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  1. Hey everyone! A new update of Niche - Breed and Evolve (1.3.12) is now live on both platforms. Here’s what we changed: - added a button to delete your progress/restart the game - fixed stability issues - improved save file loading stability - fixed various minor bugs And a new build (1.3.13) has just been added for all @NicheMobileTesters. We added a fix that could potentially fix the issues on iPad mini an older iPad versions. We’d really appreciate if anyone who had problems could test it! For the other testers: please try out the new version so we can see if our fix broke anything on other devices or not. Thank you in advance ❤️
  2. @NicheMobileTester We released a new build (1.3.12) on iOS and Android! We fixed some minor bugs (mostly related to the new reset progress button in the game) Please let us know if the build runs fine for you and if your save files are still working. Thank you ❤️
  3. @NicheMobileTester 1.3.10 is live on Android / will be live on iOS soon This update is mostly to bring more stability / reduce crashes. And we fixed the name square thing of course. It might break the save files for people who have played 1.3.8, sorry about that! (And thank you so much!) If you need to reset the game by wiping the game state you can do so via the 'Trash' button under the top right menu when in the game. Would be great if you can test anyways! Thanks ^^
  4. Thank you folks, I will discuss this with our game designer!
  5. @NicheMobileTesters could you give me a quick feedback if the new version 1.3.8 is running well for you? Or if not what the problems are? Please also include what kind of device you're on in the reply. Thanks! We have to decide soon if we should set it live for everybody 😮
  6. @Sky Dang. Sorry about that! Are you on Android? And do you know what kind of device? And also, what language are you playing in? And what language is your device set to?
  7. Oh what! Can you send me a screenshot of that @Sky? Yes, I think it's internal beta currently.
  8. Hey @NicheMobileTesters! We just uploaded a new version (1.3.8) of Niche - Breed and Evolve for all testers. We fixed quite a lot of bugs and made the game more stable. We also implemented a restart button, which lets you delete your saves and start fresh! It’d be great if you could test the new version until Friday, 2pm CEST. Thanks a lot ^^
  9. Philo


    We'll look into configuring them soon!
  10. Philo


    I think we had to do another forum software update today Maybe @David knows more?
  11. Hey pack! It’s launch day 🥳🎉🥳 Niche - Breed and Evolve is out now on iOS and Android for $2.99! And here is the trailer If you’re not sure how to help, we put together a list with things that would help us. Plus there are some giveaways going on Facebook and Twitter Cheers & Thanks, Larissa, Philomena and the Stray Fawn team
  12. @ZixvirThanks for letting me know! Are you guys using the feature? If so, I'll check with our web programmer to see if we can fix it!
  13. @ZixvirYes, totally :D! We have sent the draft of the first 3 chapers to some book publishers and are waiting to hear if they are interested. Will keep you informed!
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