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  1. Hi pack We're doing our first sale with Niche on Steam The game will be 30% off until July 5th.
  2. Philo

    Crashing on attempt to load game

    Justed checked your log file. Unfortunately, no crash info was included. If you start a new game, the log file is also reset and the crash info gets deleted. Please make sure to get the .log file right after the game crashed next time If you still have the save files that caused trouble, those could maybe help too!
  3. Philo

    Crashing on attempt to load game

    Thank you very much @Fortuna! We'll look into it
  4. Philo

    Development WIP

    And we added a new enemy for the lava biome today The Hammerhead!
  5. Philo

    Development WIP

    Do you mean the stoney thing next to the resources?
  6. Philo

    New gene suggestion: Bat Head

    @Tarruvi We didn't manage to add them in time. So I'm not sure we're still adding them. Depends on what the next update includes I think.
  7. Philo

    Development WIP

    Today, I added in some BG objects for the new lava biomes. Changed some settings on the tree shader and which them move way too much...
  8. Philo

    Scorpion Tail Misaligned on Model

    I think it is supposed to look like that Will check with our artists.
  9. Philo

    GOG.com version not updated

    It seems that GOG will take a few more hours to update. Should be up and running today ^^
  10. Philo

    Community Votings start now!

    Yes, feature requests ^^
  11. Hey pack The official community voting starts now Make sure to post your suggestions and vote for your favorites. The voting will close on July 9th! We will then look at the suggestions with the most votes and choose what to add to the game. Gogogo
  12. Hey pack The new update is now on the main branch Here are the patch notes (version 1.1.4): New Features New paw gene (Wings) to jump over obstacles, swoop and sit on trees New island (Whale Island) Blue Birds can now be attacked if your animal can fly New horn gene (Antenna) for weather prediction New head gene (Purring Head) to heal surrounding pack mates New head gene (Beak) which gives digging and collecting ability New tail gene (Scorpion Tail) which makes animals venomous New tail gene (Fin Tail) which gives high swimming ability New tail gene (Peacock Tail) only works for males and attracts wild females Lots of new trees! (Palms, Acacia, Mangrove, Asp) Call when sitting on high places to attract wild Nichelings Day Counter Improvements Spiky body babies can't be picked up by blue birds anymore Leeches die when they attach themselves to toxic body creatures Armored body is impervious to leeches Damage from cacti and thorns depends on defense (3+ defense = no damage) Added different assets for travel ports (which show difficulty of new island) Digging paws now give digging +2 Oak Nuts can now be smelled Lowered default animal texture resolution for players with less than 4GB RAM Bugfixes Arctic Ram Foxes now die of old age Camouflage should now work with more fur color and grass combinations Fixed several bugs when loading a savefile The Animation when moving an animal should not loop anymore Normal Blood Clotting can now be mutated Identical Twins achievement should be awarded correctly Globetrotter / Homecoming should not be awarded too early anymore Clams / leeches no longer spawn on land When restarting with the same bloodline, animals no longer can be blind When restarting with the same bloodline, animals no longer can have the same immunity genes Filtering for tail genes with spiky body now shows results There should not be multiple digging buttons on an underwater field Skeletons should now also appear on tree stumps Visual fixes for poison fangs Fixed Berry bush savannah double attack icon Family tree can now be opened during the tutorial correctly Survive in cold climate requirement now only requires temperature -1 instead of -2. Toggling the UI on and off should not disable all notifications anymore Typing 1,2 or 3 as the animal name should not toggle the senses anymore Hope you enjoy ❤️ Please let us know if you have any trouble! Cheers, Your Stray Fawn Team
  13. @Micha Do you have any more tips on how to find save files :)?
  14. Philo

    Patch notes 1.1.4

    Shortest patch notes ever This update is now on the PREVIEW branch.Remember, there are still lots of bugs when things are on the preview branch.How to access the new update?Where to report bugs? Fixed in 1.1.4 Female peacock tail not showing up Wrong icon for cracker jaw
  15. Philo

    Raccoon Achievement

    @Feisty Could you let me know the pattern size and density on those two :)? That would help! It's hard to tell from the image