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  1. Yes, it's on GOG. You probably have to reset your password on GOG.com ^^
  2. Philo

    Raccoon...yep, still

    Also pack, I could really use your help here! These are the genes requires to unlock the racoon achievement: If you can breed an animal that looks like it SHOULD get you the racoon achievement but has different genes, please post a screenshot here + a written list of what kind of pattern / fur color genes it has. That would be great! If we find some new combinations, we can allow them to also unlock the achievement.
  3. Philo

    Raccoon...yep, still

    Thanks for reporting! Naming the animal is not needed for this achievement I think I maybe found a bug in there just now 😮 The setting for the racoon achievement was set to female! So maybe it counted only for females! Finally found this problem, thanks so much This will be fixed in the next update.
  4. Philo

    Long Winter

    Hi @gwenckatz and welcome to the forums! That indeed sounds like a bug Could you post your save file here?
  5. Philo

    Nimbatus Alpha Key Give Away!

    Time to draw some winners The random numbers have chosen... @Supersandwich123 @All Hail Revolvers Congrats! Please send me a PM to claim your Steam keys for the closed alpha ^^
  6. Philo

    Give Away Circle Empires :D

    Ok, let's draw a winner! The random numbers have chosen... @DogCatCowPig as the winner I'll send over your Steam key via PM ^^
  7. Philo

    Heat Body question

    Agreed and fixed ^^ Will be in the next update. (This was actually a bug :D)
  8. Philo

    Moving Winged Nicheling

    Hey @ChasingNyx Are you super sure that you are playing version 1.1.4? If you are, please post your save file in here. That would be a great help!
  9. Philo

    My first ever tribe!! Yay!

  10. Philo

    Give Away Circle Empires :D

    Heyo folks We haven't done a give away in a while So let's do one for a game that was released today, called Circle Empires! Comment here for a chance to win the Steam key we bought ^^ The winner will be announed next week.
  11. Philo

    What are you waiting for right now?

    Waiting for more Better Call Saul episodes to be released!
  12. Philo

    Toxic Body Colors

    Jup, completly random.
  13. Philo


    Yes, you are correct ^^
  14. Philo


    And again for Savanna! Burning Savanna (longest in the game :D) Oasis
  15. Philo


    No prob, happy to answer questions ^^ People seemed to like getting a look into the game with the motivation scripts. So I'll also answer your question with some screenshots. Let's see... Rainy Jungle (Max temp would be 1 here) Overgrown Jungle (The root challenge island) Jungle Gate Deep Jungle Weather periods work like this: They have a min and max duration. The computer picks a random number within these values. That's how long the current weather will last. The weather slowly shifts its temperature towards the second weather period. And then the second one starts and goes back to the first in the same way. There are island which have more than 2 weather periods and that can randomly jump between periods they have (mostly the snow islands). The maximum temperatur of an island is the highest temperature number within any of its weather periods Who can tell me the highest temperature on the Deep Jungle island ^^?