. I learned a thing.)
  13. Delurking because typo-slaying type proofreading is a thing I am good at even when my language processing...isn't. Though I'd need a copy ASAP to be able to (hopefully) get it back to you before Tuesday, especially if that's as in before working hours (or midnight?) Tuesday your time. (I agree to not disclose/redistribute contents, of course.)
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