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  1. I do not appreciate useless pings
  2. Oh! It could also use the steam workshop so people can share their templates!
  3. I mean in demo the green stuff was called tritium but then they changed it to something different and then changed it back again.
  4. Do random things snapping off count? Both from Demo, I don't have a lot of captured moments of things going wrong. I did have some with my mech but I deleted those sadly. Including failed stabilization (going into the ground because I used the wrong tag and crushing the drone), tap dancing (the leg sensor was too strict so it kept triggering in flat surfaces), and my favorite which I still have a gif of: funky dance moves Which is still in the drone and is caused by the pendulum effect the auto stabilizers cause.
  5. I think so? Not sure. I do remember some talk about referencing it.
  6. When I was first trying to make a walker I experimented a lot with different leg designs but I eventually settled with this design which was really reliable and stable.
  7. Welcome to Taco Bell, we got taco, no bells tho
  8. I couldn't afford it. Though I did get a code for it. So yeah, Stick around and see if you can get one.
  9. Antimatter Dimensions is better :default_dance:
  10. gpggöes-lim It seems my arm was slightly too much to the right...
  11. The actual fps is like 0.18 or something
  12. Well now it's actually done. And I made the armor regen way better but I still use fuel since I really like how it looks. Also I am using a laptop to run this.
  13. I started working on something I had teased earlier. It was really mobile when I started, But you know as you start adding more it becomes more and more heavy. The Head of the drone nearly doesn't even fit into the editor camera! I am in the process of making the tail piece, After which I can finally make the full drone!
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