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  1. Hey folks ^^ You maybe noticed that me and @Markus haven't been online all week long (or maybe not which is great too xD) That's because we're currently attending a language course in Japan! It all went so quick, a Nimbatus deadline here, a Niche mobile deadline there and suddenly it was time to get on the airplain. Sorry for not telling you earlier! We were in Tokyo for 2 days, but that wasn't nearly enough to see everything. So, first thing after we arrived in Kanazawa (where the school is), I fell horribly sick, over 40 degrees fever. After 24 hours, it was suddenly gone, super weird! We're both staying at seperate Host Families. A host family is a normal family that takes in students or travellers while they stay in the country. So now I will focus on improving my Japanese ^^ Looking forward to tell you all about it and share some pictures once I'm back! (which is October 24th). If you need anything in the meantime feel tree to tag @Micha! 2週間後にまた会いましょう!
  2. @bannergirl411 I'm 29 And the Stray Fawn range from 24 to 33 I think. Welcome @Elphina. Please be nice to everyone around here, especially since your older. We don't have much tolerrance for rudeness in these forums.
  3. Awesome job @inmiu! I added a dev icon for you just now ^^
  4. Well, that is a good question, I haven't thought about that yet. But I really don't recommend having an alt account just to gain reputation.
  5. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36896898-spinning-silver
  6. Just finished some audio books of Naomi Novik: Uprooted Spinning Silver both were amazing
  7. @alex602h That is weird! Maybe some problem with the forum software. @David can you help here?
  8. @heyitsgeorgie I think I said that it is confusing sometimes. But as long as the alt account is also sticking to the forum rules, it should be fine I think?
  9. Philo


    I'm sick too! That's quite the coincidence ^^ Hope you all get better soon!
  10. @heyitsgeorgie There are two types of possible bans: Not being able to post content or not being able to access the forums at all.
  11. Have a few WIP baby Nichelings from the mobile game as a thanks ^^ (Drawn by @inmiu)
  12. Thank you all so much folks ❤️
  13. Happy b-day Niche You are now 3 years old. They grow up so quickly *proud mom sniffle* I drew this picture to a) celebrate the birthday b) officially announcing the Switch port and new mobile game
  14. @SilverTheNicheling It's fine, thank you.
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