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  1. Thanks for reporting and welcome to the forums @Scorpion Do you maybe have a screenshot of the invisible stripes Oo?
  2. Tank of a Predator: Tigle

    I'm also a big fan of your predator suggestions
  3. Is there a Demo Version for Niche?

    Hm, that is strange. I downloaded it from the page and uploaded it to my google drive. Does this work for you @wolfhowlmay? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fPlABpf3fy8d2rios2D9DBa1X6OhVO5x/view?usp=sharing
  4. Oak trees

    They *should* be the same as before Didn't change anything about them.
  5. Swimming tail VS new Fin Tail

    I think you have a point @Snowy Owl. Maybe we should make Tail Fin harded to get? Or maybe we could give another advantage to the Swimming Tail? Hmm... Mermaid Nicheling would be cute Maybe if "More interesting water biomes" wins a community voting at some point
  6. Unlocking wings...requires you to fly?

    Ok, will change it back to unlocking once you invite an animal with the gene
  7. A huge thanks to you too @Patry
  8. Woaaa thank you so much @jennymarlv <3 <3 <3
  9. @Skysplash8 When you're being asked to leave a review ^^
  10. Interesting Biology stuff

    Polar Bear moms can delay their pregnancy
  11. Unlocking wings...requires you to fly?

    The idea behind it was to make wings harder to mutate. So you would first need to find a winged creature, then fly with it and only then you could also mutate the gene. But inviting to unlocks the trait works too if you think this is better
  12. Nimbatus Alpha Key Give Away!

    Time to draw this weeks Alpha key winner! The random numbers have chosen.... @Regain as this weeks winner. Congrats! Please drop me a PM to claim your Alpha key Regain
  13. Mod Support

    The reason being that we would need to make HUGE changes to the game code, which would take months.
  14. Turkey vs Peacock

    The Peacock Tail gets a more peacock like texture soon ^^
  15. There are no apple trees in the game