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  1. @Beanie I don't even know @David can you help here maybe?
  2. @A Nicheling Yeah health and age currently work like in the normal Niche. But who knows for how long Take all of this with a a grain of salt In this prototype 1 time unit is only a few second, so their lives might not be longer at all But none of this is even close to being balanced, so it's just random numbers for now. About hunger: Yeah, I'm not sure yet if I should just go with the classic "we are sharing all our food globaly" mechanic, or if an individual feeding and food transportation mechanic would be fun...Have to try it out ^^
  3. @A Nicheling Left is hunger, right is health/age. Not sure if hunger will stick around though!
  4. Not a lot of visible progress tonight, but the first genetic-based mating took place 😮 Also, the pond is no longer in need of help.
  5. I was wondering how long it takes until somebody points it out
  6. -The bluebirds eating protected babies -> I think this has been around for a while - The skeleton coming out of icebergs -> never heard of that one before 😮
  7. @A Nicheling The build on Mac on the preview branch? If so, are these all new bugs that weren't in the previous version :O? A list would be amazing!
  8. Bit of progress from yesterday's night promgramming session - Adam and Eve are back! - Worked some more on the breeding system - Added age levels (no more breeding with the babies, yay) - Added some more UI info Also they had SO MANY DAUGHTERS! I already thought it was a bug, until the little prince was born ❤️
  9. Haha never seen that one before Is this on PC or on Switch @A Nicheling?
  10. @alex602h Yes Niche mobile is still in development We'll have a focus week next week and will potentially be in touch to ask for feedback! However I'm not the programmer of the game so I can't really go ahead and just try new things out with it. This is just me doing stuff I like in my free time ^^
  11. @Chicken-duck-woman-thing Yes if I find the time to keep working on it enough I will definetly share it here once it's playable
  12. Hey folks As it often is the case when I have a longer vacation, I started prototyping a small Niche-related game ^^ So far, all you can do selecting your little 'Nichelings' and tell them were to go. If you place them next to bushes, they automatically start collecting and continue to do when you leave them there (automating tasks is one the points I want to try out with this prototype). You can also approach an animal of the opposite sex and mate with it. And after setting the pregnant female in the nest and waiting for a but, a baby is born. No genetics yet 😮 I'll be tinkering s
  13. Philo

    All Saves Gone

    @SilverHowl Are you/is he using the new build on the preview branch? If not, that means you're using the workaround I provided earlier, right? What we're trying to figure out is wheter the game automatically loads the right save files again in the new build on the preview branch. This has been a problem on Mac only.
  14. Philo

    All Saves Gone

    @A Nicheling@Impy10 @Applesauce Ok the issue should be fixed! Would you folks mind helping us to test if it really works now? If yes, switch to the Preview Branch on Steam and check if your save files are shown again. Ping me with your results please ❤️ Thank you ^^
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