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  1. Dear Beta Testers We went on a bug hunt in the last few days and now have a new patch ready for you 🙂 Please let us know what you think ❤️ Patchnotes 0.1.4 =============================== Bugfixes ---------------- - Workers of Onbu Doctors and Onbu Feeders now fetch the resources they need too - Employed workers now walk back to their employer after a lunch break. - Fixed looping trebuchet animation - Fixed resource stacks that are not collected and construction sites that are never finished. The fix does not work with old save files, so please start a new game. - Fixed disappearing city bug after a poison cloud - Improved Task priorization for workers Balancing ---------------- - More Oasis locations in desert - Disabled Earthquakes for now, as they caused some bugs Known Bugs (please don't report) ---------------- - Toxic Cloud Effect is not spawned - Hunger of Onbu might go up while it eats - Harvest Tool in inverted state does not always work - Trees glitch with Onbu Edge - Notification flags are not positioned correctly - Workers mining giant tree trunks or boulders might face the wrong direction
  2. Hey Sorry for the wait.I ran some tests yesterday and was unfortunately unable to reproduce the bug so far.However we received another report about Playstation having difficulty with loading.They said they fixed the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Could you maybe try that too?Your save files should be fine even if you uninstall the game as far as I understood!
  3. Hmm I see. I reached out to our console programer and asked what we could do about this. Haven't heard of this bug before! I'll keep you informed.
  4. Yes, that's what I thought too But this is on Playstation so they can't do that.
  5. Hi Chak Sorry to hear that and thanks for reporting! Do you maybe remember which island you last played on and more or less how many animals you had? That would be helpful to know
  6. Thanks for the tag! Let's see if our programer @David can help
  7. Dear beta testers We're back from our holiday vacation 🥳 Thank you all very much for your patience, your kind words and of course all the great feedback you have given us in the past two months ❤️ The game has already improved significantly thanks to you and we got a good first impression on the areas that need refinement (scavenging, worker prio, poison, etc). We wanted to give you a quick heads up that in the next two months (January and February) our main focus will be the demo for the Steam Next Festival in mid/late February. This will be the first time The Wandering Village will be publicly playable so we want to make a great first impression! The demo is planned to have about 2 hours or content, so we will really be focusing on these first hours of the game and hopefully also add a bit of a tutorial. We also think that the game currently is still lacking in replay value, so we will be doing some experiments on how to improve this (feel free to post your suggestions). Please bear with us and help us build a solid foundation for The Wandering Village in the next two months, so we can go crazy with adding more mid and late game content after. Thank you!
  8. @MintKiity Welcome to the forums! Yes you are Just make sure to always credit the original artist!
  9. Thanks for sharing this here too Sky! Yes, get ready to join the beta soon dear backers 🎉
  10. Dear beta testers We just released a new patch on Steam: 0.1.1 It would be really great if you could check out this new version, report bugs and let us know what you think ❤️ Here are the patch notes: Patchnotes 0.1.1 New Features Vegetation growth is now depends on current biome Bugfixes Fixed Memory leaks that caused crashes, when starting new games Fixed unclickable buttons due to connected joysticks interfering Fixed bug that caused repeatedly flashing screen Fixed bug where plants were not deleted correctly and remained invisible Fixed bug where plants were stuck in an unfinished collecting state Fixed bug that caused scavengers to get confused and work in other buildings Fixed bug where construction of buildings was stuck. (To fix it in an existing save, cancel the construction and place it again) Fixed bug where scavenging locations did not visually show they were already scavenged Fixed bug that animal mission givers could be called for deconstruction while on mission with the deconstruction tool Fixed a bug where vegetation spawned on farm plots Visual Improvements Added new building assets for the carpenter Added building deconstruction effect Gameplay Improvements Music is now streamed directly from the harddisk to reduce memory usage Tweaked walk cost of mining spots so that they don't walk around buildings, which speeds up collecting Small UI tweaks and polishes Reduced video memory usage Onbu status show different icons based on value amount Population and Productivity tabs are now combined Improve certain building descriptions and tooltips with more info Show which animal mission givers are occupied and how Balancing Eat / Sleep Horn commands and Wheat Harvesting are now locked behind research Reordered research tree in general Balanced villagers food consumption, plant growth, harvest and production times Balanced so farm, forester, mycologist and herbalist workers focus on harvesting tasks more
  11. Thanks for the feedback, we'll look into it The workes slider lets you choose how many of your workers are 'free workers' aka builders/carriers/harvesters. If you set it to 0 everybody can go work in buildings. If you set it to 5, 5 workers won't go work in buildings but remain free to carry stuff around, etc.
  12. Yes ^^ We decided to have channels about the beta visible.
  13. Huh, that is a weird one! Will look into it today. Thanks for reporting
  14. Thanks for reporting, we will look into it
  15. Woop welcome! We're so excited to hear what you think of the game 😱
  16. Welcome to the forums OminousTraveler ^^ Sorry no console commands on consoles!
  17. @ACE.LF Welcome to the forums! Currently the project is on ice, since we're very busy getting our new game (The Wandering Village) ready for its Early Access release. We'll keep you up to date.
  18. Did you guys figure out the problem? Otherwise @Davidmight be able to assist.
  19. @NutmegBGBSorry about that! We have recently pushed an update (1.1.18) with some bug fixes which should be live later this month. Let's hope that it helps!
  20. Thanks! I'll tag our programmer for this @David
  21. I'll assign you the mod role now @A Nicheling Welcome to the team ❤️
  22. For your information, I had to permanetly ban watersporter because of continuous random posting. They have been warned twice about this before. Thanks for the quick reaction @Katumai:)
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