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  1. For your information, I had to permanetly ban watersporter because of continuous random posting. They have been warned twice about this before. Thanks for the quick reaction @Katumai:)
  2. for ya sorry if i had  takmoya  name on it

    to Takoyama screenshot.png

  3. hello philo long time talkin to ya

  4. This is me when reading your very kind and sweet replies. Thank you folks ❤️
  5. @LizardcakeGood question! No, this only means no more content-updates. We are still continuing support and try to fix bugs
  6. Dear pack This is Philomena, the original designer of Niche. As you might remember I promised to talk about the future of Niche once our team is done launching the various console ports. That day has now come. Niche has been released on Switch, Xbox, PS4 and also made its way to the Epic Game Store. And, we even released our first mobile game ‘Niche - Breed and Evolve’, a new game in the Niche universe that focuses more on relaxed breeding. Making this game has been quite the ride. The first prototype was made back in 2013. We ran a Kickstarter with many stretch goals, launched the game on Steam Early Access, released free updates featuring various community requests after the 1.0 release and ported the game to all major consoles. Our team has now sat down to discuss the future of Niche. We have come to the decision that for us, the game is now officially finished. There will be no more content-updates and most likely no additional ports to other platforms. Niche was our first successful game and allowed us to become a game studio, but this also means we need to release new games at a steady pace in order to keep the studio alive. However, the decision to no longer develop free updates for Niche does not mean the end of the Niche universe! We have started working on new prototypes for a Niche successor and also have multiple side projects going on, such as the upcoming Adam plushie Kickstarter, a potential board game and a draft for a Niche novel. Please note that all these projects are very early and we have no idea yet whether they will really be made in the end. But rest assured that Niche is very dear to our studio and we love it just as much as you do! Please keep sending us all your cool ideas for future features, as they inspire us a lot for future projects. Some of the suggestions made it into ‘Niche - Breed and Evolve’ already. What are we working on now? Currently, we’re knee-deep in work on our next upcoming game The Wandering Village. We hope to release the Early Access version in Spring/Summer 2022. I am the project lead of this game (as it was with Niche) and since I love biology so much, the new game focuses on the topic of symbiosis. In the game, you build a village on the back of a giant creature that wanders around and form a relationship with it. I think you guys will enjoy it and we would greatly appreciate your support once again Honestly, it was hard for me to write this update. Niche has been so close to my heart all these years and it’s hard for me to let go and move on. But I think there are many exciting things ahead of us! Many many thanks again to everybody who enjoys Niche. It means the world to me. - Philomena & The Stray Fawn Team
  7. Done! Congrats again @Katumai 🥳
  8. sir ar ma'am

  9. Sounds like we have a new mod then! I'm currently on the road, will apply you the role on Monday. Congrats @Katumai and thanks for your support ❤️
  10. philo im sorry what i did

  11. Did you mean it like this? https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/forum/50-off-topic/ If not, please ping me and let me know how you'd like it
  12. Sure, sounds like a good idea, I'll add one now.
  13. Saw it, currently on the road! Will look into it in detail on Monday
  14. More good news! We just released Niche on the Epic Game Store 🎉 So, it's now out on all major consoles and platforms 🥳 https://www.epicgames.com/store/de/p/niche-a-genetics-survival-game
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