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  1. Welcome Here is how to use the key: https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/2A12-9D79-C3D7-F870
  2. Reminder of the rules: 3) Insults and threats, stalking, bullying or any other behavior construed to be of a potentially rude, slanderous, accusatory, combative or otherwise harassing nature to/of another person;
  3. Something like this? 9) Make sure to stay on topic and don't spam threads unless it's explicitly allowed.
  4. No we would definitely have threads with exceptions no worries ^^
  5. If this is a serious question and you really think we should add one, please send me a DM.
  6. @HesaHeart You should have received an email (check your spam)
  7. @Pure Vanilla Cookie Warning for breaking the forum rules: 5) Use of vulgarity, profanity, parts thereof (S***) and any similar technique to post vulgar or profane content; Please read them again here:
  8. Thank you very much for your feedback!
  9. Folks, it's never a good idea to share your age online when underage. Closed this topic.
  10. Hey folks! To report typos/helping with localisation, please head over to: https://crowdin.com/project/the-wandering-village How to translate: - Click on the language you want to help translate - Click on the “Game Localization” file, this opens up the editor - In the editor you can start entering your translations - Proofreaders will later decide which translation is the best one - If you have questions about a string, you can click on the ‘Request Context’ button or use the Comment section on the right side to ask Rules: - Variables look like this: {[WorkerName]} please don’t translate the words inside the brackets and make sure you leave the brackets as they are. - Don’t add manual line breaks if the source string does not have them, we use automatic line breaks for that case - We address the player in a casual form (for example “Du” instead of “Sie” in German) - The gender of Onbu is neutral (the Onbu, it)
  11. Hey folks We just sent out beta Steam keys to the next 1000 people on the beta list! Which leaves us with 5500 people still on the waiting list 😮 Everybody who signed up before February 18th should have received their beta key now. Now that the Steam Next Fest is over, we’re back at working on the game. Check the new patch notes below. We have finally removed the end demo pop up However please note that no new content has been added to the game yet and that everything beyond the giant pollen storm hasn’t been balanced yet. Our biggest focus in the past month has been the setup of the game’s localisation system. We’re finally ready now and would love your support with translating the game! If you want to help, please head over to Crowdin: https://crowdin.com/project/the-wandering-village There you can make an account and start translating the game. A quick how to guide can be found here. For now we will mainly be focusing on localising the game to: Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish. If there are any other languages you’d like to translate the game to, let us know here. Which is also the thread to use for localisation in general. Thank you all for your patience and support, stay tuned for cool new content updates ^^ Patchnotes 0.1.13 =============================== New Features ---------------- - Made the game ready to be translated on Crowdin - Translated the game into German and added language settings - Added graphic settings to disable shadows and change the antialiasing amount to increase the performance (work in progress) - The Onbu doctors now fly with their balloons - Removed Demo restrictions Bugfixes ---------------- - Fixed menu and pop up behaviors, which wrongly enabled or disabled keys - Fixed bug which allowed Onbu to survive multiple blood extractors while sleeping - Fixed bug where all workers are hungry after loading a previous savegame Improvements ---------------- - Split Audio settings into its own category - Applying settings now only saves the settings for the active category - Numpad and Mouse buttons can now correctly be mapped Visual Improvements ---------------- - Painted asset for Deep Quarry, Bakery - Started reworking building grounds (Blood Extractor, Forester, Iron Furnace, Onbu Doctor, Village Doctor) - Fix z-fighting issues around the giant tree trunk
  12. Dear Onbu Riders We have now removed The Wandering Village demo from Steam. As you may already know, this demo was made especially for the Steam Next Fest, which has ended two weeks ago. Thank you everyone for playing the demo and providing us with tons of feedback, bug reports and kind wishes ❤️ If you want to continue helping us to improve the game, we have a closed beta program running which everyone can join: https://strayfawnstudio.com/sendy/beta-test/ We have a long list of things we want to work on until the Early Access launch, but here are a few of the most important ones: * Reworking and improving the poison system * Improving and deepening the animal interaction system * General balancing and quality of life improvements * Stability and performance improvements * Localizing the game * Adding more content We haven't decided on a release date yet, but our current best guess is late summer 2022. A big thanks again for all your support! Please look forward to the Early Access launch - The Stray Fawn Team
  13. Thank you, much appreciated!
  14. Hi! It might take a week or two to get an email response If you didn't get a reply by then, please email to info@strayfawnstudio.com again!
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