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  1. Gliders are smart Dodgers Pushers are smart Rammers and Spinners are basically mtfkn Center seekers but with cringe I've contacted with Micha and luckily he started working on changing the system how sumo drones workshop will work copying drones online is pretty hard to make it flawless on the first try
  2. @Micha yes it is, but without it, it wouldnt really work, I could do more complicated stuff on smaller display, cuz amount of gates is (display tiles*6)+12 just 320 of those are just to define where the snake's head moves, 64 is display, and 12 is direction changing and gameclock. very useful would be multiple toggle, that have for example 4 inputs and 4 outputs, and... well, 1 output if assigned to 1 input, and only 1 output can be active at once, W -tag1 A - tag2 S - tag3 D - kebap The output active is output assigned to last input received, that is basically what the 12-gates part do, but due to that, the gates need fractions of time to send outputs, in the fractions of seconds snake gets second head... only REAL issue rn
  3. (Out of competition) Yet it is pretty buggy, OmegaRouge prolly gonna make a mod that is gonna shorten time of making those from 2.5h (plus 3.5 hours due to 3 crashed and starting from beggining) to 20 mins also would like to see dynamic buffers (Like dynamic thrusters, but changing buffering time) 2018-07-13 21-45-48.mp4 snek.nimbatusdrone
  4. Thats exactly what I'm talking about
  5. I also mentioned it in one of my old posts
  6. Well, it really is a feature, this famous quote is actually certainly serious this time.
  7. Yes, drones ARE rock-paper-scissors, but you just have to make a drone that would be as superior to others as possible. Losing to drone with negative rating was supposed to be considered training and not count to rating. Worst lose would be "0.00" what is pretty not probable, and if your drone would lose to so RARE and so WEAK drone, then it looks like you deserved it. Also few proper wins would balance it back. Drone matching could be set by drone owners to match only with drones within certain rating range.
  8. Helomst! Not so new here, but maybe I still should introduce myself. I'm an B+ student from Poland interested in ITC-direction education. Would like to maybe somewhere in the future open a studio creating manual entertainment software, aka games. I'm here to play Nimbatus and give ideas for improvements in it. I can't do anything, but if you ask me to do anything, you still may get what you wanted (If I want you to get it). Right, that's it I guess.
  9. dudes, just use few weakest springs if you really have to make satelites. idk
  10. [Disclaimer: Those ideas are supposed to be reconsidered during winter 18/19, after Beta release and getting more players] First part of the post is copy of part of my conversation with Micha, He said that I should post it on forum so other devs may see it. Before spamming his inbox we were discussing about drone rating itself. Rating would range from -10.00 to 10.00 Fights with drones with negative ratings would be ignored. Winning with rating, for example 7.1, will give you 7.1 points to calculating machine for your drone. Losing to a drone will give you pretty adequate amount of points, becouse losing to enemy with lower rating will cause losing more points, for example losing to 9, will remove 1 point, and losing to 3.5 will cause losing 6.5 (10-n) It is mainly designed, so losing to very strong enemies, or winning with the weakest, won't influence your score significally, but once you win with strong enemy or lose to very weak, your score will change very much. Here is a little spreadsheet so you may check how would the rating more exactly work: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AkhHVJNjXNNLTLNM3rZyMrDPQ54BE3Hl4SxrRBGm8zg/edit?usp=sharing Post scriptum: After the end of a league all of scores from it, before resetting may be saved and attached to a drone, and let it be X^(Log(10+sqrt(10));(Y) Where X is the rating of a drone at the end of the week, and Y is the highest score in the leagues this week. Then, winning with drone from higher league won't give you X points to rating, becouse, hey, it's higher league, it will give you X+sqrt(X) The underlined equation is supposed to keep all the ratings close to the -10 => 10 range, highest impossibly value to end up a week with would be 13.16, but drones from league below will still get you as 10/13.16 (10+sqrt(10)~=13.16) Final word: Thank you if you managed to get trough my bullsh1t without skipping any part. ☺️
  11. @Markus Maybe same way as camera block you may add HUD block
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