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  1. Hi folks I need 5 people to help with typo hunting for the Niche book we're trying to write It's about 45 pages long so far and we need a typo free version of it to send to publishers! This is pretty short notice, since you would need to be done correcting on Tuesday already. Anybody up for it? (If more then 5 people reach out, we'll go with the first 5). If you join, please keep the content of the book a secret afterwards. Thank you!
  2. That would be great, @LayneChiaki! Can you send your Google email adress address via DM :)?
  3. Awww! Super cute
  4. Thanks for the offer @Pancrack, but I think we'll leave that to the comic artist That said, it's not sure yet wether or not the comic will happen. Would you be interested in giving feedback for the script?
  5. I think there was only one account, which has now been banned for 6 months. The "other account" seems to me was probably just a user name change.
  6. Don't worry about it dragon lagon. We are not angry or anything and we don't think you wanted to be mean to anyone. It just seems like you need to take a step back and learn how things works. We wish you all the best
  7. Yes, you're welcome to change, learn how to interact in a forum and come back in 6 months.
  8. Ok sorry but that's it. I also tried to be patient and explain how things work around here. But it seems this didn't help. I don't think you tried to be harmful @dragon lagon, but you really need to learn how forums work if you'd like to be a member. So this is a 6 months ban for you. We're happy to welcome you back once you understand how to interact in a community.
  9. I'm currently talking to dragon lagon via DM. Trying to establish an understanding of how forums work and how to post in them. Maybe this will help.
  10. Thank you @Non-Printe, the Foxy, I'll send over the script via DM.
  11. Thank you @Katumai! Your help would be greatly appreciated I'll send over the link via DM.
  12. Hey folks We're currently working on a script for a potential Niche comic The star of the show is Noki, a young Nicheling with a deformed paw. It's important to us that the story is not disrespecting in any way. So now we're looking for people with disabilities who would be willing to read through our script (only 2.5 pages long) and let me know what they think about it. Know anybody that could help? Reply here or send me a DM!
  13. @dragon lagonI deleted your link since it contains material that is not save to look at for children. Please be more careful what you post from now on.
  14. Yeah I understand that, what happened looked very strange to me. Thanks to everybody who reported! Please keep doing so, it really helps!
  15. I have honestly no idea what is going on here. But is has been only a day since I reminded you to read the rules @spartan horse and this thread isn't something that should happen after that. (Along with the other reports I received today.) So, I'm sorry but this means a 1 week ban for you. Breaking the rules again after that will result in a 6 months ban.
  16. Weird, I can't find that one Oo
  17. I'm deleting the inappropriate language posts now.
  18. Thanks for the ping. Warning to @snooze the dutchie to read the forum rules: Breaking the rules a second time will result in a 1 week long ban.
  19. Hi folks! I just set live our coming soon page on Kickstarter If you are planning to get an Adam plushie (it will cost between $35 - $45), please click the "Notify me on launch" button here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/strayfawnstudio/adam-plushies Also, 3 more sticker sheets are in the works ❤️ Very excited for the campaign to start soon!
  20. Very cool, thanks @CFG! I'll definetly refer to this when working the hunting mechanics I will also take a look at how Cattails implemented huntig. It would be fun that if the prey depends on its smelling, you would need to pay attention to the direction of the wind. Or if it depends on hearing, different terrain might cause a varying amount of sound when you step on it.
  21. Philo


    Adorable, thank you ❤️
  22. Nope, that is just the original model from the pack I downloaded (Everything is currently placeholder graphics so sometimes it makes more sense to just buy some assets to play around with)
  23. Finally finished reworking the AI 😂 Now we can spawn wild Nichelings to invite into the tribe. Wild Nichelings, Bearyenas and Rabbils now have a basic artifical intelligence. Also came accross this funny bug:
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