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  1. Brienno, A short tale

    Brienno is a nicheling born on top of a mountain, in a snowy day, from the proud parents, Liouka, and Kyro. When he was born, he was surrounded by Mammut foot, armored bodied, Hammer tailed, Saber Tooth Fanged/Digging Trunked Nichelings. Theu were celebrating for the birth of the son of the two alphas, Like confetti, they threw leaves and dodomingo feather on top of the baby, making him messy. He had all of the pre-historic genes, including his bulky saber tooth fangs. As days were passing by, he grew stronger and stronger. Until he got his first gem. He started playing around with the other royal young nichelings in the snow, and throwing snowballs at them. Many weeks later, he became a handsome teen with those antlers. In hopes of finding a future mate, He started to show his antlers and fangs to his fellow cousins, but they were creeped out and left. He really bad wanted to have a royal mate, not some crazy beta or omega. Until one day, he spotted a his age collecting some food. She was a beautifl Melanistic creature, with big body, poison fangs, and a pair of ram horns and claws. Her name was Minnaka. So he offered her a few acorns and berries to join the tribe. As soon as she saw him and the food, she agreed. Everyday they got closer and closer. Until the day they both became adults! Now with his new mate, he realised, maybe omegas and beta creatures aren't that bad... So, after a few months, it was breeding season. He and his mate are preparing for their future. Brienno was nervous that his baby might be bullied or something...But then, both bred! Many years passed, and many sons and daughters were born. After his last son was born, both of them passed away peacefully under the same place they met, as everybody witnessed with sorrow. The end.
  2. Some Suggestions!

    Forget about Multiplayer, t the devs said they won't add it or mod support.
  3. Suggestions. Ideas!

    Things that I would loooooove in Niche! ;D -------------------------------------------------------------- 1- Seasons! I loved the autumn aspect of the Home Island, and the winter aspect of the mountains, but can we have these aspects in many other islands? Here are some things and features we will have during the seasons. Winter: It will be cold and nichlings will lack food to find and animals to hunt. So, just like squirrels, Nichlings have to burrow food down, (It will not affect food count) unless after we dig it, and we have to have the diggers paw if we want to dig or burrow. And maybe....hibernation? I WOULD love it! Fall: Falling leaves will fall everywhere, and many acorns and berries will fall down, but you have to catch them before they fall down! I would love to have the dead bushes aspect in the Savanna to be implemented in the Autumn feature. No birds will be there because of migration, and many other animals will migrate. Summer: Lots of green trees and green grass, There will be tons of vegetation around them, and it would be cool! I don't really have any more ideas! Spring: The trees will start to regrow their leaves, and there will be tons of things to hunt down because of breeding! There will also be wanderers! And rogue males! -------------------------------------------------------------- 2. More pairs of wings! After the wings get released, release more types of wings! These are a few examples. Bat wings: These wings will help with speed and they will make the predators scared. Butterfly wings: These wings might be slow and weak, but they are certainly good at attracting wild wanderers!+They can be destroyed easily by danger! Big wings: Fast, and cool, the big wings have a ton of features, such as scaring predators away, and making creatures look cool overall! -------------------------------------------------------------- Now these are some snouts Parrot Beak: This beak can help with cracking, just like cracker jaw, but can even crack the falling coconuts in the whale island? Reptile Snout?: This snout can scare away predators, and make them look unattracting to rogue males if they are female. -------------------------------------------------------------- Now these are some genes that will be at the top of the snout. Parrot Crest: Makes the nichling look attracting, and just for looks. It can open and close like a normal cockatoo. It will open if there is danger nearby, and if another nichling had passed away or whatever. Rhino Horn: +1 strength. It makes the birds not want to catch them if they're babies. +Scare away predators? Anteannas: +1 In smell and hearing. Spiky Mane: Just for males: +1 in strength and maybe in defense, and distasteful apperance? : -------------------------------------------------------------- Legs and Paws: -------------------------------- Bird feet: +2 strength but makes the nicheling slower. Horse feet: +2 strength and makes the nichling faster and stealthier. Reptile feet: +1 swimming but makes the nichling slower, and just for looks. Kangaroo feet: +2 stealth, and +2 speed. Just for looks. -------------------------------------------------------------- Now the paws: I would like the same as the top. ;D ----------------------------------------------------- Tails: ---------- Horse tail: Just for looks 1+cold resistance. Bird tail: Looks. +1 cold resistance. Reptile tail: Just for looks. Frog tail: Just for looks. -1 cold resistance. Elephant tail: looks+ -1 cold resistance. --------------------------------------------------------- Ears! --------- I dunno. -------------- Extra gene features: Kangaroo pouch: So you can protect the babies easier. I want different eye gradient like colors. ------------------------------------------------------------- So that's it! ;D