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  1. Thanks! I'll look into it as soon as I'm back home from Gamescom
  2. @Mr. McG 2. Is more or less already implemented in the new sandbox mode ^^
  3. Please ask @Lilytuft @AnimalRoundVeggie
  4. @Lilytuft Ok, checked with the team! Thank you so much for your kind offer, you are very welcome to translate the game to Finnish However I unfortunately can not guarantee that we can add the language in the next few weeks, since it takes quite a bit of time. But we will add it at some point for sure if the translation is completed. But maybe we can make a special build for your teacher with the language included if you need them soon! (Most of the work on our side is to make adjustments to Steam to add the new language there) Or here are the next steps. > Please send me the email address you'd like to use to gain access to the translations file via PM! > Please translate all the texts in the "English row" > please translate the texts into this row > Don't translate any text inside these brackets Please tag me if you have any questions ^^ And thanks again!
  5. Thanks for tagging me! I'll check with the team and let you know tomorrow
  6. It's impossible to know what effect our actions have on other people. What we can do is to threat others kindly and with respect, the same way we would like to be threated ourselves. And even then someone might get upset sometimes because of reasons we don't understand. If we feel that someone got hurt, we can appologise and be more careful next time. If something causes you stress, it is usually a good idea to take a step back. So taking a break could be a good idea.
  7. Added a new rule: 7) Think about your wording. If you don't like something, preferably use "I don't like" instead of "I hate", "... sucks", etc.
  8. Philo

    Win Conditions Bug

    Thanks for tagging me! Hmm very strange. Maybe @MadMax can help?
  9. Philo

    So many things!

    Phew what a month!Released new updates for both Nimbatus and Niche and announced our educational version. Time for a team celebration dinner Featuring from left to right , @David (no icon yet), , @MadMax (no icon yet), and is taking the picture
  10. Yay press wrote about it too! https://www.pcgamer.com/niche-is-a-cute-genetics-survival-game-thats-now-free-for-schools/?utm_content=buffer281d8&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=buffer-pcgamertw&fbclid=IwAR0mFgtzfZ9Twgiwhp1PfMtY6ZcRSjs6jUmsBBUZip2xxLhW0vdCfCfBryI https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-08-07-niche-developer-offers-game-to-schools-for-free?fbclid=IwAR3sy2oDEqDh67qrwU93yNkj-JQ2nz8MgfYaYrtFeV-lH5Slx6crz1viAV4
  11. Hey folks We just released the Nimbatus campaign update on the main branch To celebrate the occasion, we're giving away 3 Nimbatus Steam keys! Leave a comment here in order to join the raffle. Deadline to join is August 19th. Winners will be announced on that day too We're also running a raffle on Twitter. Best of luck!
  12. This is my Eevee plushie, Yasumi. Yasumi means "resting" in Japanese. Whenever I'm in my room and I'm not working I place it close to me. If I don't see it for a more then 2 days I know I should take a break from working
  13. Hmm horns are just a very easy way to make the animal look more like a Nichelings And I wanted it be kind of a cat / fox mix. Sabertooth Fangs are my personal favorite from the heads too. And the pattern around the eyes is supposed be glasses (since she is a teacher), but not sure if that's clear enough.
  14. @RaanaTheBanana I used to draw a lot but since 10 years or so I started to get more into game design and programming too So nowadays I still do art for our games sometimes, but not so much. I always do the Niche promotion pictures that you sometimes see in a collab with out artist Steffi though ^^ (We make the draft together, she does the 3D models, I do the overpaint)
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