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  1. @heyitsgeorgie I understand your point very well. It always feels a bit weird to sell the game for so cheap. BUT! The game has already been our for over 2 years. Once a game reaches this age and doesn't sell well anymore, considering bundles usually is a good idea. Why? - You get quite a bit of money from the bundle. - Bundles usually do not hurt your Steam sales, if anything we sell MORE copies on Steam during a bundle. Weird right? - You get many new players! Which can be great to get the word out about the game. Or also for new games and/or DLCs. So I'd say bundles are indeed a good thing ^^ Our last humble bundle actually financed our Switch port!
  2. Yeah the currently plan is that you can "retire" Nichelings. So you will still see/own them but they can't mate and go on missions anymore. Maybe we'll also consider an option that you can bring them back in exchange for some food. But not sure yet. There is no dominance guide in the current version, I guess we'll have to see if we manage to break even (which means getting back as much money as we invested) before considering new features. The idea to unlock a gene for a fee to speed up the process is interesting, I'll consider it
  3. To everyone here who does not yet own Niche or want to gift it to a friend: We are part of the Humble Sweet Farm bundle. This means that in the next 20 days, you can get a Niche Steam key for only $1! https://www.humblebundle.com/games/sweet-farm
  4. @gamingcookie jup @Renio We hope to give you all something to test out in Jan/Feb, but not 100% sure if we'll be done by then. The idea for the monetzing is this: The first biome (grass) with 3 sub biomes (forest, clearing and pond) will be free. The game should be playable indefinetly even with these 3 biomes, since we introduced gene level ups and biome level ups (you will see what that means once we start testing). However it's of course more interesting to have more genes and biomes available. So we plan to sell biome packs which each feature 3 subbiomes like the grass one. With the new biome pack a lot of new genes become available too. Not sure how we'll price them, probably around $2-4 per biome pack. Maybe we'll also offer other ways to spend money like special Nichelings with high level genes. But not sure about that yet. Another option would also be to add ads if many people play the game but nobody buys anything We'll see! It's our first mobile game so everything is super new.
  5. Time to announce the winners! The king was hidding in piece number 1. Amongst everyone who guessed right, the random numbers have chosen @Tundra as the winner. Congrats! I'll send over your key via PM now ^^
  6. Time to announce the winner ^^ The king was hidden in piece number 3! And the random numbers have chosen @Lazukii as the winner Congrats! I'll send over your key via PM.
  7. I knew somebody would find out sooner or later Will be removed in the next version
  8. @Zixvir We are thinking about a softlaunch (aka releasing the game in only one country first). Studios often do this to make sure the monetizing model of the game works and that there are no bugs. But before all that we will certainly let all you folks in the forums test the game out
  9. @inmiu made a cute mockup some time ago, thought I'd share it here ^^
  10. @Lazukii Omg I never managed 30 😮 Got to try again! Which version was it? Also, very cure drawings, thanks ❤️
  11. With the lastest version (4) the game works like this: During the day you place your Nichelings and uncover stuff. And then when you're done you start the night. During the night, these things happen: - First, predators that are still hidden but want to attack a nearby Nicheling are uncovered. - Then your Nichelings attack the predators, killing each one that has lower strength then them. (Killing a predator gives 3 food) - Then the surviving predators strick back, injuring nearby Nichelings that have lower strength then them. - Then surviving Nichelings collect food from surrounding bushes.
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