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  1. Finding a resting place to turn into bones by the ocean or finally settling down into a deep sleep to become a hill for thousands of years are both beautiful ideas, but I have another one! The next level that I'm craving for this game is the ability to eradicate the toxins, heal the whole world, and offload villagers into new settlements. I think, after you accumulate enough resources, maybe something like 25 knowledge will enable you to research a new type of fungus that you can then make in your laboratory and begin to plant in all the poison forests. Then you could wander the world releasing the new "antidote" spores in every poison forest. Once the land is clean again, no more poison forests, you can choose to build little communities of settlers here and there, offloading 20-50 people from Onbu at a time with bundles of resources. So you're going around decontaminating the world, and planting villages. I also think it would be amazing if Onbu would lay an egg, settle down for a little while, and hatch a baby Onbu that could eventually support its own tiny village. Eventually you could have a small herd of Onbus, each with its own village, and a completely clean world full of thriving settlements that welcome the roaming herd of Onbus with a big festival whenever they pass through.
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