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  1. Ester

    Art Requests?

    Ok I completely forgot about this but uh here I drew them all(in Pencil)
  2. Ester

    Art Requests?

    Here they are! I hope you like it! (I tried drawing the lineart differently this time btw)
  3. Happy birthday Andromeda!
  4. Ester

    Art Requests?

    I don’t know what to draw So uh I’ll what you ask me to draw I guess (Quality of art will vary)
  5. Death plants. Don’t touch them! What is the mud for?
  6. Ester

    Ester’s Art Dump

    More drawings
  7. Ester

    Ester’s Art Dump

    Hmm I have not finished any digital drawings in a while Well then Here’s some stuff from my sketchbook
  8. I drew an OC! I guess I'll call her Silva?
  9. Ester

    Ester’s Art Dump

    I HAVE DRAWN MORE ART (Btw here’s the color palette I used for this drawing(idk I added another color over it but the colors in the drawing are still close to the original color palette))
  10. Ester

    Ester’s Art Dump

    Okay I finally finished drawing something(I spent way to long on the background)(Also the character is supposed to be Elphaba from Wicked) Now I just have to finish my other 15 unfinished drawings
  11. Ester

    Ester’s Art Dump

    Wow how has it been almost 2 months since I've added any drawings to this dumpster fire, I was just mentally breaking down(and stressing over school) Well, I should probably actually finish a drawing then uhh I'll draw something soon
  12. Ester

    Ester’s Art Dump

    I’m still alive so here’s a drawing of Sucrose from Genshin Impact.
  13. Ester

    Ester’s Art Dump

    Tried drawing a WoF dragon again (Ft random Rainwing I got a few weeks ago)
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