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  1. @Jojo Did you know I actually wanted to make a Warrior Cats game? "Erin Hunter" was interested, but the publisher said they don't have enough time to work with me. So I had to make something different Yes, it was! Kingslanding is based on Dubrovnik.
  2. @Bostonlobstah Yes, one of the Erin Hunters, Kate Cary
  3. Haha, look what I just found! A picture from my talk. At that moment I'm telling the story of when I reached out to Erin Hunter and she gave Niche a shoutout on Facebook ^^
  4. @SilverTheNicheling Yes it is ^^ If you don't like it, you can always refund it if you own if for less than 2 weeks and played for less than 2 hours.
  5. I used to trace a lot when I was starting to draw. It helps to get better But the original artist should always be credited.
  6. @Aetherskye That is an artwork of "Elarooh", one of the first games @Markus and me made when we were back in school http://elarooh.digidingo.com/
  7. The event took place in a fancy hotel. Double rainbow all the way! I spent my time mostly listening to talks, learned quite a bit! And I also gave a talk myself (about community-based development). On Saturday and Sunday I had some time to go explore the city. Awesome event, beautiful location! We won 2 free tickets (+accomodation) for next year thanks to the award So we will hopefully go again next year.
  8. @Goggles-kun That was the 5th award @Jojo Yes, it's a very beautiful country!
  9. Hey folks ^^ I'm currently in Croatia at a game conference. I will write a longer blog post once I'm back home next week! Spoiler alert: Nimbatus won the "Outstanding Gameplay" Award
  10. Hi @kumori7563321 Thanks for reports and welcome to the forums. I'll look into it
  11. @Snowy Owl Sounds like a bug! I'll look into it. Will also look into the capped camouflage, not sure what's happening there. Also not sure what is going on with all the fake Philos around here @Phil @philo.exe @Philoh @PhiloJD @Philomena 😮
  12. Well folks, bed time for me it's midnight in Switzerland Keep on brainstorming, I'll check in again next week, after coming back from the game event in Croatia!
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