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  1. Awww! Super cute
  2. Thanks for the offer @Pancrack, but I think we'll leave that to the comic artist That said, it's not sure yet wether or not the comic will happen. Would you be interested in giving feedback for the script?
  3. I think there was only one account, which has now been banned for 6 months. The "other account" seems to me was probably just a user name change.
  4. Don't worry about it dragon lagon. We are not angry or anything and we don't think you wanted to be mean to anyone. It just seems like you need to take a step back and learn how things works. We wish you all the best
  5. Yes, you're welcome to change, learn how to interact in a forum and come back in 6 months.
  6. Ok sorry but that's it. I also tried to be patient and explain how things work around here. But it seems this didn't help. I don't think you tried to be harmful @dragon lagon, but you really need to learn how forums work if you'd like to be a member. So this is a 6 months ban for you. We're happy to welcome you back once you understand how to interact in a community.
  7. philo i want ya to be friends wit me pls

  8. green and pancrack and polly won't let me join there game

  9. I'm currently talking to dragon lagon via DM. Trying to establish an understanding of how forums work and how to post in them. Maybe this will help.
  10. ma'am polly and pancrack is making me shy

    1. Polly



    2. Philo


      dragon lagon, please send me a DM if want to say something to me, posting things on my profil is visible for everyone.

  11. im 25

    1. sniper the angel dragon

      sniper the angel dragon

      philo i said sorry to pancrack

    2. Philo


      Saying sorry is great, but please also try to post things in the correct place from now on. If you're unsure where and how to post, it's probably best if you first observe how others do it and get familiar with the forum structure. If you want to post something random like that you're online, or so, please make your own thread in the Offtopic section:

  12. can ya have a talk with polly and pancrack to be nice to me

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