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  1. Philo

    Forum categories

    Hmm that might make sense We do have a problem with double suggestions. Maybe it would help to have more separation. Would love to hear some more opinions ^^
  2. Philo

    A Wanderer is in the Tree...

    Noted, will look into it.
  3. Philo

    Waterbody and Tailfin stabbing

    Thank, I'll try to push it around a bit
  4. Philo

    My bad experiences with wasps/hornets.

    Bees are friends. They only ever stung me when I accidently accidentally on them. Wasps stung me on purpose multiple times. Especially in autumn when they're drung from eating fermenting fruit.
  5. Philo

    My bad experiences with wasps/hornets.

    When I was 4 I was sitting at the breakfast table with my family on the balcony. A wasp was flying around and I was scared. My mom told me to just be quiet and sit still, so I did that. That *** wasp flew right in my face and stung me right below the eye.
  6. Philo

    New sections

    Added ^^ https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/forum/50-off-topic/
  7. Philo

    HELP?! My saves are all mixed up!?

    No idea what is going on here. I will ask @Micha tomorrow if he has a suggeston, but it's currently midnight in Switzerland. Hope it will work out >_<
  8. Philo

    New sections

    Open ^^
  9. Philo

    New sections

    Sure, no problem! Would the playthrough section and challenge section both be subsections of Discussion?
  10. Philo

    WHAT HAVE I DONE????????????????????

    Ok, added it ^^
  11. Philo

    WHAT HAVE I DONE????????????????????

    @heyitsgeorgie Do you have a suggestion where it would make sense? Within the fanart section maybe? Or as a subsection of discussion?
  12. Philo

    WHAT HAVE I DONE????????????????????

    Sure! I'll add one right away.
  13. Philo

    Some Localizing Issues

    Welcome to the forums @NaArashi! I would be great if you help us fix the errors All I need is your google email adress, so I can add you to the translator sheet. You can send it to me here via PM, or via email to philo@strayfawnstudio.com. Thanks for tagging me @Jojo ^^
  14. Philo

    Game changed in a complete different language

    Also, please try to restart Steam and your computer.
  15. Philo


    looks like console to me ^^