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  1. Burning was starting to give up on her search for others laying her head down
  2. (I hate that I keep on forgetting to come back) Burning was shaking themselves off feeling gross and tired but they were determined to talk about their memories with somebody anybody so they continued looking “ hello is anybody there?”
  3. She soon manages to crawl out it shaking her self off still coughing
  4. Yeah they were not having a good time it reminded her of some of the very rare times it would rain oh and smelling the smoke gave her a horrible memory that stays with her repeating over and over again whenever she closes her eyes They scramble trying to get out still
  5. Burning fell into some swampy water struggling to keep afloat at the same time they were having a bad coughing attack smog taking over their vision making them temporarily blind
  6. Burning was looking for the others but having trouble they hated the darkness so much
  7. Screw it I’m adding Valerie
  8. Burning got up shaking herself off before going to look for the others
  9. (The problem with me is that I keep on forgetting to come back and check so I’m always late with my replies because I have work and other things)
  10. Burning was remembering having lots of younger siblings and older siblings ”Gela wake up Krona and Kronur are waiting for us!” She called out in the memory the pup Opens purple eyes to look up at her having brown stripes and a golden body they remember picking them up by the scruff and taking them out of the nest so they could join the others in a place filled with dry grass this memory had something to do with a harvest festival thing “ i’m so tired of everything being black…”
  11. “ there’s nothing really interesting to do….” They said quietly (Quick doodle
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