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    Welcome to the forums @Ribboness Please make sure you have an internet connection and try to reboot Steam. It seems Steam does sometimes not register when achievements are reached (and sometimes awards it after some time).
  2. Nope, you can keep submitting this Wednesday evening ^^
  3. Thanks folks! I'll just give this thread to Claudio this Wednesday and he'll scroll through and pick some Nichelings that make up a good mix ^^
  4. Hey folks We're preparing the Niche Switch launch later this years and hope we can also make a new trailer For the trailer we want to show a bunch of different Nichelings to show the "Evolution" aspect of the game. So we thought we'll go ahead and ask you to submit screenshots of Nichelings + their gene code so we can recreate them for the trailer. So we would need something like this: Please note that we want to show all kinds of gene combinations/colors/some crazy stuff. So please don't be disappointed if your Nicheling is not chosen, since we really need a good mix and to show lots of varation. We're a bit in a hurry, so please submit Nichelings until Wednesday evening! Thanks for helping out
  5. Welcome to the forums @Rochiro! There is no set release date yet, but hopefully this summer/autumn.
  6. Also @Rochiro, please note that you can't just "play" the game yet, as it's not yet finished. We are looking for testers to give feedback and send us bug reports.
  7. @Dingorok @inmiu can add you @Night Welcome to the forums! Please read the requirements to join the testing in the first post in this thread.
  8. This week we had a big discussion planned about what's next for our studio now that Nimbatus has been released. The weather was so nice that we decided to move the whole thing to the lake
  9. Hey folks I'm currently on vacation, but @inmiu will look into it soon ^^ (Friday at latest)
  10. @Flèche des Neiges Why can't you join as a tester? There are PC and Mac builds too. And for the post count requirement, I'm sure you can manage
  11. @Grey Fox Please read the forum rules: 5) Use of vulgarity, profanity, parts thereof (S***) and any similar technique to post vulgar or profane content;
  12. The Kickstarter is planned for autumn/winter Nimbatus was released only 3 weeks ago, we need some time to actually make a game we can kickstart
  13. This week we're doodling some characters for the "Big Animal Game" ^^ We used a program where multiple people can draw together on the same sheet online. Super fun
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