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  1. That's what I thought as well but from Ookami-sama's picture I don't think that was the case here otherwise half would've been a and half d but they said all were A apart from the single thruster.
  2. No problem! I thought it may have had something to do with the other things but wasn't sure.
  3. I had a "destroy bomber cave" mission but it triggered the complete signal after 4 of 5. Possibly two hives exactly underneath each other but then they should've been destroyed at the same time @4:05 / 4:06 in
  4. I think I missed it then, I just tested it in 0.6.1 and it is indeed fixed. Also if they destroy each other
  5. Yeah because placing two bombs next to each other only makes the explosion of the first which is a lot less destructive. You need multiple bombs to blow up a single hive right now but you can't have them within five blocks of each other or so.
  6. It would be good if the bombs would stack, as it is now you can only use a single bomb in a region. The bombs now blow each other up without triggering the other explosion, which isn't realistic and isn't something you want if you make a bombing drone.
  7. pssst... The edit should be 0.3.2 by now.
  8. ok thank you then it's not a bug
  9. even if objects aren't clipping or have long wires. I had this especially with drones using decouplers. as shown @6:10 in this video:
  10. I had this as well I wondered if there was something there, but currently just a mystery...
  11. I meant that the impulse giver automatically starts, which you may not want for a long sequence. From what I understand from your reply you mean a delay gate, which is also a good logic gate to have, but not the thing I meant. I hope you understand what I mean. Maybe an example will make it more clear: Wait 1.1 seconds Active time 2.3 seconds delay 0.2 seconds. So at the beginning of the level, it will wait 1.1 seconds after that it will continuously go active for 2.3 seconds and delay for 0.2 seconds (like it is now). This was what I meant with the second logic gate: The BUFFER Gate is
  12. I don't think it's the correct thing to do though. Maybe later on, but in the beginning, I will just keep it to text.
  13. Did you get that idea from Oxygen not included? They use it and it works, almost, flawlessly. So yes that's a really good idea.
  14. At this stage in development, I don't think they should focus on balancing, at the moment you can beat the game with just shotguns, even without actually trying.
  15. It's a good idea, although you can, kind of, do that already. I know it's a shameless ad, but I showed it in my latest video. The way I did is pretty hard to explain through text.
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