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  1. Hey folks Yes it finally exists! We're hoping to launch a Kickstarter in the next few weeks! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/strayfawnstudio/the-wandering-village?ref=discovery And yes, we have decided to name the project "The Wandering Village"
  2. @Foxy Kaza I don't think you requested one xD? Either way, would you like one for Niche, Nimbatus or Retimed?
  3. Ok, I think I sent all Steam keys now! In case I forgot someone, please ping me ^^
  4. Sorry about the issues. Currently working on a patch! It would be great if you could hop on to our Discord and post about the bug there too! https://discord.gg/0nA51pdp3b7rQOxx
  5. *Has no idea what is happening and decides to lurk around here*
  6. Philo

    A new bug?

    Welcome to the forums @Datgurl Could you maybe post a screenshot?
  7. Dear pack Today is the day, Niche has just been released on Nintendo Switch! Adam and I are very excited about it 🤩 https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/niche-a-genetics-survival-game-switch/ It would be amazing if you could help us spread the word about the launch. And as a little thanks all of these options also include a Switch key raffle! Retweet the announcement tweet Share the Facebook announcement Comment & like our announcement on Instagram Join our Discord and leave a comment in the #giveaway channel Many thanks for all your support here in the forums, we greatly appreciate it ❤️
  8. Philo

    Deleted My Save

    Very sorry to hear this @NiceGirl1000 @Micha Could you look into it please?
  9. Philo


    Yes, very unlikely since we would pretty much have to rewrite the whole code of the game.
  10. @Lisa Which game would you like a key for? Niche?
  11. @Lisa You don't need a Steam account to gift somebody the key I just send it via PM and you can send it to anybody you like. But you totally don't have to. Thanks for all your kind wishes, yes our team member is better now!
  12. Woooo Switch launch next week! Adam is very excited about it Also yes, that is the current version of the Adam plushie we want to Kickstart next year. Might get one more iteration though
  13. Oh man folks I'm very sorry. The person in charge of making our new trailer got sick and we had to cancel the whole thing which is a shame I very very much appreciate all of your help! Tell you what, everybody who posted in here by now gets a a Steam key for one of our games as a thanks ^^ Just post here by September 15th which one you would like: Niche, Nimbatus, Retimed I'll come check again on September 16th and send over your keys via PM ^^
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